Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to my life...

You sure you want to hear about it? There's nothing great about it anyway, it's just about a mad person going mad in her own mad world. And I'm probably going mad right now the very moment I'm typing this, perhaps I should on some music...

*Clicks on Windows Media Player*

And so, I didn't post about my last day at school or the completion of the last assignment or what so ever, except for continuous posts about "Alice In Wonderland" over and over again. Other than the fact that I really love that show a lot (and doing free advertising for it), I really adore the "Wonderland" as well as the "Mad" characters in the "Wonderland".


And talking about M-A-D (Mysterious And Dangerous), lols... Joking...

Talking about MAD people, maybe I want to be mad too, till the extent that I lost all my senses. I don't really have to bother about how others look at me, as long as I'm enjoying myself (of course not doing anything that's morally wrong).


The MARCH HARE will be goal... Am I making any sense? :)

Anyway, back to my last assignment and last day and whatever, the last of it (hopefully... for now), we were pretty much exhausted after the endless days of rushing of assignments. And on the last day of school, we were pretty much relieved, except for some of us doing very last minute rushing of assignments which was due at 5pm (or any other timing after 12pm which was the deadline timing for our major assignments - Board & Flash Game)...

And so yah, I probably went bonkers because a 3 week assignment was roughly only 10% done at around 12pm and it was due at around 1pm. We were like so DEAD. And as you could have guessed, we did really badly, especially for our "sleeping" member who was literally sleeping when I asked him to do work.

Should I be glad that Peiwen Jie came around that timing to entertain us? XD

And after that, woots~ Relieve, pretty much.

Wait wait, before that we have to print out the badly done assignment first and guess what my dear lappy did to me? It hanged the very moment I clicked on Microsoft Words, great, wonderful. And the moment I tried to reformat my thumbdrive (because I was afraid that there will be virus inside) to store the document I was supposed to print... You know... Laptop... Hanged... C... M... I...

And so I borrowed my friend's thumbdrive and used it to put the word document inside and borrowed Peiwen Jie's laptop to print our assignment. And did I mention that my friend's thumbdrive had virus too? >.< (All of it gotten from the printing shop...)

And so Peiwen Jie gave me this "You're so dead" face if her laptop had virus (touch wood) because her 2 years assignments were inside her laptop...

Okay now now, back to the happy part. And after that... WOOTS! PARTY!

No, no... Not yet, we still have ANOTHER ONE MORE ASSIGNMENT due at 5pm (I wondered why I keep typing 5am instead of 5pm? :X) but we were too exhausted to do it. And so we collapsed on our desks.

Memorable scene of 4 people sitting on the same desk with their heads on the desk - "Unconscious".

And that 5pm assignment, storyboard, was late... by a few minutes... Fortunately, my lecturer said that she will take the previous grade from the previously same unmodified version we presented (which I did fairly well) as the final grade. *Phew*

So now, what do I want to complain about? Sleepless Nights? Grades? I don't know. Wait woots I remembered.

Okay so next, was critique.
Which... I did fairly well as well for the Board & Flash Game that I presented? ^^
As well as the presentation of the Flash Game and Website on the last day of school~ Woots~ ^^

But I wonder why I'm still worried about my grades? Not confident, perhaps? Although lots of people told me to not to worry and that I'll be fine. Guess so... I'll be fine, wouldn't I? :)

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