Sunday, April 12, 2009

Last Day of Freedom

Today is officially the last day of my holidays (as well as freedom) and from tomorrow onwards I am no longer considered a Secondary student because I will be a Polytechnic student.

For the past few days I had been having weird dreams. Dreams of my freshmen orientation, of my ex-classmates, of my secondary school friends. Talking about it even makes me sad.

The place that I had been hoping to leave so badly for 4 years and finally I'm no longer part of the Kranjian family, I felt weird. I no longer need to wear the Kranji uniform to go to school. No longer seeing the familiar faces...

I remembered someone saying that after secondary 4, the next year we would be jumping off the building.

Because sec 1 we were studying on the 1st floor, sec 2 we were studying on the 2nd floor, sec 3 we were studying on the 3rd floor and sec 4 we were studying on the 4th floor. As my school building only has 4 floors so after sec 4 we would be jumping off the building! Lols!

Anyway, before I wouldn't think of doing it again in the future.

To all my teachers who ever taught me before in Kranji Secondary, you rock~!!!

Miss Audrey Lee, You Rock!
Pure Literature is the best subject in the whole world!
I'm going to miss your lessons!
Although there's times when I was quite reluctant to act but after acting, I found it fun!

Miss Yong Siew Chin, You Rock!
You had a lot patience while teaching us!
And you are great at teaching English, my bad for not scoring well.
Just try not to be so violent! Haha!

Mr Mike Teo, You Rock! (Otherwise known as Maths TYS lols.)
Best Maths teacher I ever had!
Mr Nice Guy! Except for once the class made him angry because most of us didn't do his homework. (I don't think I was one of them.)

Mr Lim Yuen Tuck, You Rock!
Mr Nice Guy no. 2! o.O
Though you only taught me for 1 year, but you were my mentor for 2 years!

Mrs Punitha Ram, You Rock!
Funny teacher!
One day in class suddenly you looked at me and told me to get "A2". I was like "Huh?"
I didn't give you any promise.
But due to your wonderful propaganda and teaching methods, somehow I got an "A1" instead!

Mr Choy Chee Ping, You Rock!
The most handsome guy in the whole of the Chinese department! (Because he's the only guy! Haha!)
His propaganda skills are wonderful too! As well as teaching methods!
And sometimes he will made us do lame things and show us some lame stuffs!
Anyway, I got an "A1" for Chinese! Thank You!

Mr Malek, You Rock!
Thank you for all your notes!
I don't even need my textbook to study for "O" levels! Haha!

Mr Siah Kai Ming, You Rock!
The Best DM in the world! Lols!
In the past, I kept convincing my friends that Mr Siah isn't as fierce as he seems.
And he's a wonderful PE teacher too! (I might not have passed 2.4km run without his help. I wonder how I'm going to pass my 2.4km run when I go poly...)

Miss Cherie Ong, You Rock too!
All of the people in 3D/07 & 4D/08 still remembers you!
I always have to put on a super awake face in your lessons.
My face always looks dead cause I'm always tired.
But of all things you have to send me go counselling... >.>'''
I always weird. All my friends know that. o.O

And to all the other Kranji Teachers, You Rock!
I stone! XD

I'm starting school tomorrow, I'm happy, sad, excited & afraid all at the same time.
Happy - New School, New Life, New Course (that I chose myself and I want to study it too!)
Sad - No Longer in Kranji
Excited - New School, New Life, New Course
Afraid - No Friends (Except for Li Yi but we are in different building. Actually I already know some people and seniors from my course online but it's just not the same without Yuit Ping, Joey, Amy & all the other people in Kranji.)

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