Thursday, February 26, 2009

ToGetHer 爱就宅一起 Blog Wallpaper

I'm getting more and more ridiculous. Leaving only a small space in the middle to read... >.>'''

But anyway, I love this newly made wallpaper... Spent quite a long time just to figure out how to make the film strip border on the top and bottom of the wallpaper. Haha! XD

Seriously, does it even look like a film strip? It looks okay to me... Any comments?

The photos are taken by me when ToGetHer 3 main casts, Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang & George Hu came to Singapore last Friday to promote their new show.


Monday, February 23, 2009

ToGetHer 爱就宅一起

ToGetHer Singapore Autograph session (爱就宅一起 新加坡影迷签名会)

20th February 2009

Because Mediacorp said that the "First 250 viewers get limited edition ToGetHer poster autographed by Rainie, Jiro and George on the spot!", I went there early in the afternoon at about 12:30pm when the event only starts at 7pm.

I told my mother and Li Yi about this and both of them said that I was crazy.

Luckily, I ignored them because when I reached there at 12:30pm, I was the 168th person to arrived there!

The 1st thing I did was to take a photo of the beautiful stage that I will be going to stare for the next 7 hours or more...

Jamie came over to find me when I just arrived. And after 1 hour or so I joined her and Aileen and sat together with them.

There was already 250 people when it's only slightly after 2pm. So sadly, Yuit Ping had to stand outside for the whole time during this event.

The number of people there were when it's 3:09pm.
This was only the people at the left, too lazy to take photo of the people at the right.

Yuit Ping came only at about 4pm so she stood just behind the barrier for the whole period of time until the event ended. I was about to be bored to death when she arrived at Causeway Point.

The number of people at Causeway point at 6:33pm.
Specially taken for Li Yi who told me that she don't believe that so many people would go.

Look at the time, it says the event starts at 7pm.
(*Note what I'm going to say later...)

That time when it already overshoot 7pm by 10 minutes but they haven't arrived yet.
Reporters and some other people came up onto the stage and started taking photos of the boards made by the fans.

Yuit Ping and I held our boards up high hoping that it will appear in the photos.

At 7:30pm, Rainie, Jiro & George haven't arrived yet.
I was thinking in my mind, "Standard practice, they usually will be late for about half an hour."

7:30pm - 7:45pm
"A while more, I wait..."
At that time, Li Teng (Channel U artist) came to the stage and said that as there was some problem with Jiro & George's passports, so there was flight delay and thus, they'll be late.

Of course I didn't say that out but they were already late by 1 hour!
By backbone hurt from standing straight for too long.
At that time, they were playing the song “越来越爱” by Fahrenheit. The theme song for ToGetHer. The only thing we hoped at that time was for the song to stop playing as that would signal the arrival of Rainie, Jiro & George!

Finally at 8:21pm....

Rainie, Jiro & George finally arrived!!!
All of a sudden, everybody started squeezing, and I haven't taken photos for a long time so the 1st photo of them turned out kind of blurred...

Actually, I was standing at the back near the barrier, but somehow I shifted a little at at time and after 1 hour, I was standing in the middle at the center.

I wonder what they are discussing about? About Singapore fans? Lols... XD

After much attempts, the photo is clearer but George is sort of blocked by the stupid board... >.>'''

丞琳 Zoom In



After 3 days had passed, my memory of the event is quite vague. And at that time, I was too busy taking photos so I can't really remembered what happened...

Looking at the photo taken by the camera, it's obvious who the person controlling the camera likes.



After numerous attempts, one of the clearest picture of the 3 of them!

After that, the 3 of them sat down on the chairs, preparing to sign on the poster for the 1st 250 people. My waiting has finally paid off...

Suddenly, someone shouted that there wouldn't be much posters left so everybody started squeezing... And squeezing all the way to the right, to go up onto the stage...


终于能上台时,也不需要说密语 (我爱默默,Mars和加森!)就能拿到海报。我看工作人员也太忙了,懒得去问密语。



Taken by Yuit Ping. I'm the one with the blue bag.



After taking the autographed poster, I rushed all the way down to find Yuit Ping immediately.

When they finished signing all the posters, suddenly they opened up the barrier and let the people outside the barrier to come nearer to take photos. And we all rushed forward.

I was squashed again. But more badly this time and all the people are like one head taller than me.

I was holding the poster on my right hand, and trying to take out the camera in my bag with the other hand. And after taking my camera out, I was holding on to it and taking photos using my left hand. My left hand sort of blocked most of the camera screen while I took the photos.

And as a result, I took the escalator by mistake... >.>'''

But after that, the photos were better. Except for the person who was taller than me and I took his/her hand by accident...
丞琳堵嘴~! XD

Yay~! Look at the flower on Jiro's hand. He threw them down when he was about to leave! Haha! XD

K Box K Union

21st February 2009

When we were going to K Box K Union, somehow it rained and Amy and I was drenched from head to toe because we didn't have an umbrella. At least my bag was safe because Joey hugged it lols...

Actually, going to K Box means that we wanted to go there and sing. But somehow, Yuit Ping and I vanished from our room most of the time while we were there... Because we were chasing after Rainie, Jiro & George who were walking around K Box K Union!

At first, only Yuit Ping & Joey left the room to look for them. And Amy asked me why I wasn't as excited as them. And shortly after Amy said that, I split Yuit Ping's Ice Lemon Tea because I was excited too and I was running out of the room every now and then to look.

Maybe because that time Rainie, Jiro & George were not walking along the rooms corridor and going inside the room that's why I didn't kept going out of the room to see like Yuit Ping & Joey.

However, when George suddenly passed by our room, Yuit Ping, Joey & I rushed out of the room. Yuit Ping said she didn't saw Rainie passing by and I was sort of sad, fearing she didn't come because she might be sick.

We were blocked by the security guards and couldn't see anything so we shouted to Li Teng (who was nearby) and asked whether Rainie came and he said yes.

And somewhere along the way, Yuit Ping said she shook hands with George and Jiro! Good for her!



Actually, we were standing at a place which leads to the screening room and the security guard told us to move backwards. Then I told Yuit Ping that they are definitely not going to come this way so we headed towards the other direction and something good happened! Look at the video below taken by Joey!

我记得那时她有看到我!I eye to eye with her for 1 second or so? 但是,那已足够让我开心一整天!可惜的是,没在此跟丞琳握手。。。
大东也有说“Hi!”哦!玉冰也因此很 High!





We started talking photos outside the screening room and the security guard saw us.
He told us to come in and said that, "Take photos can but don't on flash!"

The security guard so good! Thank you! :)

Inside the screening room~! Aww... We got in without tickets! XD

When we were inside, I shouted with the 2 girls that I met just now and with Yuit Ping, “杨丞琳!”
She never respond so we shouted again, “杨丞琳,我爱你!”
I've a feeling she wanted to response but she was too busy preparing to take photos so she didn't reply.

Those 6 words were the words that I said that made me very happy and proud of myself!

Rainie, Jiro & George taking photos with Campus Superstar.
If I knew Campus Superstar had such privileges I would join too... But the audition is during "O" levels period... >.>'''

After that we followed them out of the screening room again.

Jiro passed by and Yuit Ping took a video of him passing by. At the same time, she grabbed his hand and Jiro said, “谢谢” to her! Lols! Probably Jiro saw Yuit Ping following him around that's why he said that.

At first, the security guard told me to move to the back, and I said, "No!" and asked him to ask the people at the back to move. Luckily I did that because...

After Jiro came out from the toilet (I supposed), I stretched my hand out and he shook it! XD
Shook my left hand with Jiro on Friday and shook my right hand with Jiro on Saturday! XD
Jiro is so friendly!!!

We continued to follow them all the way until they left K Box K Union and head towards the carpark.

After that, we went back to singing and I was super high!!!

On our way back on the MRT.
Joey took for us the photo of us with our boards.
We chased Rainie, Jiro & George around with our boards for the whole day for that day!

I shouldn't have worn my red RuneScape Dragon Armour shirt... I looked so weird... >.>'''
I wore that because my mood was very bad during the morning as I was sort of scolded by my mother...

But after running around and chasing Rainie, Jiro and George for the whole day... Yuit Ping and I are super happy! XD

And the poster that I'm very proud of! The poster that I queued for 7 hours or more to get it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


2 days ago on Tuesday, my mother was sick. As she was going to the polyclinic, she brought me along because I needed to buy new cream for my skin.

After that, we went to West Mall for lunch and sort of shopped while we were there. As Harvey Norman had sales at that time, we went in to look and after listening to the salesman talking for a long time, my mother decided to buy a NEW LAPTOP FOR ME!

Since I already had a computer at my house, so the laptop was placed at my grandma's house. And because I have a laptop at my grandma's house, my mother decided to apply for INTERNET ACCESS AT MY GRANDMA'S HOUSE! And the internet speed is 3Mbps!

My mother applied for a plan which is called Mio plan. Under this plan, you'll have to apply for internet access (which is at my grandma's house), house phone line and a handphone line. And when you apply for a handphone line, you'll need to buy a new phone. I told my mother I wanted SONY ERICSSON C905 and she bought for me! OMG! It's super expensive, it costed S$538! o.O

She said she bought for me the handphone because I did pretty well for my "O" levels, as compared to my prelim exams I supposed.


Since I was using my new handphone to take pictures, I couldn't take photo of my new handphone.
So I took a picture of my handphone box instead! Look it's very CLEAR! And there's also an option for photo fix to make the photo looks even better!

When I was using my new handphone to take photos. I was like "WOW!", the functions are exactly like a camera! Since the handphone camera is 8.1 megapixel, the photo is very big. But I can change it to 3 megapixel to reduce the photo size so that it doesn't take up that much space.

And since my mother applied for internet access at my grandma's house, she decided to UPGRADE THE INTERNET ACCESS AT MY OWN HOUSE TO 8Mbps!!! OMG! That's super fast! o.O

So for that day, I've been "Wowing" in my head for the whole day! So many good things happened in just one day! XD

And lastly, I have created one new handphone theme for my C905 yesterday! XD

Love it~! XD
Jolin & Rainie

Click to download the theme: Here

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rotting at Home for 3 Months!

Li Yi told me that she had been checking my blog every now and then for new posts but I haven't post anything. Guess I wasn't really interested in posting in my blog because typing one post for me can take about 1 hour (because of being too wordy) and I feel that it's a waste of time.

And I didn't even reply her tag in my tagboard...


So today's post shall be specially posted for you. Although it wouldn't be entirely about you. Haha... XD

Recently there's being 2 things that I'm worried about while I rotted at home for the past 3 months. (OMG, I'm only left with 2 more months... But starting school can be a good thing too...)

The 1st thing that I'm worried about is studying Games Design and Development in SP. It seems that my future wouldn't be bright after I graduated from it. And it seems that my future would be better if I study in Nanyang Poly. I did put Nanyong Poly in one of my choices but it's at the very back as I was determined to get inside SP.

And after reading this: it only makes matters worst.

They stated a lot of negative things like SP's DGDD teaches you to be a jack of all trades but master of none, there's also not much game companies in Singapore (actually I knew that long ago) and you had to be really very, very good at Games Designing to get employed. And the worst of all is that Games Designers have to work long hours with low pay, and it sounds like we are working as some kind of manual labour, hard work but low pay.

But after emoing for a long time and hanging out at SG Club, I feel much better. And as one user posted, "mai stress, now is HOLIDAY for you. must enjoy". Ok, I shall enjoy then. I have a long way before worrying for my future...

The 2nd thing that I'm worried about is my weight. But after measuring my weight yesterday night and realised that my weight is still the same, I'm overjoyed!!! Haha... XD

Anyway, Amy asked me to play basketball with her (because she gained weight) and I promised her. Actually, she asked me to play with her next Friday but I replied her with, "Next fri I going to queue at causeway point for the ai jiu zhai yi qi." And I showed it to Li Yi who was sitting beside me. She couldn't understand what I mean. Haha... My language has evolved to a fabulous state that only Yuit Ping, Amy & Joey can understand! :P

Oh, and about Li Yi. I went out with her yesterday for Japanese buffet at Jurong Point.
It was kind of rushed because we only ate for one hour and I didn't eat until I'm bloated. But she was already full so we went off after one hour... And I fell in love with the Beef Hamburg at the Japanese buffet! XD

And about the 爱就宅一起 (Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi [To Get Her]), I meant to post about that but I went out with Li Yi yesterday so it was delayed till today.

I can't wait for Cheng Lin, Da Dong & Hu Yu Wei to come to Singapore to promote! 7 more days left! OMG, I'm excitied about it but Yuit Ping is at camp now so I have no one to talk to it now except for my blog...

Yuit Ping and I did boards for Cheng Lin & Da Dong which will be use on the day when they come to Causeway Point to promote Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi~!

The 2 boards.
I did the one on the right.
Yuit Ping did the one the left.
So it's kind of obvious who we supported more, right? XD

And we last minute realised that after putting 东Jiro & 丞琳妈咪Rainie all over the place, we forgot to put 爱就宅一起, the main purpose why Cheng Lin & Da Dong is coming to Singapore for...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where MOE Dumped Me To...

So actually I'm supposed to be happy, but somehow when I received the sms from MOE, I was thinking in my mind, "Oh... Ok..." And I didn't really reacted much when I know I'm going to the same poly with Li Yi.

You know why?

I slept at 3am the day before (excited and not tired I supposed) and I was awoken by a phone call at 7am in the morning! So when I heard the phone call, I was like, "What the hell is ringing?" Haven't heard the phone ringing so early in the morning for months...

Li Yi was the one who called me, because I told her to give me morning call if we were supposed to go to SP to appeal for the course that she wanted to go in to. I had no idea that MOE sent sms so early in the morning... I received mine at 6:49 am I think.

That time when Li Yi called me, I didn't even asked her about the course she went in to (too sleepy). Anyway, she got in SP too, in Aerospace Electronics (her 2nd choice). Although she truly regretted it now because if she really studied that, the only thing she could study in University in the future is Bachelor of Engineering... o.O

So now Li Yi is appealing to Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering in SP. I refuse to let her to appeal to NP. Haha... XD I'm so bad... But anyway, I have no other friends going with me to Poly except for her. And imagine if we ended up in different schools again, we'll continue our 4 year routine of talking about going to the same school for another 3 more years... T.T

After I received the sms from MOE, I started smsing Amy, Yuit Ping & Joey to ask about where they were posted to.

  • Yuit Ping got posted to Jurong JC but she's appealing to Andersons JC.
  • Amy got posted to some funny course in RP so she's retaking her "O" levels but no matter how we persuade her, she simply refuses to take the subjects that can helped her to get A. So I might as well listen to Li Yi's advice, just don't care about her.
  • Joey that smart girl obviously went to Andersons JC (her 1st choice).

And after chatting with Li Yi for one hour plus (and she had to go to work), I went back to sleep at about 8:30 am. And ever since then, seems like all my friend woke up and my handphone kept ringing (sms) from 8:30am - 10:30am... >.>

And my mother called me too, at night when she came back she asked why I sounded so sad in the phone in the morning although I got in my 1st choice, so I told her that was because I was too tired...

I practically slept for the whole afternoon because I had insufficient sleep during CNY period (actually I was supposed to accompany Li Yi to SP to appeal but since she can appeal online so we didn't go out) and only until 7pm at night then I started feeling excited lols!


  • Raewen got posted to Andersons JC too...
  • Serene got posted to Andersons JC as well! But she's appealing to SAJC (I think) to join her friend...