Friday, January 16, 2009

JAE 2009

I "met" Li Yi online about an hour ago to post in our choices together. But I carelessly forgot ALL about my JAE pin no. and left it at my grandma house, so I got to rush all the way up and down. And when I was at my grandma house, I suddenly remembered I had one cup of unfinished milk so I drank it... Lols... Anyway, that's not the main point...

Actually, I only submitted my courses just now. And without much amendment, as in the courses I had put in there are fixed, I wouldn't take out any or add any other courses. Except I shifted them around a few times (in my brain) cause I'm too lazy to rewrite the courses codes again... Haha... XD

So Li Yi and I logged in together and submitted the courses together.

Here are our courses choices:

My Choices with Games Design and Development as the Top Priority and I'll definitely appeal if I didn't get inside.

Li Yi's choices and she just assured me that she'll get inside SP for my sake, right?

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