Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jolin in the house!

Yes! Jolin finally came to Singapore for an autograph session after 3 long years. o.O

The last time she came was to promote Dancing Diva. Which was also the first autograph session that I finally managed to let Jolin signed my album. o.O

For this year autograph session, I was really lucky because I joined the fan club.

And as most of my friends knew, I was standing at the very, very, very front. The 2nd row to be exact, but I was still blocked cause I'm too short. T.T

Jolin's autograph session at Lot 1 on Friday May 29th, 2009.
Really near my house. XD

Oh, and the logo I made for GC came in handy now.
I mean it's not everyday we get to see Jolin that close up, you know?
So I want to keep it for myself.

For some reason, I was not really high for the 2 autographs session Jolin had in Singapore.
Guess the common foundation thingy has practically drained almost all my energy.
But I got shout and cheer, of course.

It's Jolin.
是 Jolin,不是每天都能看到她!

Jolin dancing Real Man, gave me a shock of my life that she could dance despite her injuries.
So I was worrying about her for the past few minutes.
But after a while, I was too captivated by her to know what was I doing except for looking at her and continuously pressing my camera button.

As usual.
Even if I'm not blocked by the other fans, I'll be blocked by the cameraman and reporters in front. >.>'''

Oh yah, Jolin injuries hasn't heal yet.

Actually, I didn't realised it. Not until Hime told me that Jolin couldn't lift her leg up during the solo part for Real Man.




The second song Jolin sang was 妥协.
Very touching. Very, very touching.

Starting I was singing together with her because she said something like if we knew how to sing, sing along with her.
After a few minutes later, I was too engrossed by her, her voice and pressing the camera button and so I forgot to sing.

Oh yah, I think we made eye contact. Did we made eye contact? I was at the very front anyway. XD
And I kept jumping cause I couldn't see her. Blocked. :X

After 2 songs, Jolin started signing albums.

There were people who bought boxes of Jolin's albums to support her. o.O

First time, I didn't have to wait very long for my turn to be on the stage because I was at the front. Thanks to the fan club's priority queue! :)

I only took out one album for Jolin to sign because I was thinking of saving the other one for tomorrow, and little did I know that Jolin only took 0.5 seconds to sign one album! o.O

And before I could even stare at her longer or even shake her hands, I had to leave the stage.

And I was like trying to shake her hands but almost shook the helper's hands who was trying to return me back the album.

Oh yah, Jolin kept signing and signing. She didn't even pause for a moment... =.=

The crowd of people at Lot 1. XD
I feel happy for her.

After her autograph session at Lot 1, somehow the fan club managed to request to take a group photo with her. XD

We all rushed to the stage (I supposed cause she's in a hurry?).

And I had no idea where to stand so I just stood at the place I happened to stop running at.

And it so happened that the place I stood was beside a spot reserved for Jolin to stand.
Lucky me, right? XD

But Huiling squeezed in front of me. Blocked again. But at least my face is still there. :)

Happy, happy, happy, overjoyed!
But I didn't really dare to stand too near Jolin.


Oh yah, I was wearing really, really casual that day.
I rushed from SP after my VAS lessons when I was told that my Carrot wire sculpture cannot make it.

At first I was wearing my SP shirt. But after seeing the crowd at Lot 1, I thought that perhaps I should changed to my fan club shirt so that I would have easier access to the priority queue.

But ended up I still had to walk left and right, left and right because the security guard wouldn't let me in... >.> But I managed to get in anyway... After calling Shujuan for help... >.>'''

So I was wearing my fan club shirt plus Kranji PE shorts (Lols. Not encouraged to wear too expensive clothes for VAS.) plus black and white slippers. And Jolin happened to wear her black and white heels too! (Took me about few weeks of staring at the photo to realised that... =.=''')

Oh yah, about the heels. No wonder Jolin that girl appeared taller than me when I was standing behind her. And her height is 1cm shorter than me... >.>

Behind her. Since I was already standing behind her, I gazed at her back for 1 second. Hee Hee.

After that when she was about to leave, everyone on the right side rushed to shake hands with her. I followed suit too. (Monkey see, Monkey do.) But then someone scolded us (because we might not get to take a group photo with her again if we requested too much) and I immediately withdraw my hand. Then they asked who started it first and I said the people on the right. (Bad me... >.<)

Jolin signed on the board at Lot 1!
But recently I went to check it out and they took the board down... >.>''' What for?

Jolin's 2nd autograph session at Jurong Point 2, 30th May, 2009.

This time I brought my camera instead of using my handphone camera. Much clearer.

Look at the people!

That's my girl! XD

Blocked again by inconsiderate people.
You're already at the very front, even if you put down your board, Jolin can still see it! >:@

I was at the 2nd row again.

I missed Jolin's side view. Her tattoo! XD

And I like the clothes that she wore this time round to promote her album.
Blue! Me like blue! :)

Jolin Tsai X3

Jolin zoomed in.

I bet we'll all love to own that mic! Lols! XD

And ever since the group photo at Lot 1, I love Jolin's back a lot!
But seriously, her back view is very beautiful!

When Jolin signed my albums at JP2, she was less rushed. But I still didn't had a chance to shake her hands. I was shooed to the left side of the table... >.>'''

And this time I brought 3 albums for her to sign, 2 albums bought on that day, so I could look at her longer.

So after being shooed to the left side of the table, I looked at her.
Suddenly, Jolin looked up, looked at me and smiled! XD
Luckily, I remembered to smile back otherwise she would think that I'm acting cool. Lols.

I was like standing still with my hands in my pocket because I knew that I couldn't get to shake her hands. T.T

But anyway, this was probably my luckiest Jolin's autograph sessions that I had been to! XD

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