Sunday, June 14, 2009

After a long, long time...

It's time I posted something.

For the past 7 weeks, I learnt a lot of things. Things that I never thought I would be learning.

I stopped at my Happy Eeyore Family.
So after making 3 brick boys, it's not enough, FDS required us to do one more brick boy so that we could understand ourselves better. (Whatever...)

So this is my last brick boy.
The design of the clothes is from D.Gray-Man. XD

But I had a lot of problems with this design because we couldn't simply adapt a design from somewhere else. Finally after don't know how many hours passed of trying to think of another design, my FDS lecturer "pitied" me and let me use this design.

Next, for VAS.

After weeks of colour studies, mixing colours and painting of 100++ small boxes, we're supposed to do something called mobile. Which we are supposed to hang on the ceiling and it's supposed to spin?

I didn't really have any materials to use, so I used some of Zi He's materials, recycled cans. I also used 2 cans that I bought myself (naturally, it's coke).

Nowadays I like coke a lot, I don't really like anything other than coke because it's not sweet enough. Guess my right brain "died" for too many years, now it needs Coke for its revival.

Anyway, mobile requires a lot of tying and measuring to see whether it balances. Don't really like it and quite a few people helped me with it. Lols.

And as for BDC,

we started drawing soft toys! My favourite! So for each drawing that I drew, the soft toy in my drawing will always be the centre of attraction. And I think I'm slowly learning how to use the charcoal stick.

A drawing done by my lecturer.
Awesome, isn't it? XD

And the soft toy cat in the photo, everytime I saw it I'll be playing with it! Lols! Like it a lot! XD

So after weeks of brick boy, what's next for FDS?

We moved on to creating our own soft toy... (That's what I guessed and I'm right.)

A photo of me and my friends' plushies.
I made the 2 carrots on the left.
They are Carrots! Not Ginseng, or banana, or anything else!

So we started with the designing of our plushies. As I saw the title of this project is called "Mini Me", the first thing that came to my mind is creating a soft toy Carrot. Well, that was easy.

And I realised I had a big problem in my past drawings, everytime I tried to draw eyes for any character, they ended up looking weird so I decided that my Carrot shall wear sunglasses instead! XD

The smaller Carrot is my mock-up and it is made with the help of my mother and grandmother! Thank You!

The bigger Carrot, which is the actual soft toy, is made solely by myself. Because after showing the mock-up to my lecturers and telling them that my mother helped me to make it, they asked me whether I wanted to give half of my marks to my mother... >.>'''

So after that incident, I somehow knew how to sew.

After the designing of the plushie, we are supposed to come up with a story for our plushie, or vice-versa.

The story of my plushie, Carroty Chong, had been in my mind for quite a few years because I'd been called Carrot for the past 10 years of my life!

And the story wasn't the hard part, the hard part was, we had to draw out the story (and made it something like a picture book), and after drawing, I scanned it to my computer and coloured it using photoshop because I had bad colouring skills... >.>'''

That took like whole day! Almost 19 hours to do that whole picture book or otherwise known as passport!

And after doing a mobile for VAS,

we moved on to wire sculpture.

Hand pain.
Finger pain.
Palm pain.


We started with making a cube followed by a sphere, then we moved on to making a fruit or vegetable wire sculpture. So I chose Carrot again. XD

As for ONOW, (no idea why we had to do ONOW)

we went to the Army Museum for a visit and had to write an essay about it. >.>''' (But that's okay, I'm better with words than drawing.)

And we also had to do about 10 hours of CIP. So we did flag day again. But this time it's for SPCA. We did flag day for the whole day, starting from 9+ am to 5pm, including the 1 hour plus of breakfast at macdonalds and lunch break. Lols.

Although this was the 2nd time I was doing flag day, but for some reason, I was enthu about it again, especially after seeing Zi He enthu as well.

Photo taken by Lester.
Taken with only my shirt and my tin can cause he said that my dog was the one who did the job.

He thought I stand down there and acted like statue? o.O

Anyway, according to Lester, I was the winner in my class, collecting the most amount of money.

That's all about it. I practically had sleepless nights for the last week before holiday starts.
Rushing assignments.

Oh yah, forgot to mention what I did for GC - Corporate Identity consisting of Namecard, Letterhead, Complimentary Slip as well as 2 Posters. (Very time-consuming because of the lack of ideas... >.>''')

But there's one thing I really liked about this course.
After joining this course, I can give people hand-made presents! XD
Cause I'm broke after buying Jolin's albums... >.>'''

The 1st thing that I made, an angel wire sculpture.
And it's for Jolin.
Although I don't have the best workmanship...

Followed by a soft toy for Amy.
And I named it Orange. Lols.

And also a birthday card for Amy.
With a Tigger at the front that I took about 2 hours to draw! o.O

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