Friday, February 13, 2009

Rotting at Home for 3 Months!

Li Yi told me that she had been checking my blog every now and then for new posts but I haven't post anything. Guess I wasn't really interested in posting in my blog because typing one post for me can take about 1 hour (because of being too wordy) and I feel that it's a waste of time.

And I didn't even reply her tag in my tagboard...


So today's post shall be specially posted for you. Although it wouldn't be entirely about you. Haha... XD

Recently there's being 2 things that I'm worried about while I rotted at home for the past 3 months. (OMG, I'm only left with 2 more months... But starting school can be a good thing too...)

The 1st thing that I'm worried about is studying Games Design and Development in SP. It seems that my future wouldn't be bright after I graduated from it. And it seems that my future would be better if I study in Nanyang Poly. I did put Nanyong Poly in one of my choices but it's at the very back as I was determined to get inside SP.

And after reading this: it only makes matters worst.

They stated a lot of negative things like SP's DGDD teaches you to be a jack of all trades but master of none, there's also not much game companies in Singapore (actually I knew that long ago) and you had to be really very, very good at Games Designing to get employed. And the worst of all is that Games Designers have to work long hours with low pay, and it sounds like we are working as some kind of manual labour, hard work but low pay.

But after emoing for a long time and hanging out at SG Club, I feel much better. And as one user posted, "mai stress, now is HOLIDAY for you. must enjoy". Ok, I shall enjoy then. I have a long way before worrying for my future...

The 2nd thing that I'm worried about is my weight. But after measuring my weight yesterday night and realised that my weight is still the same, I'm overjoyed!!! Haha... XD

Anyway, Amy asked me to play basketball with her (because she gained weight) and I promised her. Actually, she asked me to play with her next Friday but I replied her with, "Next fri I going to queue at causeway point for the ai jiu zhai yi qi." And I showed it to Li Yi who was sitting beside me. She couldn't understand what I mean. Haha... My language has evolved to a fabulous state that only Yuit Ping, Amy & Joey can understand! :P

Oh, and about Li Yi. I went out with her yesterday for Japanese buffet at Jurong Point.
It was kind of rushed because we only ate for one hour and I didn't eat until I'm bloated. But she was already full so we went off after one hour... And I fell in love with the Beef Hamburg at the Japanese buffet! XD

And about the 爱就宅一起 (Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi [To Get Her]), I meant to post about that but I went out with Li Yi yesterday so it was delayed till today.

I can't wait for Cheng Lin, Da Dong & Hu Yu Wei to come to Singapore to promote! 7 more days left! OMG, I'm excitied about it but Yuit Ping is at camp now so I have no one to talk to it now except for my blog...

Yuit Ping and I did boards for Cheng Lin & Da Dong which will be use on the day when they come to Causeway Point to promote Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi~!

The 2 boards.
I did the one on the right.
Yuit Ping did the one the left.
So it's kind of obvious who we supported more, right? XD

And we last minute realised that after putting 东Jiro & 丞琳妈咪Rainie all over the place, we forgot to put 爱就宅一起, the main purpose why Cheng Lin & Da Dong is coming to Singapore for...


  1. HALO. I'm a student from School of Design, Singapore Polytechnic, under Games Design and Development Diploma.

    I'm currently in my year 2 and I'm having an attachment in UBISOFT SINGAPORE.

    I do not think that SGforums is a good source to get your doubts cleared. BECAUSE I'm a sgforum member as well.

    Yes. We learn all sorts of skills.
    Jacks of all trades.

    2D skills, 3D skills, Programming, Music and audio for games, Level Design, Game Production, Game Design...etc etc

    What's good about learning all these?

    In the games industry, if you wanna be a Games Designer, you have to know at least how these skills work, so you can communicate your ideas to your artist, programmers, animator etc.

    And from our course, you don't necessary need to be a Games Designer in future. It doesn't mean that your future career scope will be really limited because of this course.

    I initially wanted to be a Games Designer. A goal I set when I was in Secondary 3. I got into this course and realized that 2D art side has more potential than my Games Design side so I worked towards being an artist.

    Although I'm now an Artist, it doesn't mean I gave up on Games Design you know? In group discussion or even in Ubisoft, I do give opinions on how the game can be improved.

    AND as an artist, I do not intend to be just a 2D artist. A person with more than one skills is always better than another with only one.

    When you're interviewing for your job position and there's another guy beside you. You two got in the 2nd round of interview because you both are really good.
    BUT, you know how to use "Adobe After Effects", "3D maya", "3D max" WHILE the other guy only knows how to draw great concept art.


    And honestly, working in games company like Ubisoft, there is no such role as 2D artist ONLY.
    As an artist, you need to be equipped with 2D AND 3D skills, of course, more is welcomed.

    Question: So what? In this course, learn so much, don't specialize in ANYTHING.


    The school teaches you all these stuffs. You should choose your path. Use your own free time to improve. Lecturer is ALWAYS there for you to ask questions.

    It's your own passion to get yourself to specialize in something.

    Of course, if you really only want to learn just one skill and specialize in just one skill, for example animation, you can choose a diploma specialize in animation.

    Diploma in Games Design and Development, as the name states,
    it's about Games Designing.

    Year 1, we did boardgame and flashgame. (INDIVIDUAL PROJECT)

    Year 2, we did 3D game.

    Year 3, Final Year Project (2D/3D game)

    Why boardgame?
    Boardgames, in general, is more affordable compared to electronic games, that is why, boardgames is still of much importance in the games industry.

    For 3D game projects, we work in group of 6. Whereby we divide ourselves to different roles. From there, you should already be clear on what skills you are stronger at.

    Anyway, we have life drawing classes with nude models to pose for us. It is to improve your sense of anatomy, muscle grouping, sense of lights and shadows etc.
    It's a really good session, even Digipen has this.

    Okies well. Lastly, I wanna say this.

    You won't get anywhere unless you work for it.
    Be it business course, design course, or engineering course.

    What makes a student outstand from the others?

    The school teaches the student the same thing. But what makes a student better than the other?

    It's the same for any career fields. In business diploma course, everyone learns the same as well.... but ... why is it that some grow up and turn out to be a millionare?



    So, if you REALLY have a passion for games AND have a passion in designing & developing game. JUST GO FOR IT. =D

    Anyway, it just happens that alot of game programmers climb up to be a games designer....
    The job of a games designer is not to "see codes on the computer everyday"(familiar line huh? frm sgf)

    Different roles do different things. -____- Add me if you wanna know more. =D

  2. Wow! Thanks for the comment! :)