Monday, April 26, 2010

Year 2 Week 1

1 Week has gone by and a new week is about to begin.

Other than giving myself new found problems by being the group leader of my group as well as trying to work hard so as not to disappoint someone again; pretty much, life should be pretty okay?

Except now, instead of having confused and a whole lot of thoughts, now my thoughts are concentrated on 2 things: Schoolwork & Peiwen :X

Sounds awfully wrong...

Because other than the very frequent Peiwen images that floats into my mind, I've got a friend beside me that goes... "Peiwen! Peiwen! Peiwen! Peiwen! Peiwen! Peiwen! Peiwen!" ~.~

Half of my group members are from Peiwen FC, and lots of people knew about the FC too, touched~ :3

On top of that, getting more clumsy recently, other than the occasional bumps on non-living objects which result in 2 blue-blacks, I started bumping into living objects which resulted in well... Awkwardness. :X

Last of all, I've really taken a fancy to staying LATE at school. I now proclaim my 2nd home to be at T3A31, and 3rd home at T3A31A~ :3

Back during Year 1, I stayed back on the 1st week but it was on Friday, Week 1 Day 5.
Now that I'm in Year 2, I stayed back on the 1st week of school again but it was on a Wednesday, Week 1 Day 3, and to add-on it was a non-schooling day for me cause I've got no lessons on Wednesdays. O.O

Going back to school again is good~

With I-know-who, air-con & work to keep my mind busy with~ :3

Smile~ :)

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