Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yesterday... ...

Yesterday I tried connecting my new Mio modem to the computer but after trying for more than 1 hour, I can't connect (as in I can't access to the internet) so I was super pek chek.

In the end, I still had to use my old modem in order to use the internet.

So today I called the Singtel hotline and asked the person and ended up, I connected one of the wires wrongly... =.='''

I don't need the USB cable to connect to the internet. o.O
I only needed the ethernet cable. o.O

And after plugging it in and connected it to the computer, I go to some webpage and key in my username and password and after that, I could enter the internet. o.O

... ...

2 days ago, I went out with Li Yi for dinner at IMM because I went to a building beside IMM to collect my handphone which was hospitalised. :(
One of the keys on my handphone was not functioning but now everything is working. :)

Because I left house quite late, I had to rush all the way there as the "hospital" closes at 6pm. I ran there and half-way there, I almost fainted because I over-exerted my body after rotting at home for 4 months.

Ended up 2 ladies from overseas (from Vietnam I think) helped me to the "hospital" to collect my handphone and I had to sit taxi there... $5 fly away... ...

After that I met Li Yi at IMM and the 1st thing she asked was probably about my handphone and after that she said she was hungry and asked where is pepper lunch.

That stupid cat didn't even asked about her best friend who almost fainted on the way to collect her handphone.

To made sure that my handphone is okay, I tested all the functions including the camera function. The camera to me is the most important function because that's why I wanted this handphone in the 1st place.

So I took a random photo of Li Yi looking for her makeup removal at Guardian.

And after that we went to Pepper Lunch. I order Japanese Curry with Beef Hamburger. XD And Li Yi ordered Teriyaki Chicken.

As I didn't know that the plate was that hot, I simply poured all the Japanese Curry inside and it started sizzling... ... But anyway, yum yum! XD

And then we when shopping, or actually it should be Li Yi went shopping and I accompanied her. But somehow I bought a shirt at the end and Li Yi bought 2 tank tops and she is super unhappy with that. Lols.

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