Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Homework, you're so delicate, I can't bare to touch you.

Nopes, I'm not crying. But I might soon.
If I can't finish my flash game and webpage.

And here I am wasting my time at blogger cause I can't bare to do my homework. All I did for the whole day was planning to do my homework. Seemingly I didn't put my plan into actions.

I need someone to spur me on before I go crazy doing nothing thinking too much.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Year Dreams ....?

A great way to start Chinese New Year after a hectic 3 weeks of staying late at school rushing assignments...

To have lots of rest and having "weird" dreams.
Ok maybe not exactly weird, I understand most of it, or let's just say I like most of it.

Starting from the 1st day of CNY night D.R.E.A.M. Part 1,
with a bit of Peiwen Jie
& Rainie ^^

Jacket... Feels... Warm... In... My... Dream... ^^

I can't really remember the transaction between 1 person to the other person...
But I like it. I like the feeling of clinging onto them in my dream.
The feeling of being protected. :3

Me... Like... To... Cling... Onto... People...
(I'm a Cancer for a reason~)

Anyways, 2nd day of CNY night D.R.E.A.M. Part 2,
with a bit of Peiwen Jie again
( subconsciousness reacting because I didn't see her for a long time? ): )
I sound awfully weird but there's no rule saying that you can't like your senior, not to mention that I regard her as my older sister. XD

& Secondary school life recap?! =.=
(Begone with those days, don't ever let me see you again! :@)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coma Patient

I can hear what's going on but I can't seem to move my body...

Overtired for the past 3 weeks, and sleeping lesser and lesser on Monday and Tuesday. Ended up I slept from yesterday afternoon to today late morning (but I did woke up a few times).

But now I'm not left with enough time to do my work. :(

Hopefully... I can finish...



Monday, February 8, 2010


There are 2 successful people whom I support.

1 left school to pursue her dreams.
1 persist on both her schooling and her dreams.

Who should I follow?

Actually there isn't much to consider.
The 2nd person has always been my role model.
I'll persist on as much as she does. :)

J~ ^^

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Taiwanese Albums~ ^^

On the 1st day of 2010, my new year resolution is to get to Popular CD-Rama as fast as possible to get Rainie's new album, "Rainie & Love ....?" (雨爱)

Because the first batch of Rainie's album has a free raincoat~ ^^
For some reason, the raincoat felt extremely comfy~ Aww~ :3

The back of the raincoat has Rainie's name~ ^^


I've trouble keeping the raincoat afterwards because it is too big. Lols.

Anyways, all of the songs in "Rainie & Love ....?" are pleasing to the ears, and I like more than half of the songs in the album~ ^^
Rainie's singing techinque really has improved a lot~ ^^

《雨爱》,《In Your Eyes》,《匿名的好友》,《青春斗》都很好听,这些是大多人都认同的。




《让我们一起微笑吧》里的歌都好听~ :)

《让我们一起微笑吧》 :)
让我们一起做只勇敢的绵羊吧~ :)

F.I.R. made me realised that if all the songs in an album are beautiful, the shuffle button is redundant. I can play their songs in this album for the whole day~ ^^

And once again, I'm using my old discman again~ ^^

Other than those 2 albums, I bought Da Mouth's 3rd album 《万凸3》 (1, 2, 3).

As usual, Da Mouth likes playing with words, and they replaced "1" and "2" with 2 Chinese words that sounded like "1" and "2" in English. The songs in Da Mouth's album are great too~ ^^

All of a sudden, I feel that there are good Chinese songwriters in Taiwan again~ ^^

Albums that I want to buy:

  • The 1st edition of "Rainie & Love ....?" with a different cover

  • I wonder if I can still find it and whether it still has the free poster...
  • The 2nd edition of "Rainie & Love ....?"

    With Rainie's Japanese songs in it~ ^^
  • Rainie's Japanese Album
  • Beautiful~ ^^
Since when did I became a Rainie fan? I don't know. I just know. I want to buy them. ^^
At least there's something to look forward to in life~

Albums that I might buy:

  • "Love Hero", Alien Wang
  • "Rashomon", Show Luo

Not to mention that I still need to put aside money to buy Jolin's upcoming album in May and saving at least $150 just in case she comes Singapore to hold a concert~

I need to save money. Need to... Save money...

Stretched to the Limit

This past few weeks were bad. So bad till I barely had much free time (excluding today which I had slacked for the whole day).
  • Sleepless Night (Checked)
  • Staying at school till 11 plus (Checked)
  • Thinking about homework everyday (Checked)
  • Went Crazy (Checked)
  • Didn't ate dinner at home for a long time (Checked)
Blah, blah, blah, ...

So I was figuring, if I continue on in this Games Design course, sooner or later both my physical and mental health will be badly affected. So... there might be a chance... that I'll change course...
Although I find myself missing my course's environment... And friends...

But then again, I've friends who are thinking of changing course too...

Now let's see... Hmm...

My backup plan:

- Either I go for hardcore Maths in most probably either Business or Engineering courses

- Or I try my luck in a music course knowing very well that I don't have any background knowledge about music and it would be tough as well and the worst case sceneries are either I start hating music as well or I ended up ruining my life again because I went in to the wrong course AGAIN

Not saying that I actually do hate Design, seeing that I'm so used to the freedom I have in a Design course to that extent that I can even decorate my report cover. But then again, I'm almost stretched to the limit without enough rest and all the unknown datelines approaching together in one go...

I'm just like that miserable Caterpie, I need someone to pat me. >.<

That reminds me, I'd better find someone to talk to before I explode and inflict damage on myself again.

*Turns to the left* Guys
*Turns to the right* Guys
*Shakes Head*