Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to Kranji!

Wow. That sounds... Weird?

I don't know. For my case, Secondary education had never been the best part of my life. So yah, how come my title sounds as though I'm happy to go back to Kranji???

I'm only happy to see my teachers again but only SOME.
Like Miss Audrey Lee!
Literature Rocks!
Lit FTW!

And we didn't really stay there for very long, just pop in there for a while before meeting Amy at Lot 1.

For some reason, Angeline came along with me, Yuit Ping & Joey. So... Erm... A little awkward.
And since Yp said she wanted to eat at Subway and I don't have a good impression of breads, me and Angeline when somewhere else to eat.

Then after that, Amy "popped" out.
(Aiyo, ever since I know Zhenyi that gua now everyone also become guas and pop out liao lah. :x)

And she go buy Taiwan fried chicken that don't know took her how long to finish.

(My English got problem sia, in this post. Don't Care. :x)

At first we wanted to watch movie, but the show that me & Yp is interested in only starts at 7.30pm. But Joey got to go home early. So final decision - Amy's House. XD

But go there like sian sian. Then I also suffering from "depression" cause I miss Class 58 too much. We also like play everything also sian.

Poker Cards also Sian.

Card Games also Sian.

Board Games also Sian.

Good lor. Wonderful. Then they decided to play sports.

So we played Basketball but had to walk quite a distance to get to a Basketball court which no one was using. And they bullied me. T.T
3 VS 1 Cause they said my Basketball skills are better.

After that I think less Sian liao.

Then for some reason I didn't feel like going home,

So I accompanied Amy to Lot 1 to buy her favourite pen to give Miss Serene Lai. (Don't know what's her freaking problem... Teachers' Day gift should buy Miss Lai's favourite pen mah.)

Anyway, fast forward to the part where I was at Roof Top Garden eating potato chips cause not full enough. And I was like gazing at the entrance to Roof Top Garden because I know some people from my class lives around CCK area so I down there hoping can see them.

And I saw a familiar figure, with that familiar dress and familiar bag walking pass (although not that clear) but I was sure I know her.

And I saw Evelyn. :)

So Happy. :)

I siao le lah. Miss 58 so much, I see someone from 58 also happy. Scarely see someone from 57 also happy. Lols.

Then after that back to normal liao. No longer depressed or emo liao.


My English got Freaking Problem in this post nia. After effects of emoing for few days. Lmao.

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