Thursday, July 30, 2009

No Longer STRESS!!!

Yes! My stress period is finally over! My OC lecturer said that my content is okay and my slides just need a little bit of modification.

For HTI I got the photocopied version of the book that I need to prepare for my seminar.

I did some homework today while I was hanging out with Li Yi while waiting for our SPOT (Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent) briefing to start.

I got into SPOT. Although I had no idea how I got in. "O" level results? I don't think it's based on my semester 1 results.

And Li Yi thought that it's impossible for her to get in with her "O" level results so it's the semester 1 results they used to select the students eligible for this programme??? O.O

And throughout the whole briefing they practically propaganda us to join. Although I think I've doubts of joining. But the thought that someone thought I was outstanding was good. :) At least not OUT STANDING! Lols!

Li Yi will probably kill me if I say I'm not joining. Cause she's excited that we are actually attending the same thing together.
We've been separated for 4 years since primary school. T.T

And oh, my SPOT rep is my dear lecturer, Elaine! That's a good news I suppose? At least I don't have to go all over SP to search for her? O.O

Blogger seems to be normal again. At least for Internet Explorer?

My life seemed normal again? I supposed. I was so emo this afternoon. =.=

I only ate about 50% of my food or even less. And I took 1 hour to finish a cup of drink which I could easily finish in 15 min... =.='''

Life seemed bad at that time. The leap from my common foundation into my specialisation (Games Design & Development) course seemed almost impossible to cross with all those assignment deadlines drawing close together in one go!!! X_x

Oh, and I almost got a shock of my life when I saw my 3 lecturers together today. Lols!

I was making my way to the library to photocopy my HTI stuff when I saw Shirlynn and Huei Hoon. In my mind I was thinking, "Ok, it's them." when I saw them. But all of a sudden, Peggy called me and that gave me a shock of my life! Lols!

Oh well, they all seemed to know me. Haha! Maybe I made too much noise in class? :P

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jolin Tsai - OC Individual Presentation

Okay I'm scared of OC now. As seen from my topic, I'm doing a presentation about Jolin.

Jolin is my everything, so I'll do my best in presenting about her.

But I got a big problem here. Seems that my structure is wrong, according to my lecturer. And not only that, if I exceeded 10 min while presenting, marks will be deducted... I know I'll have a tendency to exceed because I support Jolin for 6 years. To put it simply, I can talk about Jolin for the whole day if I want.

That's a big problem. Ah~ I shall time myself during the presentation, just like how I time myself for 2.4km run. =.='''

I shall correct this sentence, "
Jolin is my everything, so I'll do my best in presenting about her."

Not only is Jolin my everything, OC is my everything too because that's the only module I seemed to be able to score well in, other than ONOW (of course)...

This is getting scary... Change Topic...
To something happier for me. :)

Since I'm on the topic of Jolin, when I went to to search for photos for my powerpoint slides, I met Jolin online!!! In the forum though... But still... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And our names are together~ :)

Side by Side~ XD

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Celebrations? No...

As you can read from my topic, no birthday celebrations at all. Partly my fault, partly my lecturers fault (because of the assignments they gave)... Actually, Yuit Ping kept asking me to go out but I was the one who requested to push it all the way to our September holidays. Lols!

Oh well, at least I can go out with a peace of mind at that time. Nowadays, my assignments can come in one whole pile in one go without any warning at all so I can't just happily plan to go out, and the next minute, I'll have a whole pile of assignments that can't be finished.

No one understands how I feel except for my classmates...

Well, at least I no longer have any more BDC homework~!!! YAY!!! Submitted my workbook & sketckbook last Wednesday! But for BDC, we still have to hand in another drawing of human figures...

FDS - Tessellations DONE!

Tessellation 1 - Monochrome

Tessellation 2 - Colours
(Almost got a shock of my life when I uploaded those photos just now without converting the colours from CMYK [for printing] to RGB [for web]... The colours totally changed... =.=''')

When printing 2 days ago with Zi He & Zhenyi. Actually it wouldn't be that long, if we weren't waiting for Zhenyi to do finish all her club stuffs before trying some test printing. Then she stress lols, cause she faced a lot of problems. Stress until didn't hear her handphone ringing. Haha. Okay, don't badmouth her liao. :x

After going into our respective courses in semester 2, the person that Zi He & I'll miss most will most probably be Zhenyi. No more entertainment in class. T.T For some reasons, Zi He & I are the only people in our class who feel that we're continuously entertained by her. Haha! XD

Oh yah, and that will also be the time that we bade farewell to the rest of our classmates. T.T
And also the time when I'll see a HUGE DECREASE in the number of girls in my class. T.T

I can go on ranting about the rest of my modules but I don't want. Not much happy moments for them for the recent assignments.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me~!

Ok. Maybe this year's birthday isn't that "Happy" because I actually still had quite a lot of unfinished work left. For example, Graphics Communication's homework dateline is tomorrow and up till now I still have totally no clue what to do... T.T

Well at least I finished, BDC, FDS & VAS for now.

And since it's my birthday, Eeyore who is my birthday present last year, is celebrating his ONE YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY too!!! (Although I'm not sure whether he's bought on my actual birthday itself.)


And oh yah, another photo I took for VAS and made it black and white (because they want us to).

One of my favourites. O.O

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rotting at home for the no. xxx time...

Although now is definitely not the best time to rot and do nothing but playing online games. Cause quarantine at home just means that now all our assignments had to be done at home and posted online (aka facebook) to show our lecturers.

So recently my new friends on facebook are all lecturers. *Gasp*

*Pray they don't click on my blog link on facebook =.='''*

Ever since last Wednesday, I had been playing Maple Story.

From my Night Walker in Aquilla -> Dragon Knight in Aquilla -> (back to) Night Walker in Aquilla (again).

And I got so bored I started playing my Gunslinger in Fornax.

And I took one classic screenshot.
3 ghosts in MC. LOL!

Cause we were playing swap and it's the other pt turn to win. So we can't kill, letting them win. Might as well die! Lols! Haha!

Actually I think I died first, because gunslinger's attack is really pathetic. =.='''

Wednesday, July 15, 2009






This is probably the best thing that can ever happen to me during my busy term 2 at poly!

So basically we had combine lectures with other classes today, and it turned out that one girl from the other class got H1N1, and thus all the classes that had lectures together with that girl got quarantine! Lols! XD

But Zhen Yi really 赚到 lor!
She didn't come for lectures today and still get to stay at home for a week!
Or maybe she should come to school tomorrow? :P
Then we all chat with her ONLINE. Haha!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When I went to Food Court 5~

When I went to Food Court 5 yesterday, amazingly everyone was studying there.

Except for me and my group of friends because SCHOOL OF DESIGN HAS NO EXAMS!!!

Anyway, the main point is that I saw CHAN LI YI at Food Court 5!

Ah~ I haven't seen her for a long time, then I missed her so much I didn't want to walk away...

When I told her this, she pushed me away and asked me to go... >.<

我跟 Li Yi (how to write your Chinese name?) 好有缘哦~
Practically almost everytime I went to somewhere near Food Court 5 I'll see her.


Chan Li Yi's Birthday - 14th September
Jolin Tsai's Birthday - 15th September

I like Virgos! Lols!

And the last time I went on a cruise, it's called Superstar Virgo.

Okay, lame sia... =.='''

And I don't see the point of coming to school yesterday,

For VAS, after Louis debrief us about our next project and telling us the materials to buy, we were let off 2 hours earlier at about 10am. (And we started class at 9am.) So we rotted at the library for 2 hours... o.O

Then after that we went for OC (and my group didn't even need to present today), and there's no ONOW too so we were let off early to go home again~ XD

(It's rare that I can get to feel the warmth emitting out from the sun when I'm making my way home.)

Because I'm usually released around 5pm! So I can get to experience Sunset instead. Plus a train packed like sardines... =.='''