Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Celebrations? No...

As you can read from my topic, no birthday celebrations at all. Partly my fault, partly my lecturers fault (because of the assignments they gave)... Actually, Yuit Ping kept asking me to go out but I was the one who requested to push it all the way to our September holidays. Lols!

Oh well, at least I can go out with a peace of mind at that time. Nowadays, my assignments can come in one whole pile in one go without any warning at all so I can't just happily plan to go out, and the next minute, I'll have a whole pile of assignments that can't be finished.

No one understands how I feel except for my classmates...

Well, at least I no longer have any more BDC homework~!!! YAY!!! Submitted my workbook & sketckbook last Wednesday! But for BDC, we still have to hand in another drawing of human figures...

FDS - Tessellations DONE!

Tessellation 1 - Monochrome

Tessellation 2 - Colours
(Almost got a shock of my life when I uploaded those photos just now without converting the colours from CMYK [for printing] to RGB [for web]... The colours totally changed... =.=''')

When printing 2 days ago with Zi He & Zhenyi. Actually it wouldn't be that long, if we weren't waiting for Zhenyi to do finish all her club stuffs before trying some test printing. Then she stress lols, cause she faced a lot of problems. Stress until didn't hear her handphone ringing. Haha. Okay, don't badmouth her liao. :x

After going into our respective courses in semester 2, the person that Zi He & I'll miss most will most probably be Zhenyi. No more entertainment in class. T.T For some reasons, Zi He & I are the only people in our class who feel that we're continuously entertained by her. Haha! XD

Oh yah, and that will also be the time that we bade farewell to the rest of our classmates. T.T
And also the time when I'll see a HUGE DECREASE in the number of girls in my class. T.T

I can go on ranting about the rest of my modules but I don't want. Not much happy moments for them for the recent assignments.

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