Thursday, November 26, 2009






Monday, November 23, 2009

3DS Max Design Problem Solved!!!

First of all, I have to sincerely thanks Zi He & Vincent (my lecturer) for helping me to solve this problem.

After so many days & weeks, I finally managed to make my 3DS Max work. O.O

Crashing everytime an object is selected and I click on the "Modifier List" back in the old days...

Finally able to see the "Modifier List" for the 1st time in my life today...


I solved this problem by installing Windows 7 on my D drive. So I did Dual Boot. Windows 7 is not bad. But I still prefer Vista's layout. So in the meanwhile, I'll use Vista as my main OS until SP distribute Windows 7 to us.

Anyway, I've to make sure that my Windows 7 has as little stuffs as possible so as to ensure that my 3DS Max will be working fine... ... ... >.<

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weather Very Bad... Nowadays...

Sunny to Rainy and Back to Sunny again.

Didn't realise that the Rainy Season was that bad because usually at this period of time, it's my holidays. Exception for this year because it was my 1st year in Polytechnic and Polys always have weird holidays... >.<

In fact, it's Raining Cats & Dogs now. The path from Dover MRT station to my class was practically flooded. And Zi He mentioned that I almost stepped on a Centipede. O.O Luckily I didn't see it otherwise I would be screaming...

Anyway the one who was screaming all the way while walking on the flooded path was my Jie... >.>

The path from Dover to my Class...
Took it for some visual diary homework...

There was once when I was at JE MRT station, and it was raining so heavily that IMM couldn't be seen at all. LOLs.

And when the MRT came, I had a feeling that rain was falling from the top (even though there was shelter). So I had a free "bathe", although not the most hygienic one.

Anyway, bad weather = people falling sick easily (like me)... Zzzz...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things getting bad... ...

I got pissed off so many times yesterday I almost lost my appetite.

First, 3DS Max crashes as usual whenever I click on the "Modifier List" with an object selected.
If anyone knows the solution to that please help me!
Click to Help Me!

Second, MSN has that irritating yellow bar telling me that I have "2 Invitations" but whenever I click on it and got directed to a webpage, it states clearly that I have "No Invitation". Really irritating... ... ...


Maybe I'm not looking "far enough", like Garfield. >.<

Tuesday, November 3, 2009






Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween~! Mwuhahahaha!!!
(I did this using Flash. O.O
Crazy over Adobe Flash nowadays~!)

Ok I'm like a day late. But never mind, it's still Halloween on the other side of the World. :P

And guess what I did the whole day?

Trick or Treat?
Wrong Guess.

It will be stupid to dress in costumes and walk around the streets of Singapore because nobody does that. I bet more than half of the Singaporeans do not know when is Halloween...


I spent my whole day rotting... =.='''

No homework done again... =.='''

Talking about that, I should do my HTI journal but *looks at the time* *shakes head*...