Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yes! I can draw!

I can actually draw, I can't believe it.

And I actually enjoyed drawing more than Maths!!! o.O

So yesterday (since it had passed 12am), more than half of my class were late for more than 15 min and if you're more than 15 min late, you are marked absent.

Why were we late?
Because we were waiting for everyone from our class to reach first before going to the lecture room.

1 for all, all for 1! Lols! XD

So when I reached Dover MRT station at around 8.50 plus am, I was asking what were we doing here. And ended up it seemed that my class was still waiting for some people who were still on their way to SP. o.O

It seemed that some MRT broke down or something like that. That's why the MRT was super slow that day.

And so after Zhen Yi arrived, all of us chiong to the lecture room and we reached at around 9.20am lols. Luckily, the lecturer said that he shall close one eye because it's our first day and there might be a tendency for us to get lost. Actually, we were waiting for our classmates! Lols!

After a talk about discipline and I realised I couldn't wear slippers anymore (=.='''), another lecturer told us to draw 3 people that were beside us and a little something that represents them.

I was like o.O?!!! Draw?!!! But, but I don't know how to draw?!!!!!!! O.O

But then after that I drew something anything, but I only drew the something that represents them, not the person because I don't know how to draw people... :'(

(After school I showed Li Yi my drawing and once she saw it she started laughing... =.=''')

And so I drew a Pikachu that represents Yong Chen because she shares the same surname as Pikachu, both of their surnames are Chu. Lols. And a drew a dog because Zhen Yi said her favourite animal is dog. And a monkey because an Indian girl from class 57 said her favourite animal is a monkey. And I even had to take out the keychain hanging on my pencil case to see how a monkey looks like! Lols!

Then after that, we were given our very first homework - Brick Boy.

We were supposed to trace out the lines of the Brick Boy onto a drawing block, so guessed what I did?

Use masking tape to paste the paper with the Brick Boy on it onto the drawing block, use masking tape again to paste the drawing block on the window then trace. Because I can't see the lines if I'm going to lie it flat on the table.

Then after that we were supposed to cut out and form a 3D Dimensional Brick Boy.

(I don't think I'm making any sense here.)

And after that, it's lunch break and Yong Chen, Zi He & I went to FC1 because it's nearer to our block. But I'm still wondering why our class is held at School of the Built Environment? o.O

After lunch (Zi He didn't ate anything because he said he needed time to adapt to the new environment. Lols!), we went to the convention centre to collect our ez-link cards. Stupid photo. =.='''

And then, we when back to the classroom again. We were super early cause they didn't feel like roaming around SP with our bags and our Art Friend. =.=''' And just beside our classroom, I think the DGDD Year 2 were going to have lessons soon. And so once they saw us they asked were we Year 1 and what course we were in. One female senior from DGDD found out that I was in DGDD too she went super high! Lols.

Then they talked to us about the DGDD stuffs, and scaring us in the process too. =.= Then suddenly at that instant I really felt like changing course.

But after that, during our Basic Drawing Class lesson, after the boring lecture talk, we were supposed to draw again.

Draw?!! Draw?!! Again?!! I thought they were supposed to teach us how to draw but ended up we had to draw our own instead. They only gave us some advice.

Then they placed some Styrofoam shapes on the table and we were supposed to draw them, but with the drawing block placed on the chair and not on the table. =.= And we even had to sharpen our pencils using pen knife. o.O

Then after much moaning and stuff I finally decided to hack care and draw something.

And we drew for quite long, about 2 hours but it's on an A2 piece of paper that's why it took so long, especially for 1st timer.

And after I asked the lecturer whether my drawing is okay, she said it was okay except for one part and I modified it and it really looked better lols. Then I started to refine my "furry" sides of the drawing! Haha!

And then we made a tour around the classroom to look at others' drawing.

Then class ended and we could go home! They let us off 1 hour earlier! XD

And after that I met Li Yi and we stayed at FC5 for a while before I headed home and she headed to Causeway Point to meet her friends.

Oh, and I saw Joey Ow today again. She's from Aerospace Electronics and she's the only girl in her class. OMG! I can't believe it, she shares the same fate as Li Yi!

And I think I like my class, seriously. At least more than my Secondary school classes! Haha!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Freshmen Orientation 2009!

First time waking up early to go to school after rotting at home for 5 months.

And I don’t need to wear uniform too. Actually it’s pretty shiok. Lols. XD

So on the 1st day of school, I dragged Li Yi along with me early in the morning because I said that we should go to school together on the 1st day. But the whole journey there was rather tense. I think she’s not happy with me at that time.

Then I met Jason at Dover MRT station. We planned beforehand to meet. After that we waited for gillx to arrive and a senior who was with Jason brought us to the Sports Hall. Actually, it was good to have someone to lead the way; otherwise there will be a tendency for me to get lost if I were to go alone.

We were supposed to gather at the Sports Hall at 8am but that Jason bluffed me and said we need to gather at 7.45am. So by the time we reached there, there were only a few people there. He said that we met early so that there would be time for us to chat and know each other.

When it was around 8am, we went to check our groups list to see we were in which group. Unfortunately, Jason, gillx & I were all in different groups. And later on I realised that some people I knew were also in School of Design but I was not in the same group as them. Actually, that might be a good thing too otherwise I wouldn’t make new friends. Haha! XD

Maybe because I already knew someone in the same course as me so I didn’t feel lonely or miserable. Lols.

We slowly gathered in our groups and the Orientation only started at around 9am. At that time I was already feeling hungry. Lols. Each group was asked to gather in one straight line. I saw other people chatting with each other so I was tempted to chat with this girl in front of me but I didn’t dare to. And she didn’t turn around to look at the back either.

When the Orientation finally officially started, we were told to sit in a circle. I didn’t know anybody in my group at that time, so I sat beside the girl who was sitting in front of me. And the guy who was sitting behind me sat beside me too. Lols.

Anyway, we started with playing some icebreaker games. It did help a little, and we were even sort of forced to memorise each other names through a game. But after a while, after we get to know each other more, 2 hours plus of icebreaker games seemed to overdo it.

At that time I already knew one friend, she’s called Yong Chen (or Perlin), she’s also the person who was sitting in front of me too. Lols. During lunch time, we talked and laughed so much, others thought we were Secondary school friends but we barely knew each other for one day! Haha! XD

During lunch time, I also knew another guy called Zi He who is currently my good friend in my class too. At first, he was sitting at another table, isolating himself from our group. Then Perlin & I told him to come over to sit with us.

After lunch, we were brought to tour around the school for a while and after that we were brought to the Main Lecture Theatre 1. And because they were not ready yet, so we sat at Food Court 1 and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, we were told to go inside and we had to listen to some talks. It was okay, I can still take it because I hadn’t heard someone giving a speech for a long period of time. But Perlin was already falling asleep! Lols!

I remembered there was a part when they showed the Library video. The Principal said that he saw the video 3 times. The 1st time with the Chemical & Life Sciences students, everyone was listening attentively, obediently & quietly. The 2nd time with the Engineering students, everyone was also listening attentively, obediently & quietly. Then when he saw the Design students watching the videos, everyone was commenting about it, including me! Lols! XD

Anyway, by day one of the orientation, I think we already formed our own small groups of friends.

After the talks, we could go home but I wanted to wait for Li Yi to end because she accompanied me to SP early in the morning. And I wanted to go home together with her on the 1st day of school.

We were finally in the same school after 4 years. *Sobs*

And I saw Ding Xiong & Liyana at School of Design.
When I saw Ding Xiong, I was thinking, “Is it really him?” because I thought he was smart and wouldn’t come to poly.
When I saw Liyana, I was overjoyed because my friend actually came to Singapore Poly and she’s in School of Design too, but we’re not in the same course… =.='''

Not only that, I also saw someone that gave me a shock of my life.
(Shock not surprised because surprise has still some elements of happiness in it.)

I saw Shu Li.
I knew she is in SP cause Li Yi told me.
But I didn’t thought that she would be in School of Design…

Anyway, Day Two of the Orientation we were supposed to “Leave a Mark” in SP. And so turned out we were supposed to paint wall.

We waited for a really long time before we could start painting. I think because they had to get the paint and paint brushes.

So basically I shall simplify Day Two.

  • Put Newspaper on the Floor.
  • Go inside the room to wait.
  • A Lecturer came to brief us.
  • Went outside to rearrange the Newspaper plus pasting Tape on it so that it wouldn’t fly away. (Even if it flew away, it would fly away as one piece! Lols!)
  • Started Painting but I only painted one small part.
  • Went to have lunch.
  • After lunch, Perlin, Zi He & I sat in the room because Zi He said when he wanted to help to paint, someone told him to go inside the room to rest. So if Zi He had nothing to do that means we would have nothing to do too.
  • And after that we talked and laughed (mostly only I laughed). And I kept calling Zi He’s name wrongly… =.='''
  • After that we waited till it’s time to left and went home.

Oh and I saw Joey Ow & Jia Zhi from Kranji as well as one primary school schoolmate on that day too.

On Day Three of the Orientation, we started complaining why we had to come for the orientation while other schools didn’t need to come.

School of Design is really “special”.

  • One, we had to come for the Orientation for 5 days while other schools only needed to come for 3 days.
  • Second, we haven’t got our tin cans for Flag Day yet but other schools already got it.
  • Third, we don’t even have our timetable and other schools already got it! (So I told Li Yi since we are school of design so we were supposed to design our own timetables and she really believed it! Haha! XD)

We started playing some games in the morning again.

After that, somehow we had one game called the “Amazing Race”. And practically we were running all around SP! o.O One of the most funny part was that the 2nd half of the group got separated from the rest of the group twice! And the funniest part was that we thought we were really slow, especially after being separated twice, but somehow, we were the 1st group to arrive! Lols! XD

We got no prize though; the only prize we got was a longer lunch break. Lols.

After lunch, we were off to the briefing for the Flag Day the next day.

There were some talks about the things we would be learning for the different design courses. As well as the modules we would learn. And also on that day I found out that the groups we were in were already our classes for one semester! That’s good! That means Perlin & I wouldn’t get separated till Semester 2 because she’s studying Interior Design.

Anyway, Zi He & I would still be in the same class even after Semester 1! Lols! XD

And most importantly of all, we know what Design is.

Design is Shiong.
Design is Super Shiong. :X

And after that we had our briefing for Flag Day and we got our shirts and tin cans.
Guess what?
My group got the super jackpot.
Our location for Flag Day: Tanah Merah! (It’s practically the other end of Singapore!!! >E:@)

On Day Four of the Orientation, I woke up very early in the morning at around 6.10am and because it was so early, my mind was so blurred, somehow I forgot to bring my handphone out on such a day where handphone was one of the most important thing to bring!

And so when I reached Jurong East MRT station at 6.50am (we arranged to meet at 6.45am), I didn’t see anyone in the middle of the platform so I rushed to board the train when the train arrived. Ended up, I was the earliest one in my group to arrive. =.='''

Before that when I just arrived at Tanah Merah, I thought they might have already started collecting donations, so I went to search for them but I couldn’t find them. When I went back to the MRT station again, I saw Celina waiting for the others at one corner. So I went to the toilet first and waited for them with Celina & Christopher (the 3 of us were the earliest to arrive).

After a while they arrived and it seemed Yong Chen & Zi He hadn’t arrived yet. Charmaine told me that Yong Chen seemed to be waiting for someone and I told her that someone was me but I didn’t bring my handphone so I couldn’t contact her.

And before that on my journey to Tanah Merah from Yew Tee, I almost went ki siao crazy because I was alone, and I had no form of entertainment (no handphone so I couldn’t listen to music) and the journey was super long!!! ARGH!!!

After that, I went off with Yong Chen & Zi He to collect donations.

And somehow I was enthu because it was my 1st time doing Flag Day.

I changed my sentence a few times. I think I started with something but Zi He said something so I modified it to, “Can I have some donations please?” And I practically asked everyone I saw once. By morning, I probably said that sentence more than 50 times and I completed almost one page of stickers (50 stickers) too! XD

I was standing at one good spot. I was standing beside the zebra crossing and opposite me was a condo. XD Yong Chen saw that somehow I managed to get more donations than her so she was not happy and tried to snatch the people from me. Lols. But people still donated to me so I told her because I was “cuter”.

We saw a senior from SP too and she said, “I understand how you feel.” Lols. And she helped to donate some money to us. Haha!

I also saw one lady who asked me what was “Flag Day” and I told her “Raising Donations for Charity Organisations” although I didn’t had much idea what I was saying. Somehow she was satisfied with my answer and put $5 in my tin can.

After that Yong Chen got a call from Lester and he said something about going to Pasir Ris. So we went back to the MRT station. Then Charmaine (our group leader) said that they headed to Raffles Place and we could go anywhere we wanted.

And before even deciding where we wanted to go, we sat on the MRT and at first, we alighted at Bugis but once we saw SP people outside the MRT station (before scanning our cards), we went back to board the train again. Then we alighted at City Hall and scanned our cards out. I told them I wanted to see Merlion. Lols!

And we really walked to the Merlion! Lols! There were lots of tourists there but we didn’t dare to ask them for donations because they came here for vacation and we didn’t want to spoil their mood and image of Singapore. Then after that we walked, and walked, and walked.

We also saw a China man whom we thought was a teacher (because there were Primary School students gathered there) but we were wrong. Then he started asking what we were doing and Zi He actually managed to explain it in Chinese! o.O And so the China man gave him $10 Ren Ming Bi.

After that we walked, and walked, and walked again and ended up at Raffles Place! It was full of SP people, just like City Hall and we didn’t got much donations because practically almost everyone who wanted to donated had donated.

So we sat on the MRT again and I suggested going to Lot 1.

My tin can was the heaviest among the 3 of us at that time. Actually back then when we were at Tanah Merah, my tin can was already the heaviest among the 3 of us.

Zi He met his friend, Jun Yi, at Jurong East and the 4 of us went to Choa Chu Kang. When we were still inside the MRT station, we saw that Lot 1 was full of SP people too so I said we shall go to Bukit Panjang Plaza instead!

And my guess was right; there weren’t much SP people at Bukit Panjang Plaza! XD

And so at there, I had quite lot donations again.

At first, I was standing in the middle of the road near the carpark because I didn’t want to stand too near the entrance and Yong Chen was standing at the other side so I didn’t want to stand near her too just in case I wouldn’t get much donations from people.

After that, one woman came over and told me to stand near the entrance because I couldn’t get much donations this way. And she donated some money to me and said that she supports me! Lols!

And I really shifted over to just outside the entrance. But after a while, other SP people came along and they were from School of Business. Their senior told me to let them stand there because they didn’t get much donations, and as compared to me, their tin cans were rather light.
Anyway, I managed to get quite a lot of donations and just before I left for lunch, I managed to complete 2 pages of stickers!!!

We had lunch at a Food Court and after that; Jun Yi said he wanted to complete at least half a page of stickers. I was still enthu and I wanted to try completing all the stickers but I didn’t succeed. Anyway, I collected a lot of donations compared to Yong Chen, Zi He & Jun Yi. And Jun Yi kept saying I would be the top in School of Design. Lols!

I also changed my sentence to, “Would you like to donate some?” because I heard someone from School of Business saying it.

Before I could finish giving away all the stickers, we had to leave Bukit Panjang Plaza because we were going to be late and so I was left with 19 stickers. =.=''' Yong Chen asked me whether we would be late and I told her that we would step inside SP exactly at 3pm (we were supposed to return our tin cans at 3pm).

And after walking a lot for the whole day, we still had to walk a long distance to the place where we were supposed to gather. And once we reached, they opened our tin cans and we were supposed to count each other tin cans. Yong Chen didn’t want to count the money in my tin can so Zi He took it and I counted Yong Chen’s tin can.

Although Yong Chen gave away more stickers but Zi He managed to collect more money than her. And it took quite long to count finished the money in my tin can. It took like about 3 people to count lols.

When the person asked us to reconfirm the amount again, I was too lazy to count.

Anyway, I collected a total of $98.70! Few more dollars to $100… =.='''

And I got a New Zealand coin, Yong Chen got an Australia coin & Zi He got a $10 China note! Lols! XD

After that, I used both Yong Chen’s & Zi He’s handphone to try to contact Li Yi because both of them did not want to go the party later in the evening. And so I met Li Yi at FC5 (and both Yong Chen & Zi He went home), and waited for her to finish her food because she didn’t ate lunch.

After that, we went to the location where I was supposed to gather after Flag Day because I wanted to find out if I was the top in my class but ended up no one was there. And after that we did a “Find the Boys” game because Li Yi was trying to find her classmates. And we really searched high and low till I was breathless…

After that, it seemed that they were queuing to enter the party so we didn’t want to go. Then I quickly grabbed something to eat at the concourse, and we left SP to go to IMM. Before that Li Yi said she wouldn’t be hungry but I knew her too well lols! We did a little shopping at IMM and both Li Yi & I bought something. I bought a shirt and she bought a tank top.

And then, we headed for Ajisen to have our dinner.

Before that she was saying what she wanted to eat and she practically listed out all the restaurants that she saw… =.=’’’

And then we walked for a while more to search for the handphone that Li Yi wanted to buy and asked the price, and we went home after that. Both of us were exhausted. X_x

Day Five of the Orientation, the last day of the Orientation.

I went quite early again and I was one of the first few to arrive at the Sports Hall.

We were supposed to gather there to buy our materials for Semester 1 & 2.

And I spent a grand total of *Drum Roll* $280 for the materials! *Claps Hand* =.='''

I had to carry 2 gigantic plastic bags because I was from DGDD (Games Design & Development). Luckily, Zi He helped me to carry one otherwise I wondered how I was supposed to walk. Because I could carry both plastic bags but the problem was how to walk while carrying those 2 plastic bags. Anyway, I made it home alive so “Hooray!” XD

After buying the materials, everyone rushed to FC5 and sat there. We practically wasted our day there. Slowly, one by one, everyone on their laptops to use because we were supposed to bring our laptops for some SPICE training.

After waiting for a long time, it was finally almost 2pm and we were supposed to go to some IT lab for the training. But the training was practically boring and I wondered the purpose for it. o.O

We also had to do one online survey. o.O

Then, after the training, it’s time for going home! XD

But before that, we took a group photo.

And I looked so weird with 2 heavy plastic bags on the way home. And I suffered from arm pain and hand pain afterwards.

And that night, I even got flu! Lols! o.O

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Last Day of Freedom

Today is officially the last day of my holidays (as well as freedom) and from tomorrow onwards I am no longer considered a Secondary student because I will be a Polytechnic student.

For the past few days I had been having weird dreams. Dreams of my freshmen orientation, of my ex-classmates, of my secondary school friends. Talking about it even makes me sad.

The place that I had been hoping to leave so badly for 4 years and finally I'm no longer part of the Kranjian family, I felt weird. I no longer need to wear the Kranji uniform to go to school. No longer seeing the familiar faces...

I remembered someone saying that after secondary 4, the next year we would be jumping off the building.

Because sec 1 we were studying on the 1st floor, sec 2 we were studying on the 2nd floor, sec 3 we were studying on the 3rd floor and sec 4 we were studying on the 4th floor. As my school building only has 4 floors so after sec 4 we would be jumping off the building! Lols!

Anyway, before I wouldn't think of doing it again in the future.

To all my teachers who ever taught me before in Kranji Secondary, you rock~!!!

Miss Audrey Lee, You Rock!
Pure Literature is the best subject in the whole world!
I'm going to miss your lessons!
Although there's times when I was quite reluctant to act but after acting, I found it fun!

Miss Yong Siew Chin, You Rock!
You had a lot patience while teaching us!
And you are great at teaching English, my bad for not scoring well.
Just try not to be so violent! Haha!

Mr Mike Teo, You Rock! (Otherwise known as Maths TYS lols.)
Best Maths teacher I ever had!
Mr Nice Guy! Except for once the class made him angry because most of us didn't do his homework. (I don't think I was one of them.)

Mr Lim Yuen Tuck, You Rock!
Mr Nice Guy no. 2! o.O
Though you only taught me for 1 year, but you were my mentor for 2 years!

Mrs Punitha Ram, You Rock!
Funny teacher!
One day in class suddenly you looked at me and told me to get "A2". I was like "Huh?"
I didn't give you any promise.
But due to your wonderful propaganda and teaching methods, somehow I got an "A1" instead!

Mr Choy Chee Ping, You Rock!
The most handsome guy in the whole of the Chinese department! (Because he's the only guy! Haha!)
His propaganda skills are wonderful too! As well as teaching methods!
And sometimes he will made us do lame things and show us some lame stuffs!
Anyway, I got an "A1" for Chinese! Thank You!

Mr Malek, You Rock!
Thank you for all your notes!
I don't even need my textbook to study for "O" levels! Haha!

Mr Siah Kai Ming, You Rock!
The Best DM in the world! Lols!
In the past, I kept convincing my friends that Mr Siah isn't as fierce as he seems.
And he's a wonderful PE teacher too! (I might not have passed 2.4km run without his help. I wonder how I'm going to pass my 2.4km run when I go poly...)

Miss Cherie Ong, You Rock too!
All of the people in 3D/07 & 4D/08 still remembers you!
I always have to put on a super awake face in your lessons.
My face always looks dead cause I'm always tired.
But of all things you have to send me go counselling... >.>'''
I always weird. All my friends know that. o.O

And to all the other Kranji Teachers, You Rock!
I stone! XD

I'm starting school tomorrow, I'm happy, sad, excited & afraid all at the same time.
Happy - New School, New Life, New Course (that I chose myself and I want to study it too!)
Sad - No Longer in Kranji
Excited - New School, New Life, New Course
Afraid - No Friends (Except for Li Yi but we are in different building. Actually I already know some people and seniors from my course online but it's just not the same without Yuit Ping, Joey, Amy & all the other people in Kranji.)

For the past few weeks~

I disappeared for another few weeks again.

Busy watching TV, busy going out, busy eating, busy sleeping, busy play computer games and thus I've no time to blog (stupid excuse).

The playing computer games part was the worst case.

First I started with addiction to RuneScape. That's okay at least I wouldn't use during the night cause it's too crowded.

Followed by addiction to Maple Story for the past week. Practically I slept "early" in the morning everyday. 3am? 4am? 5am? Lols!

Amazingly, I went out quite a lot times for the past few weeks but I'm still not broke yet. Both Mother & Father gave me money though, that's why...

Let's start from the 1st outing since I came back from Taiwan.
Bowling with Yuit Ping, Amy & Joey on Saturday, one day after I came back from Taiwan. o.O (I remembered the time when I called Yuit Ping on Friday night when I just came back, she exclaimed and gave me a shock of my life!)

They planned the whole outing cause I was away at Taiwan. Didn't really turned out the way I wanted but it's fun anyway. On that day itself I suddenly felt like going K-Box! Lols! But obviously Joey didn't want to go... >.>''' So back to their bowling idea.

We went to some place around Bukit Batok area and I think we sat taxi there when we were at Bukit Gombak. (Suddenly all become rich people! Haha!) Because we didn't want to walk, seemed like a long distance.

And we walked high and low searching for the place. And finally found it!

When we were there, Yuit Ping & I tried bowling first (without keying our names and starting the game on the computer so we wasted a few balls). We were like "Woo~ Fun!" XD

We played bowling twice.

The 1st round, Joey & I was at the top.

Then suddenly for the 2nd round, my score started dropping and I felt emo. And I scored even worst than before.

All of a sudden, for the last ball, I spare. Then after that I got an extra ball and I strike and from the last I became the 2nd place! Lols!

The scores. Lols!

After that, we sat Taxi to West Mall cause it was raining. And we went to pastamania to eat. Yuit Ping & I shared one plate of pasta and Joey & Amy shared one plate of pasta. Then the 4 of us shared one pizza. Haha! The pizza's topping and ingredient was full of cheese! Nice!

I think after that Yuit Ping had to meet her parents so we walked at West Mall for a while then we have to part ways~ Sadded... Finally the 4 of us get to gather and we had to leave early...

I forgot to add that the 4 of us were wearing different colour clothes. No chemistry... We look like M&Ns lols!

The next Tuesday after our bowling, Yuit Ping and I met again to watch a movie, "Hotel For Dogs".

The 1st time we watched movie together after 10 over years. o.O

We watched movie at Lot 1 at around late afternoon because I had to wait for Yuit Ping's school to end. As Yuit Ping wanted to go back home to change clothes first, she asked me to tag along. 1st time I went to her house too after 10 over years. o.O

She kept insisting her house was messy but I thought it was okay. I had seen even messier house before!

Oh yah, the Da Mouth photos and videos that she passed me since so many weeks ago, I haven't viewed it yet... Zzzz...

After that she let me played her calculator game to entertain myself while she went to change her clothes. Then we went to Lot 1 to watch the movie, but halfway there, suddenly her slipper spoiled so we were looking for nice slippers but couldn't find any. So Yuit Ping walked around with her spoiled slipper for the whole period of time while we were at Lot 1.

We bought Nachos & Popcorns. I ate quite a lot! o.O

"Hotel For Dogs" was nice. So many cute dogs~ And there's one part that both Li Yi & I found touching. I asked her how she knew I almost cried for that part, she replied she found it touching too lols.

After that her father drove me back home! Lols! Free ride... >.< (OMG I just accidentally deleted what I typed just now! Isn't there a undo option? >.>''')

On that Friday I went to Li Yi's house cause both of us were bored and she finally quitted her job. I went there to pass her the dog bone leather wristband that I bought from Taiwan too. She took the white one, I took the black one.

Photo of our hands with our wristbands~

Photo of us together~
Although we took a few photos together I only posted one cause my expression looked the same for all those photos... >.>'''

Li Yi took some photos with her new digital camera too.

After that, we went to the pasar malam to buy our dinner. And we bought Tea Eggs, as usual. We didn't ate a lot though cause Li Yi said we should go on diet... >.>''' Then, Li Yi had to rush to bossini for something that I can't remembered.

The next Friday, I went to Li Yi's house again! (Just now my memory was messed up cause I went to her house too many times...)

We went to the pasar malam again to buy our lunch plus macdonald's chicken nuggets student meal. I think when her grandma saw what we ate she thought we were crazy.

Then we were bored and started playing Spider Solitaire on Li Yi's laptop.

After that we were really bored and waited for Yuit Ping's arrival. Because Yuit Ping wanted to check whether Jiahui's Fahrenheit album I took from Joey was hers or not. But it ended up Yuit Ping's album got messed up with Jamie.

Then we very last minuted planned what we were going to do the next day because I had to meet Jiahui to pass her back her Fahrenheit album and take my Da Mouth fans! Lols!

But somehow Yuit Ping was more interested in Bonnie & Li Yi's hamsters...

We had dinner at Li Yi's house. Ate something that was super spicy! X_x

The next day, I went out again with Yuit Ping & Zhen Rui.

Then it was Yuit Ping's turn who suddenly felt like going to K-Box. But I didn't want to cause I just went with Raewen recently (can't remember which day, only know it's a Saturday) as well as what's Zhen Rui going to do if we went K-Box? Lols.

I was practically entertained by my whole train ride from Yew Tee to City Hall.

I was listening to music, smsing both Yuit Ping & Jiahui, Yuit Ping calling me. Lols.

I met Jiahui at Tiong Bahru to pass her her Fahrenheit album and get my Da Mouth fans.

Then, I went to City Hall to meet Yuit Ping & Zhen Rui. Zhen Rui was late. We still had sufficient time to go to the toilet and back to the MRT station again.

When Zhen Rui arrived, she was walking straight. She didn't even turned her head to the side to look at us! o.O

We went to watch movie again.

Detroit Metal City! Go To DMC! Go To DMC!

Lols! It's hiliarious!

After that we walked for a while around Marina Square and both Yuit Ping & Zhen Rui had to leave early. As I didn't want to eat dinner alone, I tagged along with Yuit Ping to meet her parents. She even made me give her one of my Da Mouth fans (cause I had 2) so that I can tag along with her to eat dinner together with her... >.>'''

Before that while we were on the train, I talked with Zhen Rui during the whole journey. I think cause we hadn't talk for few months! Haha! She said she missed the times during our Chinese lessons!

Photo of me & Yuit Ping while we were on our way to IMM to have our dinner.
We were on her father's car.

The next day, I went to visit my great grandparents' grave and grandfather's grave. (My father's side.)

It was raining cats and dogs when we went to my grandfather's grave and I was drenched even though I was under an umbrella. Then after that I went to the car to wait first (together with my 2 other cousins and father) while they tried to light a fire to burn something to my grandfather.

After that, I had lunch at my grandmother's house (father's side because my mother and grandmother went to Genting). And I stayed there till at night because I saw my cousin playing Maple and he let me used to computer to play afterwards. We had dinner too.

Somehow that night, my feet and hands were very itchy. I had rashes all over my hands and feet. Very itchy. X_x Probably because of the dirty rain water or that my grandmother's house (father's side) floor was dirty.

My father gave me a cream that didn't help much either... But ended up making the whole floor sticky and I was scolded by my mother when she came back.

On that Tuesday, I went to Singapore Polytechnic to install some SP bundle into my laptop together with Li Yi. We were lost trying to find our way there... :'(

Then somehow we anyhow walked and managed to go to the right place! XD

I had way lesser things to install compared to Li Yi so I had to wait for her. And I know we talked and talked and talked. Li Yi told me some lame jokes and ended up I made her laughed instead of her making me laugh cause I was more bored.

We reached at 9 plus in the morning and left at about 1 plus in the noon... Omg! So long!

And after talking for so long, we hadn't decided where to go yet. And so I suggested we go and look at the MRT tracks. And she told me to go and look at the real tracks... What I meant was the MRT tracks map...

Finally we decided to go Vivo City and Li Yi went shopping. I was super sian cause I slept late again. I kept finding chair to sit down because the laptop was really heavy.

Not only that, my feet were super itchy and so Li Yi suggested me to buy a cream from Guardian to apply on it. Before that, she was saying some rubbish like chopping my feet off so I wouldn't feel the itch anymore... =.='''

After a while, I was too tired and I went to my ki siao state. Li Yi was shocked because a while ago I was so tired.

When we were having dinner, Li Yi made me laugh so hard because of her "eat one mouth, multiply by 2" glass noodles and my "eat one mouth, multiply by 2" tofu. We had our dinner at Thai Express and the Tom Yum Soup was awesome! Lols!

After laughing really hard, I was bad to normal again.

Then when we were on the MRT, I went back to being tired again.

My cycle:
Tired => Ki Siao Crazy => Normal => Tired

And my mother and grandmother is finally back on that Tuesday!!!