Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"O" Levels - Results

Am I sad? No, I'm not sad.
Am I happy? No, I'm not very happy but I'm still quite happy!

Well what I can say, my results are not bad considering the fact that I can still play computer games and watch TV during the "O" levels period. (According to my mother.) I got more As than I expected, lesser Bs than what I expected and more Cs that I didn't even know would exist...

Firstly, everything related to English was done badly, both English and English literature.
One more grade and I would failed.
I got C6 for both. (The Cs that I didn't even know would exist. Actually I sort of predicted it, it's just that I didn't know that it will really happened...)
Which is kind of sad.
And that dear cat friend of mine asked, "So did you still have your skin?" Because I told her that my English teacher would skin me alive if I didn't do well.
Maybe I'm not really that sad that my English didn't do well because I kind of expected it. I'm just sad that I made Miss Yong disappointed. 起码她看得开,不然我会很惨,没有啦,我真的不想让她失望,但是我的英文一向来都不是很好啊!

Actually, I kind of avoided Miss Yong at first. When I finally thought that she wouldn't see me because she walked passed me without noticing me, I still ended up talking to her because she saw Amy and was talking to Amy... >.> Then I had to stand around that area because I'm waiting for Amy. Miss Yong almost knocked my head again... >.> Well at least I said something to Miss Yong before leaving the school forever, so that I wouldn't feel that guilty...

And Raewen was avoiding Miss Lee because she didn't do that well for Lit and English I suppose. But of course still better than me!
However, when we were about to leave the school, Miss Lee saw the both of us and gave us a pat on the shoulder. Wonder what that means? I know Miss Lee would be sad, even I'm sad, 95.5% passes for Lit (I think) and 0% distinction.
Then Serene must 添油加醋, say my Lit jialat. I also know it's jialat... >.>

Secondly, both Maths were pretty good.
At least it's good compared to my prelim results.
I got A2 for both. (One part of the more As than I expected.)
I really got to thank my mother for that because she told me that my Maths used to be good and I got to do well for it. So ever since then, I sort of worked quite hard for it...

Thirdly, so far all my subjects under the same category got the same grade. For example, English & English Literature, Elementary Maths & Additional Maths.
Since I only had one science because I dropped Chemistry, there are no other similar subjects with Physics.
Physics is the only B I got and I'm super happy about it! Because it's not a low B, it's a B3!!! (Lesser Bs than what I expected, I thought I would be getting straight Bs...)
I had been failing Physics even since the start of last year. Even if I did pass, it's only by a few mere points.
I was clapping and cheering till I almost cried when I saw the statistics and it showed 100% passes for Physics!!!

Lastly, both Chinese and Combined Humanities (SS/Elect. Hist.) got A1!!! (The other part of the more As than I expected. I didn't thought I would really get another A1!)
At first I didn't notice I had another A1. Sort of like skipped Comb. Hum. when I was looking at the grades.
When I noticed it I was overjoyed! At least my brain didn't burst from all those memorising for nothing!
Chinese and Combined Humanities may not really be under the same category but it's something similar. I mean they're something like Language/Humanities. And they both start with C! Lols...

So overall my L1R5 is 15 and my L1R4 is 12. The only stupid thing is that because my grade for English is so BIG, my L1 grade and my R4 grade is the same... >.>

And most of my friends are so smart, their L1R5 range from 8-12 and I'm not in that range... >.> Well at least I made a huge jump compared to my prelim L1R5, I jumped by 12 grades! XD

Anyway, congrats to Joey Lim!!! Top student!!! Woot~
I'm truly happy for you, seriously. I clapped and cheered very loud when I saw your photo on the screen, okay? At least I'm better than those other 2 who made you carry their paper bags... XD

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