Thursday, March 4, 2010

F.I.R. in Singapore! :)


After so many years, I finally managed to go to their autograph session, without clashing with any outings or blur to the extent that I didn't even know they had an autograph session, although it did sort of like erm clash with my final submission... >.>

And so I was there, at City Square Mall (damn purple line) on 26th February 2010. And I felt so calm as though I was undergoing meditation?! O.O No idea why I wasn't high at all. In fact, I didn't even take a lot of photos, but I took 2 ultra big and clear videos (and I'm proud of it XD).

They mentioned that they came to Singapore every year for autograph sessions (and I didn't know about that all along except for their previous album? great... =.=).

Oh wells, since I was not high, let's fast forward to the part where we can go onto the stage to get their signatures.

Amazingly I was at the front (cause I joined the fan club at the last minute and I got to cut queue). 2nd row for the win!!! XD

I go up to the stage, mute button activated as usual, and I can't seemed to speak a word, except for my "Jia You" which floated off to some lala land cause it was too soft.






And so I continued to look at them till they left the stage.
And I've still no idea why I'd rather look at them than taking photos of them, since my camera can zoom pretty far...

(Forgot to mention that I love the effect of the 2nd photo, gives people a nostalgic feeling.)

On my way home, I was wondering, why I wasn't high. And the only answer I got after I reached home was... I was really slow! Cause I was high at home, after everything had ended...

And then, I spent the rest of the night (and day) trying to rush out my final submission so that I might be able to make it for F.I.R.'s autograph session at Lot 1.

The whole of the next afternoon was spent at a Peace Centre printing shop, Jia E (really good services ^^) and $50 flew away due to the 102 pages I printed not including cover and back cover and binding.

Yes, whole afternoon. In the end I didn't managed to go to the autograph session at Lot 1. But I was really glad that I managed to finish my work (which probably none of the fans at Lot 1 knew how glad I was, I can cry over that you know... T.T).

And everyone who went for the autograph session at Lot 1 got free signed posters. Yah go ahead and show off about it. I got a $50 102 pages thick HTI journal which I spent the whole night (and day) to do till I felt like fainting during the day that's why I couldn't rush to the autograph session at Lot 1.

Anyways, I tagged along with the fan club people at night to go to mediacorp cause F.I.R. was going to appear on the Sheng Shiong show.





Anyways, I appeared on the screen in the above clip~ ^^ XD

And the next day, Faye & Ah Qin were leaving so I joined the fan club again to send them off at the airport.

And managed to take a group photo with them, well that was worth it~ ^^

Muted button was on again and I only waved goodbye to them throughout the whole sending off thingy.

But they'll be back around April/May to promote their concert and I'll be there. :)

And the rest of the day was spent trying to figure out how to get from the end of Singapore to one of the location of the circle line. And I took all the 4 lines just to get from Changi Airport to Lorong Chuan. Like XD.

Around evening, I was emo cause F.I.R. left I think.
But I felt better after crying out a bit. Really only a bit. Crying really makes people feel better but it's hard for me, the most I can is squeeze out a few drops unless I'm really touched or sad, etc.

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