Thursday, February 19, 2009


2 days ago on Tuesday, my mother was sick. As she was going to the polyclinic, she brought me along because I needed to buy new cream for my skin.

After that, we went to West Mall for lunch and sort of shopped while we were there. As Harvey Norman had sales at that time, we went in to look and after listening to the salesman talking for a long time, my mother decided to buy a NEW LAPTOP FOR ME!

Since I already had a computer at my house, so the laptop was placed at my grandma's house. And because I have a laptop at my grandma's house, my mother decided to apply for INTERNET ACCESS AT MY GRANDMA'S HOUSE! And the internet speed is 3Mbps!

My mother applied for a plan which is called Mio plan. Under this plan, you'll have to apply for internet access (which is at my grandma's house), house phone line and a handphone line. And when you apply for a handphone line, you'll need to buy a new phone. I told my mother I wanted SONY ERICSSON C905 and she bought for me! OMG! It's super expensive, it costed S$538! o.O

She said she bought for me the handphone because I did pretty well for my "O" levels, as compared to my prelim exams I supposed.


Since I was using my new handphone to take pictures, I couldn't take photo of my new handphone.
So I took a picture of my handphone box instead! Look it's very CLEAR! And there's also an option for photo fix to make the photo looks even better!

When I was using my new handphone to take photos. I was like "WOW!", the functions are exactly like a camera! Since the handphone camera is 8.1 megapixel, the photo is very big. But I can change it to 3 megapixel to reduce the photo size so that it doesn't take up that much space.

And since my mother applied for internet access at my grandma's house, she decided to UPGRADE THE INTERNET ACCESS AT MY OWN HOUSE TO 8Mbps!!! OMG! That's super fast! o.O

So for that day, I've been "Wowing" in my head for the whole day! So many good things happened in just one day! XD

And lastly, I have created one new handphone theme for my C905 yesterday! XD

Love it~! XD
Jolin & Rainie

Click to download the theme: Here

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