Sunday, March 1, 2009

Medical Check Up

2 days ago I went out with Li Yi to do Medical Check Up because Poly requires us to do that. Somehow, it turned out kind of fun although it was supposed to be a mundane thing... After that, my conclusion is: As long as we're together, even the most boring thing can be fun! XD

When we reached Woodlands, we were searching high and low for the clinic when Li Yi suddenly knew where it was and we walked there. Then we had to register and blah, blah, blah...

After that, we went for a X-Ray check up and we were supposed to change into their robes. After we changed, I told Li Yi this looked as though we were going into the sauna. And somehow, we pretended to be at a hot spring in Japan and...

Took a photo of it! XD

Then, we had to check height and weight... And OMG! I grew 1 cm! I can't believe that happened because I thought I wouldn't be growing anymore... So now Li Yi and I have the same height. And even though I rotted at home for few months, my weight is still the same! XD

After checking our height and weight, we had to check our eyesight.
The nurse took out a book and asked me to trace the line to see if I have colour blind. It was fairly easy until he showed me the last picture. I was stunned cause it seemed as though there were a few lines there or there was a very long line there. So when I tried tracing for the 1st time, my line didn't lead to the other side and I tried again.

The nurse said my hand was all over the place but I passed my colour blind test. XD

And then I had to check my eyes degree by reading out the numbers. With my left eye covered, I read out the numbers in a breeze. But when I covered my right eye, I realised I read quite a few numbers wrongly and halfway through I was stuck but the nurse asked me to skip it.

Anyway, my eyes are still okay and I don't need to change my spectacles. Haven't change the degree of my spectacles since primary 5 I think...

After that, we had to do urine test... >.>'''
But it was okay too, of course...

Finally after finishing everything, we were left with the last stop, to see the doctor so we were waiting for our turn. It turned out that Li Yi and I were the 1st batch to reach there because we arrived at 9am. *Yawns* Very tired that day.

We saw the nurse holding the medical forms and realised that most of the people behind us are all from Singapore Polytechnic, so we started talking to the people beside us and around us, asking what school they were from, what course they took etc.

I met a guy called Bruno and I think he's pretty friendly. After talking for a while, he said we didn't self introduce ourselves so we shook hand and told each other our names. Lol! And Li Yi had to cut in to say I'm called Carrot. While it's a fact but Carrot is really weird... Now that I think of it...

Before that, we found out that Bruno is friend with a guy beside us, so Li Yi asked why weren't they talking. And he replied that they were talking all the way here and now they were left with nothing else to say. I suddenly said that I had been talking with Li Yi for 6 years! XD

Yeah~ My best friend for 6 years. Almost 7 years once it reaches June. That's the time when we became really good friends when we went to a school organised trip to Malacca (however you spelled it).

After all the medical check up stuff, we found out that we were in there for about 1 and a half hour... ... >.>'''

Then we had our brunch. Actually we were supposed to eat something cheap but somehow, we felt like eating at a restaurant. But when we went to Pasta Mania, it was still closed so we ate at Yoshinoya Fast Food Restaurant, while it's still a restaurant... And we both had Japanese curry.

After that, we walked at Causeway Point (*Gulp* Causeway Point... Queued at there 2 weeks ago on 20th Feb for 8 hours! o.O) for 1 hour plus and Li Yi finally agreed to go with me to cruise after realising how much fun it was just for us to go medical check up together! :)

Along the way, Li Yi saw a toy Polar Bear and told me to take a photo of her with it.

Guess what is she doing? Obviously she's hugging a polar bear!
Actually, she's trying to make full use of my new handphone camera with 8.1 megapixel.
But now my handphone's backspace button when typing sms is spoilt... :'(

Then we had to say, "Bye Bye!" cause Li Yi had to go and work at Harbourfront. *Sobs*

Later at late afternoon, I would be meeting Serene and that time when I left Li Yi was only around 12:30pm. So I went home to sleep and hug my Baby Eeyore because I slept at 2+am.

Cute, right? Come on, admit it. It's cute! XD

I met Serene at around 6pm because she was delayed by some school activities. Then as she was not hungry yet, we walked 2 rounds around Lot 1 before deciding to eat at Ajisen Ramen.

Then we talked for a very, very long time. The longest we had talked for a long time. Lols...

At 9 plus, she had to go home so we said, "Bye Bye!"

Yesterday, I was using my laptop for the whole day and when I suddenly switch back to using my baobei computer, I was not used to the keyboard. But after chatting with my friends on MSN, I was used to it again. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to type such a long post. Haha! XD

I met Erich (my good friend on the Internet who was at the other side of the Earth) online and talked to him. And he's trying to ask me to come to Chile to find him again...

Although my baobei computer hangs every now and then but at least even though I used it for many hours, I still wouldn't find the keyboard hot. Unlike my laptop which almost roasted me alive yesterday. No wonder Li Yi mentioned that Acer and Fujitsu, one can cook food and one can melt. But it's not really that hot to cook an egg. Don't believe her... XD


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