Saturday, September 26, 2009

The only THING that I would be happy about...

Probably one of the few things that I would be happy about after I saw my results...

At least I'm not wasting the $1700++ school fees, not to mention the about $300 spent on materials during Orientation, as well as the perhaps $100 spent on printing fees and everything else.

The other thing that I was happy about after I saw my results:

Iain gave me an "A" for ONOW! In fact, I think he gave everyone in my class an "A" for ONOW as long as we submitted all the works that needed submitting!

And the LAST thing that I was happy about after I saw my results:

I got an average of "B" for HTI aka Philosophy (which somehow I said confidently when I first saw the year 2 seniors and they told me about it, and I said that I would have no problem in it).

The score that I saw, told me that, I had perfectly not much problem in crapping, except that I can't ace it. LOL.

The rest are just "C"s, except for OC (presentation thingy) which I got a "B" and I thought I ought to do better, since I'm presenting about Jolin anyway.



And yesterday, I spent quite a long time talking to a friend from the same course as me. He's few years my senior although he's the same year as me, but he knew a lot of stuffs due to frequent visits to the SD office. O.O

And he told me that there's 4 different roles in our FYP (Final Year Project):
- Group Leader
- Concept Artist
- Script Writer
- Coder/Programmer

Looking at the lists of roles, the only ones that I would probably be interested in are Concept Artist and Script Writer. But no one knows more than me that my ART is really CMI. Plus, Concept Artist's final submission is 40 full-coloured A3 pages. So... Not for ME...

As on the other hand, Script Writer has to submit some 100 pages thingy. I gave it a thought then I was like... Hmm... Might be possible for me if I had sufficient time which I supposed so. Not only that, I get to come out with most of the Character & Plots. XD

Just like what I wanted if I didn't realise that my language isn't good enough, thus changing my ambition numerous times, from a story writer to a game designer. (Although I was pretty sure I wanted to be a Script Writer too in the past. Well... That's the past anyway...)

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