Saturday, January 17, 2009

RuneScape Christmas Gift Pack

My mind was completely occupied with the submitting of the choices and that Li Yi will be going to SP with me so I totally forgot about this.

My Mother ordered for me the RuneScape Christmas Gift Pack as a Christmas present for me. But it arrived during the Chinese New Year period...

Actually, I only wanted the book but since I saw that there was this pack that cost 19.90 pounds, I decided that I should buy this, but I didn't know that the stupid shipping charge costed $40+ Singapore dollars!!! So overall this pack costed almost $100 Singapore dollars! Luckily, my Mother offered to pay for me. XD

When the postman delivered this pack to my house, I didn't hear someone knocking so I had to go to the Post Office to collect it. The postman stuffed a piece of paper in my gate to notify me to collect the package and at first I thought that it's another one of those flyers, so I was about to throw it away. And I was going to throw it down the rubbish bin in the HDB flat that is connected to the main dustbin!!!

Fortunately, the dustbin lever is spoilt so no matter how I stepped on it, the lid wouldn't open and I didn't thought of using my hands to open the lid. When I was taking the lift down to my grandma house (thinking of throwing the paper at the dustbin on that level), I was staring at that piece of paper and suddenly realised it's from the post office!!! Thank goodness I didn't throw it away! Phew~

Anyway the Pack consists:

The 1st RuneScape novel: Betrayer at Faladour
Not bad, after reading the first few pages and I didn't imagine it to be 400 pages thick!

A Dragon Armour T-Shirt.
Maybe it doesn't look nice at first glance but it actually looks pretty cool when I wore it! XD

And a RuneScape Wall Calendar.
I forgot to read in details that it's a WALL Calendar, I thought it was a desktop calendar, so now I'm trying to figure where should I hang this... Hmm... (No space... T.T)

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  1. Can you email me pictures of your runescape dragon tshirt? I missed out on the offer and I have no clue what it looks like, so I'm trying to make custom one online. Pictures of all sizes would be great!! Message back! Email me back at!!