Thursday, July 30, 2009

No Longer STRESS!!!

Yes! My stress period is finally over! My OC lecturer said that my content is okay and my slides just need a little bit of modification.

For HTI I got the photocopied version of the book that I need to prepare for my seminar.

I did some homework today while I was hanging out with Li Yi while waiting for our SPOT (Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent) briefing to start.

I got into SPOT. Although I had no idea how I got in. "O" level results? I don't think it's based on my semester 1 results.

And Li Yi thought that it's impossible for her to get in with her "O" level results so it's the semester 1 results they used to select the students eligible for this programme??? O.O

And throughout the whole briefing they practically propaganda us to join. Although I think I've doubts of joining. But the thought that someone thought I was outstanding was good. :) At least not OUT STANDING! Lols!

Li Yi will probably kill me if I say I'm not joining. Cause she's excited that we are actually attending the same thing together.
We've been separated for 4 years since primary school. T.T

And oh, my SPOT rep is my dear lecturer, Elaine! That's a good news I suppose? At least I don't have to go all over SP to search for her? O.O

Blogger seems to be normal again. At least for Internet Explorer?

My life seemed normal again? I supposed. I was so emo this afternoon. =.=

I only ate about 50% of my food or even less. And I took 1 hour to finish a cup of drink which I could easily finish in 15 min... =.='''

Life seemed bad at that time. The leap from my common foundation into my specialisation (Games Design & Development) course seemed almost impossible to cross with all those assignment deadlines drawing close together in one go!!! X_x

Oh, and I almost got a shock of my life when I saw my 3 lecturers together today. Lols!

I was making my way to the library to photocopy my HTI stuff when I saw Shirlynn and Huei Hoon. In my mind I was thinking, "Ok, it's them." when I saw them. But all of a sudden, Peggy called me and that gave me a shock of my life! Lols!

Oh well, they all seemed to know me. Haha! Maybe I made too much noise in class? :P

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