Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to Keming...

Actually Li Yi and I planned to go back to Keming during Chinese New Year eve but because Li Yi has to work, we pushed our visit forward. And also because Li Yi has to work, we had to combine few activities in a day.

So firstly, yesterday, I met Raewen and Yuit Ping at Yew Tee MRT station before bringing them to see Bonnie like what I had promised them long ago. Yuit Ping was rather late because she sat the MRT heading the wrong direction... o.O

We played with Bonnie for a long time and the 2 of them started taking photos of Bonnie the "star" dog. Amazingly, Bonnie ate anything that's on the ground, including TREE BRANCHES. I wonder what's so nice about tree branches, yucks... ...

After that, we had lunch (or brunch for me & Li Yi) at Li Yi's house consisting of instant noodles and pizzas. And the 4 of us drank 1.5 litres of Mug Root Beer... o.O

And somehow, I managed to persuade Yuit Ping to go back to Keming with Li Yi and I. And so we headed back. Li Yi's Gu Ma brought us inside. Sadly, all the teachers that we wanted to find were not in the staff room. But Li Yi suddenly saw 林老师 (our Primary 5 Chinese teacher) somewhere near the Canteen in the video camera installed in the General Office (or whatever it's called) and we immediately rushed out.

Instead of finding him, we found my Primary 6 form teacher, Miss Inpa, and started talking to her. And told her my miserable English grade and my not-so-bad Maths grades... She remembered me, including my name. XD Probably, I was too talkative in the past?

My ex-Chinese teacher, Miss Tay (Primary 3 Chinese teacher), remembered me too! XD She was sitting beside Miss Inpa. They said I didn't changed a lot compared to other students. Haha!

And another female teacher came as well. I forgot her name but I know she used to be Head of Science but now she's the VP I think.

After that, another male teacher came by (no idea who he is because he didn't teach us before) and we started talking to him again as we were waiting for recess so that more teachers would come down to the canteen.

And Yuit Ping said she wanted to look at the canteen stores afterwards so I accompanied her. Even the canteen aunty found me familiar! Lols! But not for Yuit Ping because her hair changed a lot...

While we were waiting, I saw Miss Tay again and asked her to helped me find 林老师. 林老师 slowly popped his head out of the door to look at his visitors (us). And he remembered me too, including my Chinese name!

At first he said, “你的名字有什么“凤”?”
And I said, “对对对!”

Then after that he guessed my name to be “春凤” because he think it couldn't be “北凤”. o.O Oh well, at least he guessed correctly...

And just then, the primary 1s started flocking down because it's their recess. And I saw my Primary 1 form teacher, Miss Deanna Koh (forgot how to spell her name again, haha)! I wanted to talk to her in the past (when I was in upper Primary) but I didn't dare to because she seemed rather fierce compared to the past when I first known her.

But anyway, I decided I shall talk to her and so we went forward. She said she found me familiar and Yuit Ping too (the first time someone found Yuit Ping familiar). I told her she was my form teacher in Primary 1 10 years ago and she said that makes her kind of old now. But I told her to think positive. Lols!

We exchanged handphone numbers and after that, when I had nothing else to say, we left to find other teachers. Oh, and she mentioned that 10 years ago, we were all little angels compared to the children now... Aww~

The next teacher we found was Mrs Gill (I think that's how it's spelt), but we had to wait for a while as she had to dismiss the students in the canteen queueing up back to their classes as well as her own PE class students.

Mrs Gill was my CCA teacher (IT Club). After waiting for don't know how long, she came back to where we were and talked to us. She asked about our grades (as all the other teachers did) and about the schools we wanted to go to (same as all the other teachers). She also mentioned that we were little angels back in the past compared to the monsters now. Lols! XD

But I felt kind of uneasy when I talked to her. Maybe because she was fierce in front of the primary school students but kind in front of us.

Mrs Gill was the last teacher we met before leaving the school (or that's what I thought). Li Yi said she wanted to see her Gu Ma so we followed her into some room in the school that I had never been before.

We stayed there for some time before leaving. Oh, and Li Yi's Gu Ma remembered me too but only as "Carrot"... >.>

When we were leaving and walking around somewhere at the carpark. I saw another teacher who was rather fierce (not one of the teachers I liked but anyway, she didn't taught me before). She is Miss Jasmine Koh I think.

After that, I saw a familiar figure in a car and realised it's Pillow (nickname for my primary 5 form teacher, Mrs Pauline Leong). So I ran forward and chatted with her. I thought she left and probably I wouldn't get a chance to see her again for don't know how long...

And after all that, we officially left Keming and headed for Jurong Point to collect Li Yi's new spectacles and had our dinner there (bloated from eating too much again). However, we didn't get to shop like we had planned because we spent too much time at Keming.

But I still ended up penniless when I went home because I bought the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Guidebook as well as Rainie Yang's 3rd Edition of her album, Not Yet a Woman (半熟宣言).

And just, just before we went home, I alighted at Bukit Gombak with Li Yi to wait for her to cut her hair and for her hair to do treatment. We waved Good-Bye to Yuit Ping who was in the MRT. Lols!

She asked me to withdraw money using her card but somehow because I didn't try it before and maybe the machine was faulty, I couldn't withdraw money. But I realised afterwards that I pressed the correct buttons (because I tried withdrawing money from a different machine and succeeded). I wasn't the one who went wrong, it's indeed the machine!

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