Monday, August 31, 2009

Class 58!


We came a long way.

From winning the "Amazing Race" during Orientation to painting the walls at T1441-4, followed by Brick Boys, Plushies, Wire Sculptures, Linocut, Silkscreen, Labyrinth, Portfolio, Dossier and a hell lot of assignments.

Although it was only 4 months, it felt as though we had been together for one year (because of the long hours spent at school together to chiong finish our assignments). O.O

Now it's really time to say goodbye.
And the only time we can spent together again next semester is during HTI. O.O

The BEST & WORST 4 months that I ever had.
You'll all be missed.
Class 58 FTW!

And we seriously need to take a new photo. ==

Monday, August 24, 2009

Down to the LAST ONE!

I've no exams because I'm in Design School. That's good and bad at the same time.

Good - No exams. No need to memorise stuffs. Plus I've holidays earlier. XD
Bad - "No exams. No need to memorise stuffs. Plus I've holidays earlier." means that I've lesser time to complete my pile of assignments.

Well fortunately I'm down to the last one. But there isn't much time and I'm here slacking. WOW.

At least Portfolio is over!!! YAY! XD

Spent the whole day at the printing shop today. :x

I went with 3 other people.
4 people = 4x more discussion = 4x slower making decision = 4x time delayed

Well at least it was faster than the last time when I went to the printing shop with *ahem* someone.

Now I'm left with HTI Dossier. Not quite sure how to start exactly. But I got a rough idea I suppose.



Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Last Lap. 最难的煎熬。

My assignments are down to last two before I officially graduate from Common Foundation (if I can pass all my modules). But this last 2 assignments are giving me a hell of a headache.

Yesterday, me, Yong Zhen, Pris & Zi He went crazy over the discussion of it. Cause they required us to print out after doing and blah blah blah (basically a lot of requirements). =.=''' And they wanted to print today but I haven't even start yet! O.O

So I said I wanted to print tomorrow but they are afraid that not a lot of print shops are opened tomorrow... =.=

School of Design is tough.

So Teachers' Day when I go back to my Secondary School, I'm going to psycho people to come in by wearing the shirt I printed while I was doing Silkscreen. :P

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blogger got problems, I got problems, We all have problems...


Seriously, I think Blogger got problem lah.


Few days ago it can't load properly and now it is perfectly fine. Fortunately the problem didn't persist otherwise I might consider a change of blogs. =.='''


Lots of homework not done and I'm happily slacking away.
Especially my FDS 3D Model based on our tessellation which is due this Friday.
I even wasted my long National Day holidays chionging a Taiwanese drama called "Fated to Love You" (“命中注定我爱你”).

Yah. Channel U got show.
But the anticipation of the next thing that will happen in the show "woke" my chiongster mentality up.

HTI Journal not done.

VAS Silkscreen not done.

GC (no idea what to do) 100 shots + 2 best shots?

And plus a whole bunch of sketchbooks which needed to be filled up. Not to mention the portfolio...

BDC figure drawing next week. (Need to make my charcoal stick thinner... =.=''')

Modules that no longer needs fretting:

ONOW (Done long, long ago...)

OC (Done today but I think I missed quite a few points. Results satisfactory but not good enough. T.T)


Who don't???