Monday, November 23, 2009

3DS Max Design Problem Solved!!!

First of all, I have to sincerely thanks Zi He & Vincent (my lecturer) for helping me to solve this problem.

After so many days & weeks, I finally managed to make my 3DS Max work. O.O

Crashing everytime an object is selected and I click on the "Modifier List" back in the old days...

Finally able to see the "Modifier List" for the 1st time in my life today...


I solved this problem by installing Windows 7 on my D drive. So I did Dual Boot. Windows 7 is not bad. But I still prefer Vista's layout. So in the meanwhile, I'll use Vista as my main OS until SP distribute Windows 7 to us.

Anyway, I've to make sure that my Windows 7 has as little stuffs as possible so as to ensure that my 3DS Max will be working fine... ... ... >.<

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