Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice In Wonderland - Surrealism

Alice In Wonderland Movie Poster

One of the main reasons why I went to watch "Alice In Wonderland" was because it reminds me of my HTI Seminar about Surrealism which I did cover about this novel.

And I finally understood what the novel/movie is trying to say after so many years. O.O

However, this new movie was not what I exactly expected. As in the contents. Because it was more like a sequel after Alice grows up.

Cheshire Cat

Other than that, the other reason why I went to watch this movie was because of the Cheshire Cat. Aww... So cute! XD

Yes, Cats CAN Smile! :)

It can float too! But the main point throughout the whole movie is that Animals Can Talk.
(This was mentioned in the movie too. XD)

Which brings about the idea of "Freedom of Speech" because animals can express themselves and made their feelings known to others (including humans).

This is part of what Surrealism is. Surrealism itself is a vast topic. Basically it's about our unconscious state; our dreams.

Our dreams is another form of beauty. If you look carefully into your dreams, it can be conveying more than you could ever imagine. :) Who said dreams are simple?

The most amazing things of all is that we can accept anything that happens in our dreams (accepting as in we do not question why that happens), however if the same things happened to us in real life, we'll probably be questioning ourselves, are we dreaming? How ironic. Lols.

The same applies to the movie, accept what is going on in the movie, don't question it. Then you'll fully enjoy the movie.

The moment I sat on the movie theatre chair to watch "Alice In Wonderland", I was captivated by the screen immediately and had some kind of philosophical feeling, as though I was able to understand everything that was happening in the movie.

Other than the cat, the dog was pretty cute too. :)

This dog can talk to, I can't remember his name though because he did not appear in the original novel.

Anyways, talking about the movie, it seemed to be distorting Surrealism a little but it's drawing dreams to real life even closer.

The part where it distorts Surrealism is whereby the "dream" which Alice thought it was all along was no longer a dream. It was all real. How weird it was when she tried to convince herself that this was a dream and attempting to pinch her arms.

Does pain really jerk us awake from our sleep?

However the main trait of Surrealism still stays, the weirdness of all the things happening. But now I find that things are starting to happen for a reason, which shouldn't be the case as by right the characters were supposed to be all mad, like the Hatter etc. Although the March Hare was pretty much still MAD.

Talking about the March Hare & Hatter, I still enjoyed the Tea Party scene the most. :)

Going back to Surrealism, I would like to make another point, where most of our dreams would not deter much from the things that we encounter in our daily lives, because if we had not even seen those images in our real lives before, it might be pretty hard for our brains to turn them into dreams.

As for dreams drawing closer to real life, the answer is pretty obvious isn't it? The "dream" became reality. For once, Alice sort of has a say to what's going on to her, although many a times her actions were still influenced by the environment as well as the prophecy made at the very start.

Similar to real life isn't it?

Surrealism is really a very interesting topic to study about. :)

Especially with the use of "Alice In Wonderland" as a reference makes it easier to understand.


Talking about Surrealism and Dreams, I dreamt about Faye from F.I.R. last night. Perhaps due to a small regret that I had (or maybe not-so-small regret).

I was at some kind of school hall I think (most probably my secondary school) and F.I.R. was having a performance or having some sort of matters to do at there. Ian & Ah Qin was nowhere in sight in my dreams (or probably I filtered them out from my dream... O.O).

Anyways, I was attempting to tag Faye around. However as she had things to do, she told me to be good and stop following her (in an irritated way I think? >.<) and she'll take a photo with me afterwards if I stopped follow her around. I think she asked my friend (Yp) to persuade me to stop following her.

I've no idea why I was so persistent on following her.
Perhaps that's regret 1.

And afterwards, I came to the scene whereby Faye was letting others to take photos with her alone. I was in the queue waiting for my turn. Yp was the one taking the photos and I was sort of worried that her camera quality would not be good but all that did not matter when it was my turn to take a photo together with Faye.

I was more daring in my dream. I think I put my arm around Faye. And I could feel her body just beside me (this dream feels pretty real... O.O). I even remembered that Faye was on my right, my left hand was finding ways to pose and ended up it became a tick. The view behind us were magnificent which was chosen by Faye and we seemed to be not on the ground floor.

This dream felt like a 1st person perspective more than ever.

And just when Yp was helping us to take photos, I saw my Secondary 3/4 Maths teacher walking passed. Since I clearly did not question his existence in my dream, I self assumed that that school hall was my secondary school.

I wanted to take a photo with Faye alone.
Perhaps that's regret 2.

Because I previously saw fan club members done that.

And after that, Faye sort of disappeared to the ground floor (the magnificent view was still behind) and people were still asking for a chance to take photos with her. All of a sudden, Faye had to go onto a show and we all cleared away.

I clearly remembered myself walking away. So that means I'm no longer tagging Faye around because regret 1 was no longer there.

The dream ends here.

The End.

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