Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Last Lap. 最难的煎熬。

My assignments are down to last two before I officially graduate from Common Foundation (if I can pass all my modules). But this last 2 assignments are giving me a hell of a headache.

Yesterday, me, Yong Zhen, Pris & Zi He went crazy over the discussion of it. Cause they required us to print out after doing and blah blah blah (basically a lot of requirements). =.=''' And they wanted to print today but I haven't even start yet! O.O

So I said I wanted to print tomorrow but they are afraid that not a lot of print shops are opened tomorrow... =.=

School of Design is tough.

So Teachers' Day when I go back to my Secondary School, I'm going to psycho people to come in by wearing the shirt I printed while I was doing Silkscreen. :P

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