Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oops! Jealous

Yesterday I went to Hide-And-Seek to buy Oops! J for the first time in my life! :)

Must support Jolin, you know? XD

Even the carrier looks nice! XD

And the Oops! J icon on both sides! So cute!
But somehow it resembled something Xiao Gui drew before in his 2nd book... Hmm...

And you know something???
Even the box is so cute~!!! XD

Don't you think so?

The 3 bottles that I bought.
Buy 2 get 1 free. O.O

The photo is a little bit dark although it's in the morning... O.O

I find this feeling awfully familiar.
I think Jolin hold that bottle in her hand like this before too? Lols.

Anyway, I think the bottle is well-designed.
It fits nicely in the hand when you grasped it.

Not a good idea if it slips and fall, you know? >.>

And the shop owner of Hide-And-Seek is a fashion Designer who appeared on TV recently, known as Keith I think.

He thinks Jolin is really hardworking too. XD

But when I heard him talking about so many good points about Jolin, those were never the reasons that made me liked her in the first place and the reasons why I supported her till now.


After that Huiling and I somehow walked around Chinatown because she felt like going there.

2 Bo Liao people, talking about a Bo Liao subject and walking at a Bo Liao Shopping Center. O.O

And Guess what she saw?

The 1st time she walked passed she said she wanted to drink the Bubble Tea, then after that she said she wanted to eat the Xiao Long Bao. I was like. O.O

And and and, she even wanted to take photo together with that poster!!! >.>

So Embarrassing... ... ...

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