Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yes! I can draw!

I can actually draw, I can't believe it.

And I actually enjoyed drawing more than Maths!!! o.O

So yesterday (since it had passed 12am), more than half of my class were late for more than 15 min and if you're more than 15 min late, you are marked absent.

Why were we late?
Because we were waiting for everyone from our class to reach first before going to the lecture room.

1 for all, all for 1! Lols! XD

So when I reached Dover MRT station at around 8.50 plus am, I was asking what were we doing here. And ended up it seemed that my class was still waiting for some people who were still on their way to SP. o.O

It seemed that some MRT broke down or something like that. That's why the MRT was super slow that day.

And so after Zhen Yi arrived, all of us chiong to the lecture room and we reached at around 9.20am lols. Luckily, the lecturer said that he shall close one eye because it's our first day and there might be a tendency for us to get lost. Actually, we were waiting for our classmates! Lols!

After a talk about discipline and I realised I couldn't wear slippers anymore (=.='''), another lecturer told us to draw 3 people that were beside us and a little something that represents them.

I was like o.O?!!! Draw?!!! But, but I don't know how to draw?!!!!!!! O.O

But then after that I drew something anything, but I only drew the something that represents them, not the person because I don't know how to draw people... :'(

(After school I showed Li Yi my drawing and once she saw it she started laughing... =.=''')

And so I drew a Pikachu that represents Yong Chen because she shares the same surname as Pikachu, both of their surnames are Chu. Lols. And a drew a dog because Zhen Yi said her favourite animal is dog. And a monkey because an Indian girl from class 57 said her favourite animal is a monkey. And I even had to take out the keychain hanging on my pencil case to see how a monkey looks like! Lols!

Then after that, we were given our very first homework - Brick Boy.

We were supposed to trace out the lines of the Brick Boy onto a drawing block, so guessed what I did?

Use masking tape to paste the paper with the Brick Boy on it onto the drawing block, use masking tape again to paste the drawing block on the window then trace. Because I can't see the lines if I'm going to lie it flat on the table.

Then after that we were supposed to cut out and form a 3D Dimensional Brick Boy.

(I don't think I'm making any sense here.)

And after that, it's lunch break and Yong Chen, Zi He & I went to FC1 because it's nearer to our block. But I'm still wondering why our class is held at School of the Built Environment? o.O

After lunch (Zi He didn't ate anything because he said he needed time to adapt to the new environment. Lols!), we went to the convention centre to collect our ez-link cards. Stupid photo. =.='''

And then, we when back to the classroom again. We were super early cause they didn't feel like roaming around SP with our bags and our Art Friend. =.=''' And just beside our classroom, I think the DGDD Year 2 were going to have lessons soon. And so once they saw us they asked were we Year 1 and what course we were in. One female senior from DGDD found out that I was in DGDD too she went super high! Lols.

Then they talked to us about the DGDD stuffs, and scaring us in the process too. =.= Then suddenly at that instant I really felt like changing course.

But after that, during our Basic Drawing Class lesson, after the boring lecture talk, we were supposed to draw again.

Draw?!! Draw?!! Again?!! I thought they were supposed to teach us how to draw but ended up we had to draw our own instead. They only gave us some advice.

Then they placed some Styrofoam shapes on the table and we were supposed to draw them, but with the drawing block placed on the chair and not on the table. =.= And we even had to sharpen our pencils using pen knife. o.O

Then after much moaning and stuff I finally decided to hack care and draw something.

And we drew for quite long, about 2 hours but it's on an A2 piece of paper that's why it took so long, especially for 1st timer.

And after I asked the lecturer whether my drawing is okay, she said it was okay except for one part and I modified it and it really looked better lols. Then I started to refine my "furry" sides of the drawing! Haha!

And then we made a tour around the classroom to look at others' drawing.

Then class ended and we could go home! They let us off 1 hour earlier! XD

And after that I met Li Yi and we stayed at FC5 for a while before I headed home and she headed to Causeway Point to meet her friends.

Oh, and I saw Joey Ow today again. She's from Aerospace Electronics and she's the only girl in her class. OMG! I can't believe it, she shares the same fate as Li Yi!

And I think I like my class, seriously. At least more than my Secondary school classes! Haha!

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