Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've no idea what I'm thinking nowadays... ...


My brain, mind, heart all went haywire. So much for trying out a new course in a totally new environment. =.=''' All I did was giving myself additional troubles that were already in my life. Well, at least I had just ONE lesser problem, for once in 4 years, I feel that I'm not invisible in class anymore.

Hard to be invisible when there's only like 7 girls out of about 60 people in my Year 1 course, and amazingly the girls are sitting in ONE island and I'm sitting at the back with the other guys -> Independent Red Dot. (I probably mentioned that a lot of times... :X)

Anyways, at least there was a bit of miracle, when I thought that I would no longer get noticed by the girls, one of them talked to me. :) Woots~~

Okay, anyway another problem arose... It probably will not be the cause of a problem for others but I've no idea why it had such a strong impact on ME. ME. :X

Due to the separation with Class 58, I went through a period of moodiness. Plus the fact that there will no longer be Zhenyi to entertain me in class. Lols. Never mind, anyways she is quite "famous" in my current class now because me & Zi He continuously mentioned her name and described her as an ultra blur person. Lols... >.>

And then there was this senior, she's exceptionally crazy, exceptionally good and willing to offer others help, exceptionally fun to irritate. :X And so I probably replaced Zhenyi with her without realising. But ah, this one is better, there is response when you irritate her unlike Zhenyi. Lols. :X

Since I'm mentioning about her...
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Anyway, my point is. I really treated her as my real sister, so over reliance on her... >.> The minute you saw me disappear from my seat for quite some time, I'm definitely over at the year 2 class... >.<

And so I'm trying to find another person to rely on... By supporting another artist... ... Although I'm starting to feel guilty to Jolin all over again for being not totally loyal to her... :(


But well, at least it cured my emoness...

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