Friday, April 30, 2010

More Bruisers...

For the past 1 and a half week (or almost 2 weeks cause it's Friday), I spent my time banging on any possible things~ XD

And so I probably have I-don't-know how many bruisers on my arms and elbows.
What's with the sudden change back to clumsiness again?

To add on, I have a tendency to lose things or forget things nowadays. I think?
I happily left my watch when I went to another class to print; and left it there for few hours. XP Fortunately, I managed to get it back, my old beloved watch that had been with me for years and it's band looks like it's tearing off a bit...

Apparently I find it enjoying to have work to do, or perhaps I should phrase it, "
having the right work to do". Being a Group Leader is stressful but at least it's not strenuous on my brain. Which probably means that I'm doing things within my capabilities except that there's a lot things on hand for me to plan and do.

Whatever it is, at least it's better than drawing.

Not to mention I have a group of people for me to "control". Mwuhahahaha!!! World Domination! :P

And I recruit a jewel to my group. A person with 3.6 GPA. X3

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