Monday, October 19, 2009

First Day of Sem 2...

1st day back to school was already nightmarish and bringing me back to my emo days.

Let's start with the night before school start. I thought I wanted to make a good head start by sleeping early, but my friendly neighbourhood lizard refused to let me do so by dropping on my head. It gave me a shock of my life and wasted my precious 15 min trying to re-wash my hair again with shampoo and using the hair dryer to dry it.

And that's not the end of the tale of the lizard.

Because of that, I can't sleep properly and kept dreaming about lizards. I finally fell asleep after I dreamt that the lizard died... =.='''

And the next morning at Dover MRT station. While OK. Not Late. Good.

And met Zhenyi again? O.O
OMG she early?

And after that I headed to T3A32 with the guys. Ok. Not THAT crowded. Good.
The air-con still as strong as ever. But Yong Zhen no longer beside me. Because her body is usually hot so I'll just grab her arm and hold it. Lols.

But then, when we went to FC5 for lunch, we met Lester & his gang and I saw Yong Zhen too. :)
So I followed her all the way to her class at T5.

Then after the break ended, headed back to T3A and more talks and blah blah. I think only 20% or even less of what the lecturers said went into my head today.

One lecturer had a funny accent. 9 out of 10 sentences he said I don't understand!

Another one talked with a flat tone. (My Chem teacher used to talk like that too, that's how I got F9 for my Chem. :X)

And for some reason I felt like dying for the whole day until lessons were over for the day... Lols... >.<

Me EMO. Now also a LOT daiji le... >.<

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