Monday, October 26, 2009

So How Was the 1st Week of School?

*Sniff Sniff*


*Sniff Sniff*

"Temporary" Flu...

So How was Week 1???
Not to mention it's already Week 2 NOW... >.>

Week 1 was... Bad? Rather bad? Quite Bad? Maybe not that Bad? But Not as Good as I had expected...


Draw objects in 1,2, 3 point perspective. Die. :X
Plus Board Game & Flash Game Proposal. NVM. Type Words me no die. :)


Die even more. 3D Studio Max. No. Wouldn't Die.
But my Lecturer talk like that. I'll Die. He's Thai.


Yay! Short Day!
But. Have to find objects that look like the letters in my FULL name. Die.
You know why? My FULL name has 21 letters, plus they even want us to put our hp numbers too. :X


Ooo... Flash...
Die again. Why? Stupid Blackboard a lot problems.
Cannot play Flash Image & Video with IE, Firefox, .... ....
But luckily, I found a wonderful browser known as Opera.


:) :) :)
Elaine. XD My Common Foundation Lecturer.
Finally a voice that I understood, pleasing to the ear & I wouldn't doze off while hearing her talk.
But she's taking my class for HTI tutorial for only 3 weeks. T.T

GEM. :)
Met some new friends as well. Although the lecturer went straight into the topic. But I'm okay.
Seriously. Haven't copy stuffs for 1 year. :) Lols.


Slacking... In... Progress...


Chionging... Slowly... In... Progress...
Not to mention I'm actually supposed to do 3DS Max now.

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