Saturday, January 10, 2009

"O" Levels Results - Out Soon

"O" Levels results are going to be released soon. This coming Monday at 2pm.

And this is exactly part of how I feel now, emo.
The other part is worried and scared... X_x

Although I don't seemed worried, according to a lecturer I met at Singapore Polytechnic.

Yes, I went to Singapore Poly Open House today! It's amazing, because it's the first time I'm concerned about my future school. Or hopefully, it'll be my future school...

I should have been there early because I didn't know that I could tour around the Poly and look at the various facilities inside the building for each particular course.

I intended to meet with Li Yi to go with me to the Open House but somehow things cropped up and she couldn't go. So Amy volunteered to go with me. This is probably the 3rd time that she had been there, including the time when we were forced by our school to go last year.

Since both of us are too lazy to go there early in the morning, I met Amy at 4pm at Yew Tee MRT station. And the Open House ends at 6pm. So we have sufficient time to tour around the booths at SP but insufficient time to look at the facilities of the course that both of us want to go to.

Upon reaching there, lecturers started coming up to us and talk to us. And the first question that they asked, "Are you getting your results soon?", "Have you taken "O" levels?", etc. Super irritating and Amy and I were asked this similar question about 5 times...

After we got bored looking at the booths, I suddenly realised that we could take the shuttle bus to look at the buildings at SP. So we boarded it. Since it reached the building with the course that Amy wanted to go in first, we alighted there first.

And we got lost trying to find our way. Until one kind soul realised that we're lost and offered to help us find our way.

Amy wanted to go in Music and Audio Technology. Actually the course is pretty cool. They let us listen to the songs that their seniors composed and it's pretty good. They even gave us the CDs containing the songs that we heard, lols. XD

We were also brought to the recording room too. Luckily I got the excuse that I accompanied my friend here so I wasn't dragged into the next room to try singing... o.O

Anyway, I told Amy it's pretty interesting and somehow she persuaded me into considering to put that course in one of my choices. Sadly I didn't get to go to look at the facilities for the course that I wanted... T.T Well at least I asked the lecturer all I wanted to know... XD

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