Thursday, March 18, 2010

I think I'm mad...

I think I'm mad... "All of the best people are," quoted from Alice In Wonderland.

I watched "Alice In Wonderland" 2010 movie for 3 times!
Once at Singapore, Causeway Point,
2nd time was at Malaysia, Genting,
3rd time was at Singapore, Lot 1...

Let's just hope there isn't a forth time. O.O

March Hare: "Alice?!"

But the 3rd time was pretty awesome! Caused I watched it in 3D.

And I started noticing things that were not obvious when they were in 2D, plus taking note of the March Hare's reactions as I find that he's a very interesting character (with very few words). Most of his characteristics comes from the way he reacts to thing.

Over-exaggeration... I like. :)

And this time, I presumed I'm in the state of surrealism because I was very tired as I didn't slept for the whole night, the most probably napped for half an hour to 1 hour. Plus I truly enjoyed myself while watching the show (except for that irritating 3D specs because I was already wearing my original spectacles) due to Angeline's company.

Should start watching movies with her again. Even a serious movie like Death Note became a joke to us when we were watching it together! XD

Oh and and the 3D effects makes the Cheshire Cat's disappearing act amazingly fascinating~ ^^

So here is my proof that I watched it thrice. Memorable items... Lols...

Just makes me love surrealism even more and more! XD

Speaking of Genting, I went there last Friday to this Tuesday and went crazy shopping? Bought lots of stuffs; 3 shirts, 1 belt, 1 sling bag, 2 wristbands & 2 rings! O.O Since when did I like spending money? I've no idea...

I've probably changed in ways that I didn't notice. Is it becoming more of me or less of me? I don't know. But let's just hope that the change is for the better (and it seems to be that case currently~). :)

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