Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taiwan Trip

I promised Li Yi that I'm going to post photos of my Taiwan Trip to let her see.

Anyway, overall it wasn't as fun as I expected it would be.
NEVER EVEN SAW A SINGLE CELEBRITY!!! (Ok fine, that's not the main point.)

But Taiwan is probably not the best place to go if you want to see some nice scenery.
However, there's lots of things to shop and most importantly, it's cheaper than Singapore!!! (But as I was following tour group, I didn't had enough time to shop so I think I'll be going there again with my friends.)

Ok, let's start the story when I was on the aeroplane.

The only photo I took while I was on the airplane. Cause I like the sky view.

When we reached Taiwan, the 1st place we went was Shilin Night Market.
And there's lots of people there! It took a long time just to walk from one end to the other end! It's probably because all the tour groups from Chan Brothers went there on the 1st night. So after walking for a while, my mother, grandma and I decided to go outside because it's really crammed inside.

And my mother said that she was disappointed with Shilin Night Market because it wasn't as good as she expected. The building looks quite old too. And the food there wasn't really that nice.

At night, when we were about to go to the hotel. The wind was blowing so strong that I had a feeling my luggage was going to fly away! Lols.

The hotel room had two queen size bed and I slept on one bed alone! XD

But when I was searching for GTV channel 28, the signal wasn't good there! ARGH! Thus, I missed one episode of ToGetHer because of that. :'(
However, I found another show (天才冲冲冲 I think) with Jolin as the guest star and I was laughing so loud, my mother could hear me laughing even when she was bathing in the toilet. Lols. But it's really VERY funny. XD

The 2nd day, we went to the hot spring.

After staying inside the normal hot spring for a while. I decided to go to the SUPER hot spring. I believe the water is hot enough to cook food. o.O

And after that, I remembered Yuit Ping telling me to go to the cold spring after going to the hot spring. And so I went to the cold spring and I was the only one there. But cold isn't that bad. Unless the weather is good. And Taiwan's weather at that time and place was rather cold.

However, after going into the normal hot, super hot & cold spring. I didn't feel cold anymore and I didn't even need to wear my jacket. :P

Photo of my mother at the hot spring. And yah, it's indoors.

After that, we went to a place beside here to have our lunch.

The lunch was pretty good considering that I didn't ate enough on Friday night because we were in a rush to watch Da Mouth concert at NTU and on Saturday night too as I was frustrated with being squashed at Shilin Night Market with so many people that I didn't feel hungry.

And my plate was the cleanest lols. Cause I was super hungry! :P

After that we went on a cruise at Sun Moon Lake. And when to the world's smallest island, according to them.

Photo of the island. I love my camera, I didn't even need to go out to take a photo of the island because my camera can zoom really far! :P

The deer.

And the owl.

This are the 2 godly animals on the island. I think, if I didn't remember wrongly.

Everybody was snatching to take photo with the owl because the deer was surrounded by water and so it's impossible to stand beside the deer.

After that, we went to have our dinner. And it's a really early dinner. At around 5 plus.

When I was at the restaurant, there's this thing in the middle which could be turned (no idea what it's called) and while someone was turning it, it knocked down my paper cup filled with hot tea. Very Hot Tea.

And almost the whole of my right hand was scaled. So I went to the toilet to wash it. Luckily, there was this kind waitress who saw it and helped to applied cream on my hand.

However, when I went back to eat again. Almost all the meat on the table was gone (snatched by other people) and my family was left with only mostly vegetables to eat. Not that I mind eating vegetables, it's just that I think it's rude to snatch finish all the food without leaving others some food to eat. And I was away not for fun, I was like scalded... >.>'''

So dinner was bad for 3 continuous days. *Sigh*

But the hotel for that night was awesome! The room looked artistic! (Forgot to take a photo of it because the 1st thing I went there was on the TV and watch! Lols! Taiwan's programmes are awesome! They have lots of show!)

At night, I found CTV and watched ToGetHer but it showed way faster than the episodes showing on Channel U and GTV. But it's better than nothing. If I didn't missed ToGetHer on GTV the day before, I wouldn't have watch it.


On the 3rd day, we went to the filming site of Romantic Princess (公主小妹) as well as some aboriginal place called 九族 I think.

The house and the garden. It looks really beautiful when I was at there.

Closer look of the house.

And when I was inside, when I saw this, I suddenly remembered one part of the scene of 公主小妹.

Basically, the house itself is a restaurant and we could only explore 2 floors, we couldn't look at other parts of the house.

And after that there was the aboriginal welcome ceremony. I had to climb onto top of something to take photos... >.>'''

And we jumped over the fire. Lols.

And the aboriginal welcome dance.

After that, we sat the cable car up to the top and we could explore the place on our own.

At there, I saw a piggy keychain and I bought it for Yuit Ping. I bought a keychain for myself too.

Now I suddenly realised why they sold piggy keychains there.
Look at the pigs!

And the cute owl lamps! XD

As we slowly strolled down, at the last part of the journey down, we realised we were going to be late and we quickly walked down, without looking at other things.

The next destination was looking at a rock that looks like a cat's head. Lols.

The Cat's Head. Now Li Yi tell me does this looks like your head? :P

After this I think it was dinner and going back to the hotel.
Although I couldn't really remembered what took place. Too Long Ago. (Lols and it's only one week ago...)

The only thing I could remember was ever since the 1st night dinner incident, my family sat with another group of people, basically old and middle-aged people... And my tour group had quite a lot of middle aged and old people, for some reason that I don't know.

My tour group only had 3 people that I could considered young - me, one secondary 2 girl and one primary 2 boy.

So Yuit Ping asked me whether did I talk to the secondary 2 girl. I replied that somehow I got along better with her mother. Haha!

On the 4th morning, we went on a half-submarine. Only half of the ship is submerged.

How it looked inside.

And the view of the sea underwater. The tour leader came over and said that the photos I took were clear. (Of course, my good camera! :P)

Somehow after staying in the submarine part of the ship for too long, I felt giddy and went to the surface. And one person offered me sour plums and I felt better.

Then, we went to see a lighthouse.

The main point is the slope I had to climb to see it... >.>'''

Then we went to some place where we had to enter through the dragon's mouth and come out from the tiger's mouth.

So I told my mother that I should try entering from the tiger's mouth and come out from the dragon's mouth instead. Because since I'm always unlucky, unlucky plus unlucky might equals to lucky. Because negative + negative = positive

Anyway, she scolded me for saying that.
Adults have no sense of humour.

I climbed up on top of the tower. 6 floors. *Huff Huff* But the view was pretty good.

Then the next stop was going to a temple.

I didn't had much intention to go. And I didn't really want to go after seeing the basketball machine at the foot of the temple. (They had to climb slopes again to go on top of the temple and it would take about 1 hour or so to go up and down.)

I played the kiddy basketball machine till I was in the high scores.
203 for 2 stages. Not bad. :P

Then it was dinner and back to the hotel again.

I remembered one night before dinner, we were left to walk around some shops that were on the sides of the road. And I ate some milk balls (don't think too far) stuff and it tasted pretty good. I think it was made of floor or milk or whatever and covered with milk before deep frying. Then we also bought wedges, criss-cross fries and sweet potato.

On the 5th morning, we had to climb mountain. It's called Alishan (阿里山). Ok, we didn't really climbed a lot. Just some leisure strolling through forest path.

Trees... Hmm...

And the pond. Called Sister Pond or something like that.

Pig... Made of Wood...

And a stump. I finally saw how a stump looked like after killing so many stump monsters on Maple.

Trees, flowers & cherry blossoms... I think...

And a photo of my grandmother with the huge cherry blossoms tree.

After that, we went back on the bus again and the tour leader distributed us our lunch boxes.

I didn't ate anything in the morning because of my terrible, terrible sore throat. My throat was really bad when I went Taiwan because of the lack of water I think.

This is the lunch box. It was put inside a metal box. And it was from a restaurant too so it's actually pretty good. And it tasted even better as I was hungry!

Then after that I slept on the bus as I woke up very early everyday when I was in Taiwan (but of course my mother and grandmother woke up even earlier). I always slept on the bus. And the scenery wasn't really very nice either.

Singapore's scenery is nicer because the buildings are neater! :P

The only photo I took of my Eeyore at Taiwan. At that time, we were almost reaching the train station to sit on the bullet train.

When we reached the train station, there were some shops there and the 1st place I went was 7-Eleven, to search for a Pepsi bottle because I knew that Jolin's photo would definitely appear on the Pepsi bottle. But I couldn't find it again.

When I was in another shop at the train station, I was thinking I should stop supporting one artist because I'm supporting too many artists (Big burden on my wallet. Jolin's albums already burned a really big hole in my bank.). And I was thinking that I should stop supporting Rainie, then I suddenly saw a magazine and Rainie was on the cover page. I was attracted by it then I told myself, "Forget about it. I shall just continuing supporting her."

The board at the train station showing the time the trains will arrive.

And some of the shops at the train station. There's Mos Burger too! But... But... The Menu is in Chinese... >.>'''

At the platform.

The bullet train!

And my seat! Lols... I saw someone taking photo of her seat so I followed suit...

While I was on the train, I kept leaving my seat and walked here and there. Because I was not used to sitting on a train. I mean like most of the time on the MRT, we were standing! Lols!

At night, we had dinner at a really artistic restaurant!

Photo of my mother, grandmother & me. Even the bowls and plates look so different! Haha!
And even the toilet looks artistic too lols! Haha!

Photo of my mother with the artistic ornaments in the restaurant!

And how the restaurant looked like on the outside! It was pretty dark so I couldn't take a clear photo of it.

Anyway, we had to climb to the 4th storey to have our dinner. I remember the stairs are scary! Because there are gaps in the middle and I could look down... I've phobia of heights...

After that, we went to Xi Men Ding.

Before we went inside Xi Men Ding, we were brought to a shop outside of it that sells some Taiwan's food like Green Bean Paste (I think that's what it's called in English) and I saw Jolin's signature at there. o.O

Anyway, there's lots of people inside the small shop so I felt suffocated and went outside of the shop.

When we were at Xi Men Ding, I saw Levi's shop and...

Levi Shop at Taiwan = Lots of Jolin's photos! XD

But this somehow turned out blur... >.>'''

I wanted to go inside the shop but there's no one in the shop so it felt weird going inside.

And after that, I saw Adidas!

So I went inside to buy the white jacket that both Li Yi and I like. And it's cheaper by $40 compared to the price of the jacket in Singapore!

And while I was inside the shop, I heard the radio playing Jolin's new song and Rainie Wallpaper at the shop!!! Then I suddenly remembered Rainie is the ambassador of Adidas at Taiwan.

So pretty~ XD

There's lots of things to see and shop at Xi Men Ding but we only had one hour plus to shop there. So sad. So I'm determined to go back there again next time to shop!

After that, we went to ate Oyster Mee Sua. I think it's nice but my mother didn't like it.

Then, we went to a CD shop.

It's promoting Jolin's new album that has yet to be released at that time!

At there, I bought a ToGetHer book. Actually I was thinking of buying a CD but nothing caught my eye and I didn't want to give myself extra troubles if the custom officer saw the CD.

At night, we went back to the hotel that we stayed on the 1st night and we were going to stay there for 2 nights.

I slept on a big bed alone throughout the whole trip at Taiwan! Yay~

On the 6th morning, we went to look at rocks again. Lols.

This time, it's a rock that looks like a queen's head.

The sea.

And the rocks. Lols.

And the queen's head rock with my grandma.

People were queueing up to take photos with the queen's head rock.

After that we went to Jiu Fen to have our lunch and shop.

We ate some stuffs along the way while finding a shop to eat. And we finally stopped at a shop selling fishballs and meatballs noodles to have our lunch. I had meatball noodle (dong fen) and I think it tasted pretty good.

And there's this really cute little doggy at the shop!

There's lots of dogs at Taiwan!

I bought the cat photo frames for Yuit Ping, Amy & Joey at there as well as the wristband for Li Yi and myself at there too. It's a dog bone leather wristband. I took the black one and Li Yi took the white one.

I couldn't really remembered what we did next. I think we went to a jade shop selling jades that was supposed to help you turn your luck or make your life smoother. And I accidentally bought one when I only wanted to find out about my life and future. But my mother said it's okay and the jade is cute anyway.

I wasn't the one who bought the jade though, it was my mother. I was waiting for her to tell "No." to the shop assistant because I doubt I had any influence. And the tiny piece of jade costed about Singapore $150! o.O

Then I think somewhere along the way (on no idea which day) we went to a shop selling pearls too. And my mother overspent at there again.

And I think we went to a museum too. Pretty interesting but some parts are REALLY boring...

After that, we went to the gala dinner as it was our last night at Taiwan. 18-19 tour groups went there so it's really crowded. And they squeezed 12 people per table so I didn't had much to eat even though I was hungry... =.='''

The hosts for the gala dinner were a DJ called Violet from FM 97.2 and a famous hair stylist in Singapore called Addy (I think).

But I didn't take their photos. Not like I like them anyway. And they aren't really considered famous stars.

Because there were so many tour groups there, we had to leave immediately once our group was called to prevent a traffic jam. And so everybody rushed to the toilet before the dinner ended. The female toilet was usually crowded and the male toilet was empty.

I remembered one part when some females went to the male toilet because there were no males inside. And one guy came along and asked whether the male toilet was for males! Lols. Cause he saw females inside.

And after the dinner, we went back to the hotel.

The last day at Taiwan, we went to Dan Shui Yu Ren Ma Tou (淡水鱼人码头).

And we were at a bridge where a scene of Meteor Garden was filmed at.

Photo of the bridge.

Photo of the bridge. View of the other side.

After that, I think we went to a shop selling lingzhi. And only a few people bought it because it was really expensive.

We were supposed to go to some tea shop after that but no one in the whole tour group wanted to go there so we skipped it and go straight to Taipei 101! XD

View of Taipei 101 when I was on the bus.

Inside the lift to go up Taipei 101! Lols!

View of the scenery on the 89th floor at Taipei 101.

Me and the logo that represented Taipei 101. :P

At the 89th floor of the tower, I bought a keychain for Raewen, Huiling & myself.

After that, I went on different ways with my mother and my grandmother. I went shopping on my own. But I never really bought anything cause the things there were mostly branded. o.O

And I was trying to search for Jolin's shop too. After I came back from Singapore, Huiling told me that Jolin's shop was beside Taipei 101 not inside it... =.='''

So basically I only bought a magazine featuring Fahrenheit, Rainie, Jolin & Da Mouth from a book shop and a Pepsi bottle (after searching for the whole week).

When I was about to leave Taipei 101, I suddenly saw a huge supermarket and I was tempted to go there, thinking that they might sell Pepsi there. Because I went to a lot of shops and none of them sell Pepsi! o.O

And I was right!

The Pepsi bottle only had Jolin's photo of it! And I love it a lot! Lols... Spent 7 days looking for it... >.>'''

After that we went to the airport.

We ate something there and I used the computer for a while to search if NTU posted Da Mouth's photos on its website.

I finally understood how Taiwan people typed in Traditional Chinese words.

My mother did some last minute shopping for a bag! Lols! And we rushed to gather and board the plane.

And the view of the Taiwan airport before leaving Taiwan!

On the airplane, I had curry chicken rice lols!

Anyway, end of story. OMG! It's really long! o.O