Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where MOE Dumped Me To...

So actually I'm supposed to be happy, but somehow when I received the sms from MOE, I was thinking in my mind, "Oh... Ok..." And I didn't really reacted much when I know I'm going to the same poly with Li Yi.

You know why?

I slept at 3am the day before (excited and not tired I supposed) and I was awoken by a phone call at 7am in the morning! So when I heard the phone call, I was like, "What the hell is ringing?" Haven't heard the phone ringing so early in the morning for months...

Li Yi was the one who called me, because I told her to give me morning call if we were supposed to go to SP to appeal for the course that she wanted to go in to. I had no idea that MOE sent sms so early in the morning... I received mine at 6:49 am I think.

That time when Li Yi called me, I didn't even asked her about the course she went in to (too sleepy). Anyway, she got in SP too, in Aerospace Electronics (her 2nd choice). Although she truly regretted it now because if she really studied that, the only thing she could study in University in the future is Bachelor of Engineering... o.O

So now Li Yi is appealing to Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering in SP. I refuse to let her to appeal to NP. Haha... XD I'm so bad... But anyway, I have no other friends going with me to Poly except for her. And imagine if we ended up in different schools again, we'll continue our 4 year routine of talking about going to the same school for another 3 more years... T.T

After I received the sms from MOE, I started smsing Amy, Yuit Ping & Joey to ask about where they were posted to.

  • Yuit Ping got posted to Jurong JC but she's appealing to Andersons JC.
  • Amy got posted to some funny course in RP so she's retaking her "O" levels but no matter how we persuade her, she simply refuses to take the subjects that can helped her to get A. So I might as well listen to Li Yi's advice, just don't care about her.
  • Joey that smart girl obviously went to Andersons JC (her 1st choice).

And after chatting with Li Yi for one hour plus (and she had to go to work), I went back to sleep at about 8:30 am. And ever since then, seems like all my friend woke up and my handphone kept ringing (sms) from 8:30am - 10:30am... >.>

And my mother called me too, at night when she came back she asked why I sounded so sad in the phone in the morning although I got in my 1st choice, so I told her that was because I was too tired...

I practically slept for the whole afternoon because I had insufficient sleep during CNY period (actually I was supposed to accompany Li Yi to SP to appeal but since she can appeal online so we didn't go out) and only until 7pm at night then I started feeling excited lols!


  • Raewen got posted to Andersons JC too...
  • Serene got posted to Andersons JC as well! But she's appealing to SAJC (I think) to join her friend...

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