Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When I went to Food Court 5~

When I went to Food Court 5 yesterday, amazingly everyone was studying there.

Except for me and my group of friends because SCHOOL OF DESIGN HAS NO EXAMS!!!

Anyway, the main point is that I saw CHAN LI YI at Food Court 5!

Ah~ I haven't seen her for a long time, then I missed her so much I didn't want to walk away...

When I told her this, she pushed me away and asked me to go... >.<

我跟 Li Yi (how to write your Chinese name?) 好有缘哦~
Practically almost everytime I went to somewhere near Food Court 5 I'll see her.


Chan Li Yi's Birthday - 14th September
Jolin Tsai's Birthday - 15th September

I like Virgos! Lols!

And the last time I went on a cruise, it's called Superstar Virgo.

Okay, lame sia... =.='''

And I don't see the point of coming to school yesterday,

For VAS, after Louis debrief us about our next project and telling us the materials to buy, we were let off 2 hours earlier at about 10am. (And we started class at 9am.) So we rotted at the library for 2 hours... o.O

Then after that we went for OC (and my group didn't even need to present today), and there's no ONOW too so we were let off early to go home again~ XD

(It's rare that I can get to feel the warmth emitting out from the sun when I'm making my way home.)

Because I'm usually released around 5pm! So I can get to experience Sunset instead. Plus a train packed like sardines... =.='''

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