Sunday, April 11, 2010

Timetable's Out!

Okay so Year 2 timetable is out...

Looking at it... It's quite... Good. :)

At least I start off Monday with a lesson not taught by my DGDD lecturers, it's taught by one of my old lecturers from Common Foundation. She's quite good, and her English is really good, felt a little like my Literature teacher but more “温和” (peaceful perhaps?).

I miss my Literature teacher... T.T

So I guess no Monday Blues for me huh?

And I've 3 days starting at 8am. Well hmm... Maybe it's good to wake up early for a change. Morning classes are good. We wake up at a super early timing, and then we feel like a zombie for a few hours or all the way till the afternoon when we have our lunch break, and by then, my lessons will be over!!!

Woots, and I'm let off early for 3 days!!!

I compared my timetable to my senior's timetable. And we seemed to be using the same classrooms most of the time, it felt like we're having morning and afternoon sessions, like the old days back in primary school.

School is starting soon... Hope I'm ready...

Although my group is not ready yet; as long as the people I contacted agreed to join my group, everything will be settled. And hopefully, I'll be more hardworking and slack less.

*Looks at pile of videos to watch*

Oh well... I wonder... ... ...

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