Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm not a Pessimist!

Recently my uncle's comment about me being a pessimist got me thinking.
If I'm a pessimist, how can I be happy with life's simple things?

Okay, this is going to be long...

So my answer is:
I'm a Perfectionist Realist who has Mood Swings.

The typical question to tell a difference between an optimist and a pessimist.

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Optimist: Half full.
Pessimist: Half empty.

But is that all? What about the rest who doesn't feel that it's half full or half empty?

My friend asked me the same question, and I said it's okay, so I'm probably a Realist.

Realist: There is half a glass of water.
Cynic: Don't drink it, someone probably spat in it!

This is an interesting statement I found made by others on being a pessimist and a realist:
"Big difference between being realistic and being pessimistic. Be optimistic, and you'll very often be disappointed. Be realistic, and you'll never be disappointed but once in a while you might be pleasantly surprised."

Wait, but that's not all.

Surely I have to be unhappy and have negative thoughts due to some other reasons?
It must certainly be my overly high and unachievable goal for myself?

Interestingly enough, perfectionists are usually unhappy because they're highly critical of themselves and others (not so much of the "others" case for me because I have low self esteem). To add on, I have mood swings.

Oh well, taking things easy now.

Not sleeping at 4am because I don't want to stress myself to sleep "earlier". Weird logic. XD

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas is over at my country but it's still Christmas in US right? So... This still counts. :P

Before I start blahing about my thoughts for 2010, I've got a picture to share. :)

My Christmas Present for this year

A Rubik's Cube from all of our childhood, and a headphone from Jolin "Myself" pre-order signed album (that got shipped back few months ago, which I just collected recently).

So Christmas for this year? Family gathering with Rubik's Cube playing and teaching session, and Scramble Board Game, plus the record of collecting 9900 sunlight because we refused to kill the last zombie in Plant vs Zombie, iPad version. :D

I actually had a twitter and weibo (a China site that is similar to twitter) account but I just prefer blogging. Because well it just seems too casual, so nothing beats blogging. :)

Don't have a tumblr account though because it's too messy for me, unless Jolin decides to create a tumblr account, which is the very reason why I created a twitter and weibo account.

Okay, back to topic. This Christmas, when I was on the way home on my uncle's car, he was saying that I had pessimistic thoughts. But then I was telling my mother, see how contented I am with a Rubik's Cube when all the kids are snatching to play the iPad.

Can a pessimistic person be contented with life's simple things?
Or am I just having too high targets for myself?

To sum up year 2010, it's a special year because:

- 是“爱你依林”年

- Rainie's 2010 album was released on the 1st day of New Year, making it a memorable New Year for me

- I saw Rainie in person at her concert autograph session & her concert (and unexpectedly found my graduated poly senior to go with me, so it's the 1st time I actually had that much to talk to her, not to forget all those silly shouting and cheering and making her cheer with me too)

- Joined RainieDay and met 2 new friends

- Attended F.I.R.'s album autograph session (oh my gosh 1st time), performance at Sheng Shiong show, concert autograph session & concert (and even had a chance to go up the stage to sing with Faye during their concert autograph session)

- Joined MY-FIR and well, met new friends too

- Stopped clinging to a senior friend, and had 2 closer friends

- Formed a group and found out that "Hey, I can be a leader too"

- Less handiwork but more work than ever

- Found out that I can actually do modelling and modelled out such a cute Gomamon who has so far gotten praises from many

- Quit my addiction for coke, and realised that eating sweets made me go less crazy

- Tested my limits on how lack of sleep can I take while still attending school (record of 20 min of sleep with presentation the next day *Claps Claps*)

- Talked to girls in my course from my batch, and even asked 2 of them to join my group :O

- In the same class with Chan Li Yi again after 7 years o.o

- Solved the Rubik's Cube for the 1st time in my life

- Saw, liked and supported an artiste. She's a very nice and cheerful person, and probably the first cancer artiste that I ever liked. :)

- And many more...

But the bold points, is what I feel make this year the most special of all. :)

So seeing that there's so many reasons, I should be happy after all~

2010 I'm going to miss you, but come 2011, anytime when you're ready!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Now let's check, when is the last time I posted? When I realised that I would prefer to live in a fantasy world than the real world because the real world is too hard to live in? But I must say, not trying to be ironic or anything, I don't think we can prove that this world we live in is real either, because it might be a fake world created by our imagination...

Okay enough of this nonsense, I had a long debate with an extreme atheist at an online forum because of that.

To quote from Autumn's Concerto: "I would still like to believe that there is goodness in this world."

Yes my latest addiction! Or shall I say obsession?
So enough of the sad and pessimistic thoughts for the time being.

No not Autumn's Concerto (下一站,幸福),是慕橙。

6 years ago

6 years later

Her hairstyle looks beautiful at any point of time in this drama. I must say, this is the first time I've taken such a strong liking to any actor's/actress's hair because the make-up team finally put to use what they had learnt!

Not only that, I probably liked her character's personality more than her actual personality. :O

She feels chaste, pure and caring to me. :)

Meh, and I seriously got jealous of her child in the show (although he is born with a sickness that requires lifetime medication and he's not living with his father till he's 6 years old). At least he has love, warmth and cuddle from his mother, which is something I probably wouldn't understand much. Not to mention I've no idea how to hug either... -.-

I got a feeling I'm purposely dragging the speed for me to watch finish the drama because I kind of can't bare to leave her beautiful character.

This show had been released for quite some time, so if I really meant to watch, I would have watched it long ago. However, chancing Ady An (the lead actress in Autumn's Concerto) again in one of my favourite old shows, made me take notice of the character she was acting as in that old show.

Behind the strong personality, lies a weak inner heart that not everyone can see, reminds me of someone...

This is the show. :)

Now back to my old, and not so mundane life.

Life goes on as per normal, or even tougher? The thought of the year 3s graduating soon is kind of sad to me. There's only 4 people in this course whom I can consider my real friends, 2 from my batch, 2 from year 3, so that means once they graduate I wouldn't be able to pop over to their class and chat with them. :(

And this holiday really sucks to the core, with a whole load of homework to complete. HTI2, AMG, 3DLDS, 3DMA and not to forget our "dear" studio project with the last 1/2 presentation(s) before final submission. At this crucial timing, I'm picking up a new thing. Luckily it's scripting, scripting is way better than modelling... ... ...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fantasy World

This was my dream,
When I was young

Secretly hoping that one day I would receive my very first Pokemon,
And set on a journey that no one would ever believe,

Or praying silently in my bedroom,
That Dumbledore would appear with a *poof*
With a curious-looking letter that says
I'm accepted in "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry".

Why then, have we lost our courage to dream
When we start to grow up slowly?

Why then, have we been blinded by society's demands
And work for a reason that we don't even believe?

Why then, have we lost our innocence
To believe that as long as we try, nothing is impossible?

For every time we say "I don't believe",
Something out there might have died without our knowledge.

We deny its existence,
We deny our very own existence,
That we can be here for even greater things.

What are the greater things?
Search your soul, and ask your very self
How exactly do you want to live your life?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I just want to do my Goma UV in peace!!!

What's with all those things that are happening at the moment???
I just want to do my Goma UV in peace.

Initially I only wanted to update my msn pm, but I feel that my bottled up frustrated feelings are enough to hit a blog entry.

See, I got a jigsaw puzzle to piece up.

Not that I'm exactly hating this work. But any normal person doing this straight for hours will probably go crazy seeing the number of dots they have to deal with. Great, from vertexes to UV and they are still D-O-T-S!

And to add on, there's this confusion I have over gems, whether I'm eligible to register or not. They gave me a time slot but my friend told me that we already had 7 modules and we can't take more than that. And what I want now is to finish my gems asap so that I wouldn't have to bother it when I'm in year 3.

Plus, some stupid debate competition. I told my mother it's time wasting. She told me I should refer to it as "time spent". Sorry. No. It's TIME WASTING.

I initially volunteer myself because I thought it was in July and they ended up pushing it to October.


Oh yah, to add on, my lecturer didn't place me together in the same group as my studio project group mates. Totally demotivated to even speak a word for that debate thingy.

To make matters worst, I have this person who is extremely enthusiastic over the debate competition in my team, and from what I heard from the others, he's pretty stubborn too. Plus I don't know him well either. So to avoid hurting his feelings, I delayed the time to tell him that I'm not going.

Sorry but I'm not going to risk my Gomamon's UV assignment grade for some debate competition. It's not worth it.

Not saying that I'm frustrated over doing Goma's UV, he is my fruit of labour & cute so it's worth it~ ^3^

Till next time...

PS: Sorry Li Yi. I don't think I can get your birthday post up by this week, maybe around next week okay? I shall make it pretty with hand-drawn images, only for you. :)

Here's a cake for you first! ^^

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Countdown 16 Days to Rainie's Concert!






Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rainie Yang @ Singapore Novena Square 2 September 2010!!!

First of all... A random photo from the past when I still had my "long-er" hair...

Ignore the thing on my head. Although I know it's cute right? ^^
Let's zoom in on that very small poster in the background!

Yes! Rainie Yang!

She finally came to Singapore to promote her latest concert,“異想天開”, Whimsical Concert! And I was able to make it down to Novena Square 2 to support her event! Haven't seen her for around 2 years, since "ToGetHer" Promotion Events!!!

The 1st stop for her Whimsical Concert was at Taiwan, and her 2nd stop is at Singapore. Singapore, ain't we lucky? ^^

So basically here's the details for the concert and the event.
23rd Sept 2010, Tuesday, 7pm @ Novena Square 2

1st photo with the board with Rainie's autograph after everything ended for quite some time. So basically everyone was gone.

Then I happily ran up the stage, no idea where to place my hands and legs and I looked awkward. Credits to Amy for taking the photo.

Credits to Amy again for taking the photo. Okay I looked less awkward cause this photo is more natural, I was just adjusting my watch and she snapped a photo. :X


And lastly my queue number for that day! I took a quick photo of it before I had to give it to the people when I go on the stage.

With a queue number, it's more convenient to get in and out for this kind of events while we were queueing. Oh and we had a star stamp chop on our hands too. I washed it away without taking a photo of it, nothing memorable anyway, just a chop which can be bought from any shops.

I was pretty high that day before Rainie comes, probably to contain my excitement! ^^ Laughing easily at any comments...

So basically the usual taking photo of the board routine while waiting, snapped a few photos, this was the clearest one...

I wonder what's wrong with me that day? Most of my photos were blurred, either I was too excited to keep my hand still, or I was blocked that badly to find a good spot to hold my camera still for some time, or I was standing on an uneven platform!!! The barrier!!!

And then the DJ came at around 6+pm and hold up a poster, telling us the main point of today's event is to buy Rainie's concert ticket so that you can get a free poster with Rainie's autograph.

She told us she wouldn't give us a chance to snap a photo of the poster so that we can reprint it out in any matter. No worries, I snap a clear photo of it anyway. BESIDES, I have the original jpeg photo so just a bit of stretching, send to printing shop and ta-da! Done. Nah not going to do that... Haha... Just joking.

Oh and then, and then at around 7.22pm, our star made her entrance!!!

Down the escalator here she comes! Haha! She really feels like some international big star coming down from the escalator with the way she dressed!

Then, she made her way up the stage. Oh please fan club, the boards, the boards... =.='''

Fortunately I got a gap in between the boards to take a photo but why must Rainie be enclosed by 2 black thingy?

Luckily after some time, they remembered to take it down.
And Rainie was no longer enclosed by black thingy lols!

But I appreciate the fan club's effort to make the boards.
Taken from:

So here's what the board says...


Grats to Rainie for being nominated in the Golden Bell Awards!!!


Look at her pretty long hair, wonders how long it takes to grow to that length. X3

Oh yah and Amy made me guess 2 things about Rainie that day before she came. And I got both of them right. :3

First, it's whether will Rainie be singing any songs, she said no and I said yes, and I was right. :)
Second, whether Rainie will tie or let down her hair, she said let down and I said tied up and I'm right again. :)

Woots~ I'm getting to know her better ain't I? Haha. And to mention that Amy & Rainie's birthday is difference of 1 day! Hahaha!!! XD

I decided to upload the video which I took cause it's the clearest thing.
However, my hands were quite shaky because the platform I was standing on was not a flat surface, I was standing on the barrier...

楊丞琳"異想天開"新加坡簽名會 - 演唱"雨愛"


Rainie was saying "Thank You" in Malay at the end. "Terima Kasih"!!! XD

Haha! So smart of you, trying to snap a photo of Rainie on the escalator. Thankfully, the escalator isn't moving at a very fast speed. :)

Zooming in past all the hands and boards and cameras that were sticking up...

I was so oblivious to the environment when Rainie showed up that I barely noticed what's happening around me. When I accidentally spit saliva on Amy's arm (cause I was shouting and screaming too excitedly), she showed me her arm... No respond... Then she cleaned her arm on my shirt... No response...

She told me later and I was like O.O

Yay! Clear photo! Thanks to the flash light beside me or around me to brighten up Rainie's beautiful face!!! ^^

Love her smile; and the way she places her arms, she looks and feels gentle yet in her interview with FM 100.3, she said she's not. That's probably the other side of her that we wouldn't get to see yet. :)

But I don't think she'll be as fierce as 寶茱姐 so honestly, 就算妳像寶茱姐,我也不介意一天被妳打八百下!不要打頸項就好!!!

And then the fc presents her with a bouquet (which she said feels like a bridal bouquet), a ba zhang (meat rice dumpling) yumi soft toy wrapped in the concert tee that the fc designed and a cake.

She used her finger to touch the cake and licked it and exclaimed that it's edible! What's she expecting? A soap? Hahaha!

Taken from:

The cake had her image on it, so she was saying something about eating herself! Hahaha!

Rainie was really funny that day! ^^

And then after that she sang "雨愛", the video posted above, and I was focusing on two things. My camera screen because if I looked away Rainie might not end up in the screen and my feet (without loooking at it)...

Throughout the whole video, I was sliding down, trying to get myself up on the barrier again which shook the camera quite vigorously, and keeping myself on the barrier before sliding down yet again... =.=

Then she prepared to sign our posters!!! One ticket was only entitled to one poster so luckily I brought Amy along! Haha! Cause I got 2 tickets, one which belongs to my senior who can't made it to the event...

Okay, great, finally! Yippee! Clear photo! XD

Not forgetting to snap a photo while queueing with my hp camera, auto focus for my hp camera is really good so I don't have to worry about it being blurred...

The queue was moving rather fast at the start. O.O

Then I was on the stage, and my eye was dry... *Rubs Rubs*
Looking at Amy while rubbing eyes cause she wasn't able to come up when I went up...
Luckily, when I was standing in front of Rainie my eyes were okay again...

And I was... Looking at her hand...
Cause my goal, was to shake hands with her! XD
The last time I shook it it felt really soft!

Why was I looking at her hand when I should have looked at her face??? -.-
And she was signing rather slow... I could see clearly every stroke she made to sign her name.

Then she raised her hands after signing and I shook it!
Yay! Happy! ^^
So kind of her to raise her hands to offer a handshake before I do.
While shaking hands, I was looking at her face (finally...), hmm... her make-up is rather thick but pretty nonetheless!
I said “加油” to her with the music blasting in the background! And Amy told me that Rainie said “謝謝” to each of us. I wonder a while and I think, "Yeah, she did said "Thank You!" ^^

(I became more confident to speak to "not-so-normal" people nowadays~ ^^)

Just some afterthoughts when I was on the stage:
No matter how much she denies it I think she's really gentle,
which can be shown through
- Her gentle yet slightly firm handshake
- Her really gentle and soft voice when she said "Thank You" in Chinese
- Her actions, even the way she signed her poster~ ^^

After queueing... Let's wait for Rainie to finish signing! Sadly, I couldn't witness her signing the rest of the posters cause I was not standing at a very favourable position...

Before I get to that position... I went up the escalator...

Snapped another photo of the massive crowd! Proud of Rainie! There were still lots of people although there wasn't any advertising of this event except on the fc's blog.

Now the other view, figured I can't see her either so might as well...

Just stand and wait for her at the escalator! She's going to come up the same way as she goes down after all, right? :3

While waiting for her to finish signing, I can hear the fan club having fun singing any songs that were playing on the speakers! I want to join them too! So high! I was high too, but no one is high with me. :(

The above photo is "Test Shoot 1".

Test Shoot 2

Test Shoot 3! Omg Rainie's coming up!!!

Test Shoot 4! Omg Rainie's really coming up soon!!!

Test Shoot 5!!! Omg how come the photo turned blurred again? :(
Well at least I got a photo of her leaving and saw her really really really close up!!! ^^

Someone trying to shake hands with her in that photo btw...

Test Shoot 6! People frantically grabbing her hands, gosh. ._.
Where's your manners people?

Test Shoot 7! I know she's someone in there! You just got to use your feelings to sense for her presence!!!

And the rewards I got for the day, a really hyper Carrot who even dared to go on stage to take not 1 but quite a few photos of herself and the Rainie in the board.

And a...

Pretty pretty poster of Rainie's concert with her autograph!!!
I've been wanting this poster ever since the news of her 1st ever ticket concert was released!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Beloved Princess!



你眼里 有天生 迷人的琥珀色~♪
*Look at the reflection on the hollow sword*


A Rushed Trip Back To Kranji

This year Teachers' Day celebrations clashed with Joint Critique 1.

Thus... By the time I reached Kranji... It was pretty...

Empty... *Wind Blows*

I rushed back during my lunch break. And afterwards I had to rush back to school again for my presentation. My lecturer didn't gave us an order for our presentation... It was randomised... T.T

What I really enjoyed most back during my short visit (when there's barely anyone there) was the atmosphere. I don't feel any stress back in Secondary school not because I graduated, but because I didn't feel the stress back even when I was in Secondary school.

The air was clear, the breeze was smoothing. The wind blew my headache away, due to a 20 minutes sleep the previous night.

Luckily I decided to go to Kranji. The short rest I had in class wasn't as fantastic a cure as my trip back to Kranji. :)

And so I met Amy and we went back~

Eek! I got short hair... O.O

"Searching... for another background to shoot in progress..."
I'm even wearing formal shoes... Pointed black thingy at the bottom of the photo...

1st attempt at trying to shoot using the timer from my handphone camera...

2nd attempt... And our estimation was better! ^^

Last photo of the school hall before leaving...
This scene reminds me of... "O" Levels examination...

And Amy and I were talking about our bad experiences of sitting at the extreme front of the column, where teachers started chatting in front of us and we can actually hear what they're talking... =.=

She wanted to take a photo in front of the school hall, but there were only 2 of us so it's hard for the 2 of us to be in the photo because there wasn't a higher platform opposite the school hall for me to place my handphone.

I only wanted to take a photo with her on that day. :3

And after that I rushed back to Kranji, parted ways with Amy. T.T

My friend bluffed me, telling me the lesson after lunch is going to end early, so I ended up taking a taxi back to school... Well, that's only part of the reason, the other reason was because my feet hurts a lot because of the shoe I was wearing...

I wondered if anyone realised I left school unless I told them. :3

Presentation was successful, except for minor changes we need to make. And gambatae Tempesta Illumina!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Terminal 1

Photo not by me, credits to:

And I just realised this is a photo of terminal 2. Lols. Anyway point being that I had a nostalgic feeling when I was at the airport, regardless of which terminal, but especially so at Terminal 1.

I went to the airport this morning to send my aunty's 7 years maid off, seeing the number of people that sent her off, you can guess how good her personality is. :) And she made a promise to my aunty's family to come back again for next year Chinese New Year. So good-bye isn't really good-bye after all.

But that scene... And that place... And that timing (Urgh early in the morning but I'm energetic~ ^^)...

Reminds me of the time when I send F.I.R. off at Changi Airport. Twice. :)

I miss Faye Faye~ ^^

From Faye's facebook~
I'm thinking that Faye Faye is getting cuter and cuter~ ^^

And it's her birthday recently so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY~! o^O^o

Wonders if she read my card yet. ^^

Oh and erm... After coming home, I was so tired, flops onto sofa and fell asleep. No work done for today yet. T^T

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Happenings in Life!

Despite how much I complained about modelling to all my friends around me, this YOG holiday is quite eventful. There's a few new things happening around me.


I cut my hair. The photo isn't that clear because it's taken from the mirror reflection. Well but obviously there's lesser hair covering my face now cause I snipped them off. XD

I'm wearing Jolin's cap cause well... Okay I think I agree with the rest that I look better with my old hair. And my face look kinda weird when I took photos of myself with my new shorter hair...

But I got so irritated by my fringe and my hair on the right side of my face that's blocking about two third of my vision... -.- So I chopped them off. My hair can be even shorter though. :D
Those who knew me back in primary school should know. :)

Oh well, anyway, look at the album on my hands!

Jolin finally released her latest album!!! ^O^

Singapore is selling Taiwan's pre-order version C!
Jolin's look for this version is sooooooo prettttttyyyyyyyy~ ^^

And they gave a free big big pictorial book too~! ^^
I'm assuming it's A3 size, so when you opened the book up, it's A2 size!

Back cover of the pictorial book.
Jolin had photo shots of 2 different clothings + make up for the pictorial book, but the pictorial book showcases more images of the greenish-blackish-whitish-yellowish dress she is wearing in the image above this~ ^^

You know something? When I was looking at the pictorial book, I love it so much I couldn't bare to put it down. This is the image that I spent most of my time staring at~
But the glare... At the top right hand corner... Jolin is fading to whiteness!!!

Anyway, she looks really pretty close up.
I estimated the size of Jolin's face in some of the photos in the pictorial book; I guess they are roughly real life size, maybe a bit bigger though. ^^ Happy~

This is another photo that I love! And it's less glaring~ ^^

Her tattoo is so clear in this photo, I finally have a clear photo of the tattoo on her left arm~ ^^
*Jots down another line in the list of to-do-things in mind, "Sketching Jolin's Tattoo"*

Oops! Showing too many of the photos in the pictorial book...

I usually display my favourite album at the moment in my cupboard.
*Shifts other albums aside and place Jolin's "Myself" at the very front~ ^^*

Okay I figured I'm not looking any good on photo, so I might as well just take my reflection on Jolin's "Myself" album's back. I like this album's casing by the way, pretty~ And shiny~ ^^

I bought "Myself" last Friday, up till now, I've been spending almost everyday listening to Jolin's album over and over again.









JOLIN 蔡依林 Myself 概念專輯 預購廣告


蔡依林 美人計- 華納official HQ官方版MV

看美人计的MV时,心里在想,Jolin 机器人突然不听指挥自己动了起来会是怎样?



蔡依林 玩愛之徒- 華納official HQ官方版MV

MV 看到马克赛不要惊讶哦,是故意的。:)


蔡依林 無言以對-華納official HQ官方版MV



蔡依林 Myself 2010概念專輯 無言以對 CF



“娘子汉”- 听公主把自己称为“娘子”真的是一种新的感觉。
公主给我的感觉真的又Man又温柔~ ^^

“黑发尤物” - 公主是在形容自己吗?
歌词里的“数只数只 纸老虎?请别来 塔山装酷”很上口~ ^^

“派大星” - 很明显是公主的本性!公主超爱派对的!



外加,discman 音乐的素质比较好。

Anyway, Faye's birthday is just around the corner, 2 more days in fact~ ^^

Thus, there's a contest for fans to participate in.
To make a birthday card for Faye, and there's a price to be given as well.
Well actually all I wanted was to make a birthday card for Faye and put it in my portfolio. ^^

Talking about portfolio, I'm glad this YOG holiday I managed to do some stuffs (whether willing or not) which can be placed in my portfolio. :)

Well, the card that I did for Faye is definitely willingly,
Quoted from Digimon, "You do it because you want to, if you don't want to you can don't do it".

And ta-da~! A Bear Card for Faye!

I painstakingly colour the card with my mouse again, staying up late and waking early in the process. Hopefully Faye can feel the effort I put in to do this.

And they are bears! Bears!!! They are not dogs! T.T

Credits to Photoshop. Thankfully there's a shape tool so I don't have to draw so many circles~ ^^

Mentioning about birthdays...

It's Jae's birthday today! Happy Birthday Jae! ^^
She's a really nice lecturer whom is not stingy with her compliments. You know how Singaporeans are, they rarely praise so having Jae around is really encouraging~ ^^

Other than that, Jolin's birthday is nearing too!

And lastly, Li Yi's birthday is around the corner too~ Now what does my cat friend wants as a present? Hand-made card too? :3 Or she prefers something more practical...

The last thing before I end yet another long entry.

Rainie is coming to Singapore for her first ever concert! It took me a really long time to find someone to go with me but I finally found someone to go with me. So glad! I want the best seats!

Excited for the concert! ^^