Monday, June 29, 2009

First Day Back to School...

Not the best topic to write about but life has become more interesting ever since I went to Design. XD

But first, I shall start with some little things that happened just before holiday ends.


Currently, my Baby Eeyore is undergoing one of the stages of the water cycle called "Evaporation" because I accidentally dropped it on the floor and it became dirty. So my Eeyore had to take a bath. X_x

And not only that, I finally became a Dragon Knight!!!
To show all those that has no idea what is a Dragon Knight...

And yup, I'm still doing Orbis PQ, need to get about another 9 feathers before I can get the bracelet. But I heard from others that it's really hard to obtain the bracelet after getting 40 feathers.

And today, when I told Yong Zhen about my 3rd job advance, she told me how she did her job advance for a Priest.

She had to use Magic Claw to attack the boss and the boss is really strong plus it can summon tauromacis and her hp is so pathetic and they kept attacking her...

After hearing it, I laughed so hard she thought I went nuts! Lols!!!

And for FDS (Foundation Design Studio) today, we had to DRAW WITHOUT THINKING! o.O

Not only that, we had to draw really, really, really slow, like a snail crawling through the paper. *Faints* A lot of people seemed to fall asleep while drawing it! Lols! And Priscilla who was sitting beside me went to sleep after drawing for a while. LOL!

This is the end product after drawing really, really, really slow and really, really, really long...

I'm currently still experiencing my craziness over Jolin.
So... Can you spot Jolin's name in my drawing?

Although we are supposed to draw without thinking. But I can't help myself. It's so boring and the first person I thought of was Jolin... >.<
Don't tell my lecturers, okay? :P

Click on image to enlarge.

So can you spot it?

I wrote Jolin's name twice.

I'm going to reveal the answer...



Give it a try first!


Here goes~

Here's the answer. Did you managed to spot it?
Click on image to enlarge. XD

You thought DRAWING WITHOUT THINKING is easy? Didn't you.
No. Actually you're wrong. Half-way through drawing, either your mind wanders off somewhere else or you'll fall asleep.

Even if you aren't bored over what you're drawing, you'll be bored at the speed you're drawing at.

And not only that, look at the portion of the drawing I've only completed! o.O
It's on an A2 paper. *Faints again*

After FDS, it's lunch break and suddenly, we were enthu about going to Food Court 1, hadn't been there for weeks. Haha!

And then, we had our next lesson, BDC (Basic Drawing Class). Sian... Haix... *Sighs*

But I think this week was okay, because we didn't had to emo for few hours without talking and drawing still life on a large piece of A2 paper with charcoal in a dark room with only a lamp shining...

This term, we are learning how to draw humans and so we go back to the very basic.

The Human Structure aka BONES. o.O

And we had to draw the front and side view of a human skull. o.O

After that, we were supposed to do 2 workbook exercises in class but I only managed to finish one, my friends too.

So the exercise that I did was to draw the side view of a human.

Introducing my Model~

Zhen Yi!!!

Actually it's our model because Zi He & Arina drew Zhen Yi's side view too.

At first I wanted to draw Zi He cause he was sitting beside me, then I saw Zhen Yi and I thought that she would be easy to draw because her hair covers most of her face :P. Except for the part when she kept moving...

The End Drawing

Not bad I think, at least it looked like her. XD

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