Thursday, March 26, 2009

Video Call With Li Yi

Ok so Carrot can’t fall asleep again.
Either I suffer from serious insomnia or I slept too much the day before. Lols.

Anyway, few hours ago, I was chatting with Li Yi online and she had a webcam because she was using her new laptop. So she said we should on our webcams. Then I suggested we shall do video conferencing instead.

Then, halfway while we were chatting, I showed her what Yuit Ping made me do 3 days ago.

Putting my Eeyore on my head so Yuit Ping can see it… …

And once I did that, she followed suit and put her turtle on her head too! Lols! XD

Then we decided we shall take a screenshot of our silly video conference call!

Lols! The 4 of us look so cute!
Me & My Eeyore.
Li Yi & Her Turtle.

Before that, we tried talking but it wasn’t really very loud unless we speak close to the speakers.

And besides, I think the both of us thought it was weird speaking to our laptops so we ended up typing again.

And tomorrow I’m going to Li Yi’s house!

For Fun, Peace & Laughter! Haha! XD

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