Monday, June 29, 2009

Starting School Really Soon... ...

Really, really soon. In probably about another 8 hours time. o.O

And I just got a feeling that my holiday just started. Because I just finished my homework after 2 tedious weeks and I can finally settle down to do my stuffs and play maple.

I finally became DRAGON KNIGHT after a long time!!! XD

And I got this holy symbol on top of my head which I've totally no idea what it is. Lols.

Anyway, to summarise what I did for this holiday.

For the 1st week, I chiong Maple + going out to celebrate Amy's very belated birthday.

And because Amy's birthday was not organised by either me or Amy, somehow the birthday celebration wasn't fun. All we did was to watch movie together, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and eat dinner at Lot 1. Lot 1! OMG!

The only thing good about Lot 1 is that Jolin had an autograph session there. And that day we went to the rooftop garden so I tried to recall the scene when Jolin was there... Ah~ *Daydreams*

And after Amy's birthday celebrations, Yuit Ping & Joey chiong home without saying goodbye. Leaving me and Amy all alone. So we continued to talk, and talk, and talk. I guessed we probably missed the times we had together, we suddenly had an urge to talk all night.

So I tried calling my grandma to ask whether Amy could come over to stay overnight but she wouldn't let. And so I tried very hard to persuade my mother to let me go to Amy's house to stay overnight.

Then, we chatted all the way to 5am plus before we finally fell asleep. o.O

We didn't really had a proper place to sleep. So we either lay on the floor if we wanted air-con (staying in her older sister's room) or to lie on the sofa (without air-con). o.O

Then for the 2nd week, I tried to do my homework and I was planning to finish it in one week but I failed.

I did my homework, then slack a little (because continuous drawing for several hours will make me go nuts), use laptop a little.

And for the 2nd & 3rd week of the holiday I visited very frequently so basically my username, Carroty, was all over the forum at that time. But now I'm kind of lazy to read traditional Chinese words, especially when it's a whole chunk of it there. :P is a website for Jolin's fans with her news, etc and there's a forum there too. And Jolin herself has an account there and she'll stop by there every now and then to look at it.

But I'm unlucky, haven't once chanced upon Jolin when she's online. *Sigh*

And 3 days ago, counting that now is Monday, I went out with Yuit Ping, Amy & Joey to celebrate Yuit Ping's birthday.

Yuit Ping spoiled her own birthday surprise by reading Joey's sms. =.='''

But anyway, we went to K-Box at Marina Square.

At first, Amy & I wanted to go K-Box earlier first, buy the cake and settle everything first and wait for Yuit Ping to come and surprise her. But somehow she managed to find the room Amy & I were in.

Anyway, the main point is, I was in there earlier so I managed to sing 5 Jolin's songs before Yuit Ping came in. :P

This time we went to K-Box, Joey sang more. o.O Not bad, not bad. But Amy didn't sing much. >.<

After that, I used the "Go-to-the toilet" trick (but I was really urgent), and took out the cake K-Box helped us to keep, then one of the staff helped us to arrange the candles plus light the cake.

And brought the cake into the room to give Yuit Ping a surprise~

But I forgot to sing the "Happy Birthday" song first before letting Yuit Ping blow the candles. *Slaps Head*

And this year Yuit Ping's present is really special!

Because it's a hand-made cushion (supposed to be a cloth card before something cropped up and plus I purposely put cotton inside because I got a lot of cotton!!!) by Amy, Joey & Me and a slot to put her other birthday presents.

- A Boys Over Flower Calendar
- A "God Bless You" pen (Given to Amy & me after we made a donation for some ex-convict society)
- 3 small cards written by the 3 of us. :)

After K-Box (this year's room was really small compared to last year, I shall made an effort to book a room next time), we went to Suntec and walked around there for a while.

On our way to Suntec from Marina Square, I paused for a while because I suddenly remembered I need to take a black & white self-portrait of myself for VAS. Then we suddenly started taking group photos.

They used my handphone camera because it's clearer. But my screen is not wide enough.
So a little bit of Yuit Ping is gone.

And practically almost half of Amy is gone! Lols!

Then we went to Bugis because Yuit Ping wanted to take neoprints and we had Pastamania for dinner.

Ate too much. X_x

And I called Li Yi yesterday night cause I miss her and I need to wait for my hair to dry. Lols.

I thought she said she wanted to post my name big, big down there or something about "Carrot said she hadn't seen her name on my blog for a long time"?

Never post. I only saw my name once in her recent post. :X

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