Saturday, January 17, 2009

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass

The main character of Code Geass, Lelouch.

Japan had fallen into the hands of Britannia, and ever since then it's known as Area 11. From then on, Japanese were known as Elevens.

Code Geass is about a student named Lelouch who met a girl named C.C. on a terrorist truck by chance. Lelouch went forward to check out if the people in the truck (he didn't know they were terrorists are first) were safe when they crashed into a building. However, the terrorists suddenly drove the truck away and carried Lelouch with them when they were chased by Britannia soldiers.

When Lelouch's life was threatened by Britannia soldiers, C.C. saved him and got shot on her head by a bullet. At that moment, Lelouch was afraid that his life would end there before he could even accomplished anything. Just then, he heard a voice in his head, C.C. talked to him and said that she would grant him a power but he had grant one of her wishes in return.

Lelouch accepted the contract.

The power he had gotten was Geass. The power to make anybody follow his orders with total obedience. And the second power he had gotten was the Black Knights, an organisation that Lelouch set up with the terrorists he met at the very start.

With the help of the Geass and the Black Knights, Lelouch was determined to find the reason for the death of his mother and avenged his mother's death, killed his father (the King of Britannia) and create a peaceful world for his sister, Nunnally.

When okto first aired it on TV and I first watched it, the first thing that came into my mind was that the Japanese are showing it in an anime how badly they suffered when a country attacked them and they didn't even considered how badly Singapore suffered when the Japanese invaded Singapore during World War 2 and especially during the Japanese Occupation!

Anyway, after realising how awesome the storyline was, that didn't mattered to me anymore, besides it's all history. Perhaps my summary wasn't that good because my English is pretty bad so the storyline seems pretty weird.

This anime is something comparable to D.Gray-Man but sadly it didn't have that many episodes. Anyway, D.Gray-Man sometimes gets quite boring too because the story was too dragged so short and sweet might be a pretty good option too.

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