Monday, August 31, 2009

Class 58!


We came a long way.

From winning the "Amazing Race" during Orientation to painting the walls at T1441-4, followed by Brick Boys, Plushies, Wire Sculptures, Linocut, Silkscreen, Labyrinth, Portfolio, Dossier and a hell lot of assignments.

Although it was only 4 months, it felt as though we had been together for one year (because of the long hours spent at school together to chiong finish our assignments). O.O

Now it's really time to say goodbye.
And the only time we can spent together again next semester is during HTI. O.O

The BEST & WORST 4 months that I ever had.
You'll all be missed.
Class 58 FTW!

And we seriously need to take a new photo. ==

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