Monday, October 26, 2009

So How Was the 1st Week of School?

*Sniff Sniff*


*Sniff Sniff*

"Temporary" Flu...

So How was Week 1???
Not to mention it's already Week 2 NOW... >.>

Week 1 was... Bad? Rather bad? Quite Bad? Maybe not that Bad? But Not as Good as I had expected...


Draw objects in 1,2, 3 point perspective. Die. :X
Plus Board Game & Flash Game Proposal. NVM. Type Words me no die. :)


Die even more. 3D Studio Max. No. Wouldn't Die.
But my Lecturer talk like that. I'll Die. He's Thai.


Yay! Short Day!
But. Have to find objects that look like the letters in my FULL name. Die.
You know why? My FULL name has 21 letters, plus they even want us to put our hp numbers too. :X


Ooo... Flash...
Die again. Why? Stupid Blackboard a lot problems.
Cannot play Flash Image & Video with IE, Firefox, .... ....
But luckily, I found a wonderful browser known as Opera.


:) :) :)
Elaine. XD My Common Foundation Lecturer.
Finally a voice that I understood, pleasing to the ear & I wouldn't doze off while hearing her talk.
But she's taking my class for HTI tutorial for only 3 weeks. T.T

GEM. :)
Met some new friends as well. Although the lecturer went straight into the topic. But I'm okay.
Seriously. Haven't copy stuffs for 1 year. :) Lols.


Slacking... In... Progress...


Chionging... Slowly... In... Progress...
Not to mention I'm actually supposed to do 3DS Max now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

First Day of Sem 2...

1st day back to school was already nightmarish and bringing me back to my emo days.

Let's start with the night before school start. I thought I wanted to make a good head start by sleeping early, but my friendly neighbourhood lizard refused to let me do so by dropping on my head. It gave me a shock of my life and wasted my precious 15 min trying to re-wash my hair again with shampoo and using the hair dryer to dry it.

And that's not the end of the tale of the lizard.

Because of that, I can't sleep properly and kept dreaming about lizards. I finally fell asleep after I dreamt that the lizard died... =.='''

And the next morning at Dover MRT station. While OK. Not Late. Good.

And met Zhenyi again? O.O
OMG she early?

And after that I headed to T3A32 with the guys. Ok. Not THAT crowded. Good.
The air-con still as strong as ever. But Yong Zhen no longer beside me. Because her body is usually hot so I'll just grab her arm and hold it. Lols.

But then, when we went to FC5 for lunch, we met Lester & his gang and I saw Yong Zhen too. :)
So I followed her all the way to her class at T5.

Then after the break ended, headed back to T3A and more talks and blah blah. I think only 20% or even less of what the lecturers said went into my head today.

One lecturer had a funny accent. 9 out of 10 sentences he said I don't understand!

Another one talked with a flat tone. (My Chem teacher used to talk like that too, that's how I got F9 for my Chem. :X)

And for some reason I felt like dying for the whole day until lessons were over for the day... Lols... >.<

Me EMO. Now also a LOT daiji le... >.<

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jolin~ Love & Live!!!

I was overjoyed when I saw Love & Live on sales in CD stores.
I was anticipating for it, although I didn't really show it... >.>

Well that was BEFORE I saw that I was cheated $1.95 by Music Junction because Love & Live was sold for $28.90 in Music Junction but it only cost $26.95 at CD-Rama!

Morale of Story: Don't go to Music Junction!!! :X

CD-Rama FTW!

The Cover of Love & Live~

With the irritating PG sticker... No idea why the Board of Film Censors always have to stick a sticker on my beautiful Jolin album. :X
I mean, since it's PG, no one will care about it. Since when any children go with their parents to buy a PG disc unless they have no money???

Inside Love & Live~ 6 songs from “越慢越美丽慢歌演唱会

The songs are awesome~!
Not to mention Jolin sang an old song from her first album:


Jolin should sing more old songs!!!

And I'm perfectly sure there's a small hole on the sticker of my Love & Live CD (on the left).
Another one more reason to support CD-Rama...

The 2 DVDs~

花蝴蝶庆功演唱会 & 越慢越美丽慢歌演唱会

I'd prefer the Slow Song concert compared to the normal concert.
It made me more engrossed than ever and my eyes were fixed upon the screen looking at Jolin's beautiful face. Furthermore, the camera didn't zoom in and out that often and it was fixed most of the times on Jolin.

Exactly what I liked the camera to do. XD

Not to mention Jolin talked more than ever in any of her concerts before. If she does more talking, she will leak more stuffs from her personal life~ Woots~ ^^

And the free calendar~ Woots~! XD

I think I'm retarded, took me a while to figure how to fit the calendar together... =.='''

And I thought the calendar is going to be big. LOLS.

Oh well~ Haha!!!

I've a habit of watching and listening to my new discs at a certain timing. Like Midnight. More Peaceful.

I understood why I liked that timing today.

While I was watching my last disc,花蝴蝶庆功演唱会, this afternoon, I swore my house gate at least banged twice, kids were running along the corridor, which was just beside the TV & even a garang guni came in to join the "fun". I was practically pissed off... =.='''

But anyway, back to the main point again.

I really like Love & Live. Because this is the first time I actually took and posted pictures of Jolin's album on my blog!!! XD

Forgot to add that, I like the lyrics book a lot too! This is the first time that so many of the description words in Jolin's lyrics book are in English. O.O But the main point is that the photos are beautiful too~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oops! Jealous

Yesterday I went to Hide-And-Seek to buy Oops! J for the first time in my life! :)

Must support Jolin, you know? XD

Even the carrier looks nice! XD

And the Oops! J icon on both sides! So cute!
But somehow it resembled something Xiao Gui drew before in his 2nd book... Hmm...

And you know something???
Even the box is so cute~!!! XD

Don't you think so?

The 3 bottles that I bought.
Buy 2 get 1 free. O.O

The photo is a little bit dark although it's in the morning... O.O

I find this feeling awfully familiar.
I think Jolin hold that bottle in her hand like this before too? Lols.

Anyway, I think the bottle is well-designed.
It fits nicely in the hand when you grasped it.

Not a good idea if it slips and fall, you know? >.>

And the shop owner of Hide-And-Seek is a fashion Designer who appeared on TV recently, known as Keith I think.

He thinks Jolin is really hardworking too. XD

But when I heard him talking about so many good points about Jolin, those were never the reasons that made me liked her in the first place and the reasons why I supported her till now.


After that Huiling and I somehow walked around Chinatown because she felt like going there.

2 Bo Liao people, talking about a Bo Liao subject and walking at a Bo Liao Shopping Center. O.O

And Guess what she saw?

The 1st time she walked passed she said she wanted to drink the Bubble Tea, then after that she said she wanted to eat the Xiao Long Bao. I was like. O.O

And and and, she even wanted to take photo together with that poster!!! >.>

So Embarrassing... ... ...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Carrot Ish Bored

Yes! I'm striving for PERFECTION by rotting at home... =.=

Come to think of it, I think the Holiday is a little bit too long? Nothing much to do at home now except for watching videos & reading books/online manga. I don't even have the mood to play games anymore...

Sick of lvling up & dcing at Maple... ... ... F5!!!