Saturday, March 14, 2009

怀秋好帅!Huai Qiu So Shuai~!

Yesterday I went to Da Mouth’s school concert at NTU because I got free tickets from my friends. I’m so high about it that I decided I shall post about it even though tomorrow I’m flying to Taiwan (the most I sleep on the airplane).

In the afternoon, I met Yuit Ping & Zhen Rui at Macdonald because before that I said I wanted to eat Happy Meal as I wanted the pokeball. But somehow, my voice and throat doesn’t seemed okay after sharing food with a sick kitty cat (Li Yi) yesterday so I didn’t eat at mac.

After that Yuit Ping & Zhen Rui went home to change clothes and Amy accompanied me to eat at Lot 1’s Food Junction. And somehow I ate a lot because Amy couldn’t finish her food and pushed it to me.

Yuit Ping arrived after some time and we went back to Kranji Secondary School together for some reasons that I’m not sure. Actually it’s mainly because we wanted to accompany Zhen Rui back to get her “O” levels certificate (and Zhen Rui didn’t went back to Kranji in the end cause she fell asleep and her legs felt like lead so she didn’t want to come), and besides that we wanted to see Joey who was coming back for the prize giving ceremony (but Joey was still at home when we reached) and also because we wanted to find some teachers (but we never really talk to any teacher except for Miss Audrey Lee)... >.>’’’

After that we rushed to Jurong Point because it’s quite late and Yuit Ping & I wanted to buy light sticks (luckily we bought it, read on to find out :P), and I needed to buy swimming caps because going into the hot spring in Taiwan requires it.

At 5 plus, we met Jiahui at Boon Lay MRT station and walked a long way to get to the bus we needed to board to get to NTU at the Interchange. And fortunately we alighted at the right bus stop because we looked out to see if Jerine alighted from the bus. Lols. Cause none of us went NTU before.

When we finally reached NTU, we had a really light dinner (cause none of us were hungry) and went to take our queue number to enter the lecture hall to watch the concert. (So bad, we cut queue cause Jerine and her boyfriend went to help us queue first.)

When we were inside the lecture hall, Yuit Ping & I were so high again that we decided to go to the toilet again. And Da Mouth was late for about half an hour (I was already used to it, usually artists will be late for about half an hour.) but Yuit Ping & I were too high to bother about it. XD

The poster about Da Mouth's school concert at NTU.

When the DJ (not from Da Mouth) first came in, everyone was laughing because they were expecting Da Mouth to come in first. Then Da Mouth finally came in and when they sang their first song, Yuit Ping and I was so high that we almost wanted to stand up but it seemed weird cause everyone else seemed so calm, as though they were watching movie.

Yuit Ping & I waved our light sticks while Da Mouth was singing their songs.

When they were about to play stage game, the members in Da Mouth started choosing people to come up on stage. When it was Huai Qiu’s turn to choose someone, Yuit Ping and I went mad and started shouting and waving our light sticks. The DJ (not from Da Mouth) saw us and said that as we were the only 2 people in the whole lecture hall holding light sticks, he should choose us.

Huai Qiu said that he shall personally come up to bring either one of us down. I saw him walking up the stairs and coming nearer and nearer. In my mind, I was too stunned to know what I was thinking but I wanted him to choose me and I probably showed that on my face.

Huai Qiu came over and stretched out his hand at me and I was like “OMG!” in my heart!!! I took hold of his hand and stood up. At that time, he seemed like a 白马王子 (prince charming) walking towards me! Then I asked him whether Yuit Ping and I could play the game together and Huai Qiu asked whether he could bring 2 people on stage. Zong Hua suddenly said that he actually wanted to ask Yuit Ping to come on stage to play the game too.

I walked quite fast to the stage cause I was super high. When I was about to go up the stage, suddenly I thought that it looked weird to look at so many people while on the stage. I turned around and looked at Yuit Ping who was also making her way up the stage.

Then when we were on the stage, something “happened”.

Yuit Ping & I couldn’t play the game together with Huai Qiu and so only one of us will be playing the game with Huai Qiu. Then the DJ (not from Da Mouth) asked Yuit Ping who she wanted to play the game with and of course she said Huai Qiu. And he asked me who I wanted to play the game with and I said Huai Qiu as well.

I don’t want to give up and Yuit Ping doesn’t want to give up either. So basically, we were debating over this issue for quite a long time. And we finally decided to play scissors, paper, stone. And Huai Qiu added that the loser will play with him.

So in my subconscious mind I was thinking that I wanted to win cause I want to play the game with Huai Qiu. Firstly, Yuit Ping used stone and I used stone too. Then on the second turn, Yuit Ping used scissors and I used paper. I lost.

I saw that Yuit Ping was sad and I suddenly realized that I could play the game with Huai Qiu cause I lost and I was like, “Yes!” and jumped! XD

When we just came onto the stage, the DJ (not from Da Mouth) asked whether Yuit Ping and I were sisters (2nd time someone asked us that question) and we said no and he guessed that we were good friends. After that he added that after today, we would no longer be good friends.

That’s so impossible cause Yuit Ping and I wouldn’t argue over a guy! But now that I think back, I felt that it’s quite awkward that Yuit Ping and I were snatching over one guy and neither of us wanted to give up. So in the process, we made Zong Hua & Huai Qiu awkward too! SORRY!!!

In the end, the stage game was saying a tongue twister and I was like, “Huh?” in my head.
Yuit Ping played first cause they started from Zong Hua. So I was supposed to wear eye mask and ear phones while listening to some loud blasting music. I remembered the song was Xiao Zhu’s song and all of a sudden I can’t remember whether it was “Yi Zhi Du Xiu” or “Jing Wu Men” that I listened to. Anyway, the song wasn’t that loud either cause I could hear them talking and Yuit Ping talking too.

While I was trying to wear the eye mask, I took out my spectacles and hooked it on my shirt but somehow it got entangled with my necklace and I had to take it out. Then Huai Qiu offered to take my specs for me… Awww… So sweet~ And after that he was posing with my spectacles.

Actually I was considering whether should I wash my spectacles but I washed it anyway cause it’s oily after wearing it for the whole day. Jiahui even suggested that I should put my spectacles on auction and sell it. Of course I wouldn’t, I shall continue wearing it. Don’t want to change them again! XD

After a while it was my turn and I was a little stun when I saw the tongue twister because it’s like almost 1 year since I last said any Chinese words while looking at Chinese characters from a board or some other form of paper.

And as it was a tongue twister, I naturally said something wrong. After repeating it 3 times, I was one second faster than Yuit Ping but I made more mistakes compared to Yuit Ping. And the DJ (not from Da Mouth) had to say that. I know my pronunciation is bad but I hate people talking about it. If it were my friends I would be like, “Whatever…” but if it was someone else I would rebut back.

So I took out Yuit Ping and my “O” level Chinese Oral results to say and said that she got distinction while I only got merit. Yuit Ping told me after that that at that time, she felt like hitting me. But I explained that I really hate people talking about my pronunciation although it’s pretty bad.

Then the other 2 adults (both females) said the tongue twister way faster than us. One was 14 seconds and the other was 15 seconds! O.o

And Yuit Ping and I were saying that we are so young compared to them so naturally they will win. Because I said the tongue twister in 21 seconds and Yuit Ping said it in 22 seconds…

Actually Yuit Ping and I are still good friend even after the game cause when my turn finished, I talked to Yuit Ping and we were trying to untangle the ipod that got tangled with the eye mask lols.


Then before we came down from the stage, all of the 4 of us could get 2 tickets for today’s Da Mouth music concert (mini one) as well as a Da Mouth poster autographed by Da Mouth!

When Huai Qiu passed me the tickets and poster, I told him that I would be leaving for Taiwan today (I had to reach the airport at 10am and the mini concert starts at 5pm, I’m probably on the airplane on my way to Taiwan… >.>’’’). And he said something like, “我们绕了一圈。。。”

I took a photo of the ticket first. I'm getting them (both of the 2 tickets) back later after I come back from Taiwan.
*Sobs* I couldn't go.
And I even told Yuit Ping & Amy to bring my soul to the Da Mouth mini music concert. And afterwards sending it back to Taiwan...

First time I actually won something because I was lucky and I had to go overseas at that time (and it’s Taiwan somemore…). I was so sad when we went back to our seats that I almost cried. Yuit Ping saw it and told me not to be sad.

After that, Yuit Ping & I rushed to buy Da Mouth’s album and went to queue to let them sign. While we were queuing, we saw someone taking photos and we assumed that we could take photos and we tried to take some photos but afterwards we were scolded and we immediately kept our cameras.

Thus, if I did manage to take some photos of Da Mouth at NTU I’m not posting them, just in case they send one complaint letter to me to sue me… o.O

When we were on stage to let Da Mouth sign the albums, Yuit Ping & I said “对不起!” to Zong Hua. And I said sorry that I made him felt awkward.

Yuit Ping was in front of me and she asked Huai Qiu whether he could write her name on the album. I saw it and I said, “我也要!” 然后,我就问怀秋他的英文好吗?他回答说,“我的英文最好的!”Cause when he was writing Yuit Ping’s name, somehow he don’t know how to write ice in Chinese and he rewrote it again.

He wrote “Caroline!” on my album and when he finished it he said, “Caroline Oh Yeah~!” (Or something like that) XD

Look at the top right hand corner! XD

Huai Qiu so cute & shuai!

And I was complaining about me going to Taiwan tomorrow again. (Now that I think back, I'm really childish. Probably cause I felt young compared to the adults there...)

Then all the way until we went home, Yuit Ping and I were super high over the Da Mouth school concert at NTU and we kept talking about it. Jiahui and Amy had totally no idea what we were talking and couldn’t cut in…

After that Jiahui said Yuit Ping & I might be "famous" as our conversation when both of us wanted to play the stage game with Huai Qiu and neither of us wanted to give up might be aired on radio. Y.E.S 933 somemore, OMG! >.>'''

Anyway, this afternoon at about 12 I’m going to Taiwan and I’m bring my bao bei Da Mouth’s album too! XD

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