Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brave Sheep~


在“愛你依林”(2010)年,讓我們一起從新出發吧。 :)


I've realised a lot of people prefer to walk the safe route. Thus, Business and Engineering courses are over-populated with people. So kudos to those people who went to courses that don't have much people, you just made the first step to get yourself into a fix. XD

No, no. Joking.
You just made the first step to stop the cycle.
The cycle of living in an over-protected world. The cycle of walking what seemed to be the safest route to get a safe job in the future. The cycle of living inside the invisible barrier placed by your parents so that you'll never get to see what is beyond this tiny world that you live in.


During the holiday, I managed to break free of the snare which was laid by myself.

I managed to find out what exactly did I want in the first place. No matter what negative comments others give, I'll fulfill my dream and make it come true. :)

For the first time in my life, I feel that I might actually be seeing even further than most people, including my parents. No matter how naive they think I am, I dare to stand up to them and tell them,
"I have the courage to do what I want and I'm happy about it, what about you?"

I don't exist to waste my life earning money which can only bring me material happiness. Then what will happen to my soul? So I let my soul live in the fantasy set up by my brain? NO. I'm going to make that fantasy turn into reality. :) Even if it doesn't occur, at least I tried, I'll be glad I tried.
If you don't even try, you'll never know if you'll succeed or fail. :)


My friend managed to find his way as well.
Just like me, he's more cheery this term compared to the last term. :)

So I decided that my group shall be called "Lost Sheep". :)
Or something related to Sheep~


"I'll find my way 繼續下去(堅持下去)做我要的自己"
F.I.R. 5th Album “讓我們一起微笑吧”,"Find My Way" :)

"迷了路 算不算 一種新的生活"
F.I.R. 5th Album “讓我們一起微笑吧”,"WE ARE" :)