Saturday, February 6, 2010

Taiwanese Albums~ ^^

On the 1st day of 2010, my new year resolution is to get to Popular CD-Rama as fast as possible to get Rainie's new album, "Rainie & Love ....?" (雨爱)

Because the first batch of Rainie's album has a free raincoat~ ^^
For some reason, the raincoat felt extremely comfy~ Aww~ :3

The back of the raincoat has Rainie's name~ ^^


I've trouble keeping the raincoat afterwards because it is too big. Lols.

Anyways, all of the songs in "Rainie & Love ....?" are pleasing to the ears, and I like more than half of the songs in the album~ ^^
Rainie's singing techinque really has improved a lot~ ^^

《雨爱》,《In Your Eyes》,《匿名的好友》,《青春斗》都很好听,这些是大多人都认同的。




《让我们一起微笑吧》里的歌都好听~ :)

《让我们一起微笑吧》 :)
让我们一起做只勇敢的绵羊吧~ :)

F.I.R. made me realised that if all the songs in an album are beautiful, the shuffle button is redundant. I can play their songs in this album for the whole day~ ^^

And once again, I'm using my old discman again~ ^^

Other than those 2 albums, I bought Da Mouth's 3rd album 《万凸3》 (1, 2, 3).

As usual, Da Mouth likes playing with words, and they replaced "1" and "2" with 2 Chinese words that sounded like "1" and "2" in English. The songs in Da Mouth's album are great too~ ^^

All of a sudden, I feel that there are good Chinese songwriters in Taiwan again~ ^^

Albums that I want to buy:

  • The 1st edition of "Rainie & Love ....?" with a different cover

  • I wonder if I can still find it and whether it still has the free poster...
  • The 2nd edition of "Rainie & Love ....?"

    With Rainie's Japanese songs in it~ ^^
  • Rainie's Japanese Album
  • Beautiful~ ^^
Since when did I became a Rainie fan? I don't know. I just know. I want to buy them. ^^
At least there's something to look forward to in life~

Albums that I might buy:

  • "Love Hero", Alien Wang
  • "Rashomon", Show Luo

Not to mention that I still need to put aside money to buy Jolin's upcoming album in May and saving at least $150 just in case she comes Singapore to hold a concert~

I need to save money. Need to... Save money...

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