Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with Red Wine + Coke~ ^^

Probably the first time I actually drank quite a bit of wine. Haha!
Feels good to think and react slow.
Especially if I've got too many things to think about.

Plus the fact that our reactions were quite funny when we react too slow. LOLS. And then after that, we suddenly get "High!" again~

Anyway, this year Christmas gathering was very fun. Don't really feel that bored~

  • Had fun chatting with my cousins. (My oldest cousin's (I'm the 2nd oldest there...) 笑点很低,she easily laugh at seemingly not funny stuffs...) :)
  • Had fun singing karaoke. :)
  • Had fun playing poker cards. (But not gambling~ Though it requires fast reactions of tapping of cards which resulted in lots of hand injuries. LOLS.) :)
  • Had fun eating. :)

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